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Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 10:38:36 -0400
To: kdonovan@LNScom.com
From: Kathryn Donovan <kdonovan@LNScom.com>
Subject: API announces Wulfkit for Alpha Linux and new partnership

API's Strategic Partnerships Ensure Alpha Linux Market Growth

Continued Collaboration with TurboLinux and New Alliance with Stormix Helps
Meet Industry Demand for Alpha Linux Applications

LinuxWorld, San Jose, CA, August 14, 2000 - API (Alpha Processor, Inc.), a
leading developer of high-performance solutions for high-bandwidth and
compute-intensive applications, today announced the expansion of its
partner program to include Linux innovator Stormix Technologies Inc.  This
alliance builds on API's strong relationships with other Linux vendors,
including TurboLinux, to ensure rapid growth of Alpha Linux as the
performance platform of choice for Linux solutions.

Through its new partnership with Stormix Technologies, API is providing a
robust, high-performance platform for Storm Linux 2000 products.  Stormix
is a Linux solutions provider for small and medium sized businesses.  Based
on a powerful and versatile operating system that is simple to install,
learn, and operate, Stormix offers a range of products for beginners and
advanced users.  All products offer text and graphical interfaces and
include modules for maintaining users and groups, setting up networks and
installing and removing software.  Storm Linux 2000 Deluxe Edition also
offers comprehensive support including 60-day telephone installation
support and 90-day email support.  Stormix Technologies is expanding their
product line to provide more customization for Linux users, ensuring
continued market growth for Alpha Linux.

"Our new alliance with API allows us to leverage the power of Alpha and
provide a solid, high-performance Linux solution.  This partnership
represents Stormix's ongoing strategy to support leading technologies and
bring the power of Debian to the forefront," said David Talmor, founder and
CEO of Stormix Technologies Inc.

API's partner program has played a key role in propelling robust Alpha
Linux offerings into the market and continuing its performance leadership.
API's ongoing collaboration with TurboLinux is helping to provide the
market with a high-performance, 64-bit Linux OS for Alpha systems ideal for
the financial industry, ISPs and large production houses and movie studios.
The TurboLinux OS rapidly calculates financial data, saving financial
companies time and money.  It also enables ISPs to support more users and
allows movie studios to deploy large server farms for compute-intensive
graphics rendering.

 "TurboLinux has established itself as innovator in the Linux market.  Our
TurboLinux OS for Alpha extends our growing product family of enterprise
products," said Ly-HuongPham, executive vice president of worldwide
development for TurboLinux.  "Our work with API provides the foundation
necessary to deliver an OS that lets businesses quickly perform
compute-intensive tasks."

API is also strengthening its work with other leading Linux vendors.  These
vendors include SuSE, MandrakeSoft and Covalent.  SuSE is on its third
release on Alpha, signifying the platform's popularity among its customers.
Present on the new version of SuSE Linux 6.4 is the new KDE 1.1.2 with over
220 applications.  API is also helping Covalent Technologies, Inc., deliver
its new SNMP Module for Apache on Alpha, along with the latest version of
Raven_ SSL 1.5, the premiere security module for Apache.  The SNMP module
provides real-time management information for server access statistics,
activity load and utilization and actively informs management applications
of serious anomalies using SNMP traps.  The premiere demonstration of the
SNMP module will be at LinuxWorld in API's booth, number 538, and
Covalent's booth, number 3050.

"Our continued collaboration with Linux innovators and the addition of
companies including Stormix strengthens our partner program and ensures its
success," said Guy Ludden, marketing manager at API.  "Our work with these
companies has made a significant contribution, propelling Alpha Linux into
the market."

Also new is MandrakeSoft's release of its powerful Mandrake Linux 7.1
distribution on API's Alpha platform, which gives users a robust
alternative for running compute-intensive applications.  One of the top
Linux distributions, this latest release is ideal for enterprise
workstation and server environments and other areas where high-bandwidth
and high-performance are critical.

"Mandrake Linux 7.1demonstrates our core strength -- developing an
operating system that is powerful, yet user-friendly.  This is why it has
widely expanded to the workstation and server market," said Henri Poole,
CEO of MandrakeSoft.  "Our ongoing relationship with API enables us to
continue delivering the latest technology and ensure the growth and success
of Alpha Linux."

For additional information or to join the API Partner Program, please visit
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