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Subject: Linux NetworX Goes Vertical
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 11:25:52 -0600

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Linux NetworX to Unveil Evolocity Cluster System Design at LinuxWorld
Introduces Industry's First Vertically Rack-Mounted Cluster Design 

SANDY, Utah, August 14, 2000  Linux NetworX, Inc., a provider of
large-scale cluster computer solutions for Internet, industry and research
fields, introduces Evolocity, the first and only fully integrated cluster
system with a vertically rack-mounted chassis. Evolocity will be officially
unveiled Aug. 15 at the LinuxWorld trade show in San Jose, Calif. 

Evolocity's unique vertical construction allows for more efficient airflow
and temperature control. Initial tests demonstrate that the system runs
more than 10 degrees Celsius cooler than standard 1U and 2U systems.

"Unlike many 1U designs that often have overheating problems, Evolocity
allows for the highest level of density without sacrificing
reliability. That translates into even higher availability than previously
possible," said Glen Lowry, president and CEO of Linux NetworX. "Evolocity
is packed with power and has the look, feel and performance of an
enterprise-level server or supercomputer to meet the demands of both our
high- performance and high-availability customers."

Evolocity is composed of up to 25 computer modules in a standard 19-inch
rack. Using many commodity hardware components, Evolocity can easily grow
with changing demands, scaling to thousands of modules. Additional benefits
include near perfect uptime, ease of upgrades, easy maintenance and reduced
total cost of ownership. The system's unique bezel design facilitates
maintenance access to individual modules. 


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Evolocity also incorporates the Linux NetworX cluster management software,
ClusterWorX, which allows the cluster to appear as a true single-image
system and provides users with remote management access. Additional
Evolocity modules are being developed, including an uninterruptible power
supply (UPS), and non-blocking switches. Each module will be contained
entirely in a standard 19-inch rack, creating an even smaller footprint for
those concerned with density issues.

Evolocity is the first in a number of innovations planned by Linux NetworX
to bring the most powerful cluster technologies to customers.

NOTE: The data sheet on Evolocity can be viewed at: http://www.lnxi.com/products/datasheets/media/

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Password: vertical

About Linux NetworX

Linux NetworX (www.linuxnetworx.com) brings its powerful cluster technology
to those demanding high availability and high performance systems. With the
use of cluster computer technology, a method of linking multiple computers
through high-speed networks to form a single and more powerful system,
Linux NetworX provides solutions for companies with high-computing needs,
including ISPs, research, industry, government and other technological
fields. To date, the company has built some of the largest cluster systems
in the world and has developed unique hardware and versatile software to
facilitate overall system management. Linux NetworX has offices in Utah,
New York, Calif. and Texas with various international distribution

About the Linux Operating System

Linux is a computer operating system that is distributed freely on the
Internet. As an open source project, Linux allows developers to share
information, code and suggestions to continuously maintain and improve the
system. Linux NetworX selected the operating system for its stability,
reliability and rapid development.

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