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Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 12:27:23 +0100
To: Open-source observers <dan@ala.com>
From: Dan Chappell <dan@ala.com>
Subject: ApacheCon Europe 2000 sessions

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Experts From Apache XML, mod_perl, And PHP Projects Contribute To 
Forum For European Open-source Initiatives

http://www.apachecon.com/ - 14 August 2000 - The Apache Software 
Foundation (ASF) today announced 37 speaker sessions for this 
autumn's ApacheCon Europe 2000, the first European conference and 
exhibition for Apache-related and open-source software. The event, 
sponsored by Covalent Technologies, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Oracle and 
ID-PRO will be held at the Olympia conference centre, London between 
23-25 October, 2000.

ApacheCon Europe 2000 will provide a European focus for the Apache 
developer community, bringing together the key technology vendors, 
senior Apache figures and open-source followers and observers from 
around the globe, in response to the growing European interest in 
open-source software.

Among ApacheCon Europe 2000's line-up of presenters are:

- Ryan Bloom, Senior Software Engineer for Covalent Technologies, 
will provide insights into the lastest version of the server - Apache 
- Doug MacEachern, senior software engineer at Covalent Technologies 
and lead developer of the mod_perl Apache module, will provide an 
overview of the new mod_perl version 2.0-dev;
- Lars Eilebrecht, product manager for CyberSolutions in Munich, will 
demonstrate how to deploy transparent content negotiation in the 
Apache negotiation module;
- Tobias Ratschiller, a new media consultant in Italy, will discuss 
PHP from an IT manager's perspective;
- Bill Stoddard, Senior Software Engineer with IBM and regarded for 
driving IBM's decision to drop its proprietary HTTP server in favor 
of Apache 2.0, will discuss improvements in Apache 2.0 for Windows;
- Kirill Bolshakov, working toward his PhD at Saint Petersburg State 
Technical University in Russia, will outline concepts to enable 
application service providers (ASP) to host untrusted 
Java/XML/XSP-based applications;
- Stas Bekman , author of the mod_perl Guide and PerlMonth columnist, 
will offer a tutorial, "Getting Started with mod_perl"; and
- Theo Schlossnagle, who is pursuing his PhD at John Hopkins 
University, will discuss his work on the mod_backhand load-balancing 
module for Apache.

"ApacheCon Europe 2000 is the only event in Europe, where the Apache 
developer and user community can meet to shape the future of Apache 
and open-source software movements," said Rasmus Lerdorf, ASF Board 
Member and presenter of the Introduction to PHP session. "Our 
conference is designed to provide the European open-source community, 
with all necessary resources for Apache-related initiatives and to 
serve as a forum for the continued evolution of the open-source 
movement in Europe".

Apache-related and various other freeware exhibits, speaker sessions, 
keynote addresses and informal Birds-of-a-Feather sessions are all on 
offer, making ApacheCon Europe 2000 the only European opportunity 
this year for attendees to participate in the open-source revolution.

A complete list of session speakers can be found by visiting 

Limited exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities are available. For 
additional information, contact Jeff Wainhause on + 
ext. 11, or by email at <jeff@camelotcom.com>

For press registration, contact Dan Chappell on +44.1273.675100 or by 
email at <apachecon@zotgroup.com>

ApacheCon Europe 2000 is presented by the Apache Software Foundation 
and is produced by Camelot Communications.

About the Apache Software Foundation
The Apache Software Foundation provides organisational, legal and 
financial support for the Apache open-source software projects. 
Formed by members of the Apache group, the group still exists beyond 
the participation of individual volunteers, to enable contributions 
on intellectual property and financial support, and to provide a 
vehicle for limiting legal exposure while participating in 
open-source software projects. For more information on the Apache 
Software Foundation, please see http://www.apache.org/

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