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Subject: Press release: Trustix and SuSE Linux AG: Software Partnership
Date: Wed,  2 Aug 2000 11:11:58 +0200 (CEST)
From: marketing@trustix.com

Contact Information: 
Martina Eckstein, International Marketing, SuSE Linux AG, intmkt@suse.de
Ronny Smolan, Sales and Marketing, Trustix AS, ronnys@trustix.com

Eli Ystad, Marketing Director, Telephone: +47 73 54 50 94 
Tonje Bostad, Marketing Manager, Telephone: +47 73 54 50 47
E-mail: marketing@trustix.com 

Trustix and SuSE Linux AG announce Software Partnership. 

Trondheim, Norway and Nuremberg, Germany - 02/08/2000 : Today, SuSE
Linux AG, the international technology leader and solution provider in
open source (OS) software, announced a partnership with Trustix, the
leader in eBusiness Systems Management Solutions for Linux. Trustix
today ensured that XPloy is compatible with SuSE Linux. XPloy is the
essential tool for systems management of the Linux platform for
eBusiness. As a result of this engineering cooperation between SuSE
and Trustix, XPloy is compatible and certified for the latest release
and all future releases of SuSE Linux.

"The cooperation between SuSE and Trustix provides that customers from
both companies get what their businesses need, the most stable and
reliable Linux solutions available", said Havard Wollan, CEO of
Trustix. "Through joining the Software Partner Program as first
international major ISV, Trustix strengthen their leading position in
the eBusiness Systems Management market," explained Dirk Hohndel, CTO
of SuSE Linux AG.

During the last three years, the use of the Linux operating system on
servers has grown dramatically. Industry analyst IDC found out that
approximately 25% of server OS shipments in 1999 were running under
Linux. IDC also predicts that the use of Linux on servers will grow
faster than all other server operating systems combined. "With their
leading operating systems and systems management solution, SuSE and
Trustix will play a major role in the growth of Linux by building up
partnerships like this", summarizes Havard Wollan, CEO of Trustix.

As a SuSE Software Partner, Trustix teams up with SuSE both in
software development as in marketing activities. SuSE's Software
Partner Program, an element of the successful SuSE Business Partner
Program, is specifically targeting application developers. More
information about the SuSE Business Partner Program can be obtained at

About SuSE

Founded in 1992, SuSE is the international technology leader and
solution provider in open source (OS) software, setting new standards
for quality and ease of use. Its award-winning products SuSE Linux 6.3
and SuSE Linux 6.4 include thousands of third party Linux applications
supported by extensive professional consulting and support services,
excellent documentation, comprehensive hardware support, and an
encyclopedic set of Linux tools. Designed for Web and enterprise
server environments and efficient as a home and office platform,
SuSE's distribution, surrounding features, effective configuration and
intelligent design result in the most complete Linux solution
available today. SuSE Linux AG, headquartered in Germany is a
privately held company focused entirely on supporting the Linux
community and Open Source development. With a workforce of over 450
people worldwide, SuSE has offices in Europe, the US, and Latin
America. More than 50,000 business customers use SuSE Linux worldwide
due to its stability and high quality. SuSE contributes considerably
to Linux development projects such as the Linux kernel,glibc,
XFree86TM, KDE, ISDN4Linux, ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture)
and USB (Universal Serial Bus).

About Trustix

Founded in late 1997, Trustix is a rapidly growing corporation
headquartered in Trondheim, Norway. Trustix has offices in USA,
Silicon Valley, and Asia, Jakarta. The research and development of the
Trustix` products is done from Norway and Indonesia. Trustix is
positioning them selves as the leader in eBusiness systems management
solutions for Linux. Trustix AS is a privately held company with a
growing workforce of over 50 people worldwide. XPloy, Trustix Secure
Linux, XSentry and Manage your eBusiness! Are trademarks of Trustix

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Thorvalds.