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From: jicondon@us.ibm.com
To: java-linux@java.blackdown.org
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 12:16:28 -0400
Subject: Jikes 1.12 Compiler Goes Open Source

IBM has just released two fairly interesting Open Source project.

IBM developerWorks released Open Source Jikes compiler
The Jikes Compiler has just been released as an open source download from
IBM developerWorks.  Some of Jikes most noteable qualities.

- New mingw compiler support (Gnu C compiler for Windows).
- New cross compiled capabilities. You can create windows binaries under
- Strict adherence to the language specification
- Extremely fast compile speed
- Built-in dependence analysis

Download Jikes  from:

Anouther Open Source projects.
IBM just released an interesting Open Source project called COIN, Common
Optimization INterface, off its developerWorks site. Coin, developed by IBM
mathematical optimization researchers, which basically helps developers
write crasy mathmatical programs which can maximize everything from stock
portfolio returns to taveling distance to whatever.


This is IBM's reason for releasing COIN Open Source
COIN is an experiment to promote open source in the operations research
community. IBM is kicking off the experiment by establishing a repository
for source code and opening software to initially populate the repository.
The COIN team wants the community of users to contribute by developing new
code, reviewing and testing existing code, and submitting and fixing bugs.
The goal is to have project controlled by the community, rather than by the
IBM researchers.

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