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Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 20:07:38 -0500 (CDT)
From: Jason Haas <jhaas@linuxppc.com>
To: pr@macintouch.com, news@macgeeks.com, news@maccentral.com, pr@ogrady.com,
Subject: [PR] LinuxPPC Inc. commits to vastly improving customer service,

LinuxPPC Inc. commits to vastly improving customer service, technical

Ordering, user support and satisfaction all to be greatly improved.

August 14, 2000 -- Milwaukee, WI -- LinuxPPC Inc., provider of the most
popular Linux distribution for PowerPC computers, has sworn itself to
radically improving its customer service. Specifically, sales, technical
support, and general handling of user problems will all be improved, and
the company will put tremendous effort into ensuring that its users are
not only satisfied, but happy.

"The past few months have been incredibly difficult for us," admits Jeff
Carr, President of LinuxPPC Inc. "But now we're in the process of putting
things back together, making sure that things are working properly.
Everything from our software, the distribution of that software, and the
user experience will improve."

Carr continues: "Back in March, we lost one of our main people to a car
accident. As many people know, Jason Haas was hit by a drunk driver, and
he was disabled for a while. That also disabled us, as our main 'people
person' was unable to work. Now that he's back, I'm happy to say that he
has totally committed himself to this project. In fact, he's the person
who's handling it."

Indeed, despite his injuries, which included brain damage, Haas is back at
work.  He's also quick to praise his coworkers. "A key component of
getting us back on track is one of our new employees, Mariam Darvish. In
less than a month, Mariam has done a wonderful job in terms of dealing
with people. She's making sure orders are shipped on time, and addressing
problems that people might have with their orders. She's doing a marvelous
job, and it's great to have her on board."

In addition to customer support, technical support will improve. Haas is
working on major plans for improving technical support, and notes that a
new support person will be starting in the next few days. "We have a few
nice surprises in the works," Haas notes with a grin.  "If you are
customer with a problem, please get in touch with Mariam or I, and we'll
help you out," says Haas.

He anticipates that the recent flood of problems will soon be reduced to a
bad memory.  "In the high tech industry, you hear a lot about how a
company's new release will 'revolutionize' something, or is a 'major
advance.' But the industry seems to have ignored customer support, and
that's something that we're working to change."

Who to contact if you're having problems:

Sales: Mariam Darvish, 414-427-8555 or order@linuxppc.com. Everything
else: Jason Haas, 912-236-6097 or jhaas@linuxppc.com.

About LinuxPPC Inc.

LinuxPPC Inc., headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, develops and
distributes the LinuxPPC operating system, the most popular Linux
distribution for PowerPC computers. The company dealt a body blow to
Windows 2000 in the recent LinuxPPC Security Challenge, in which a Power
Mac 9500 running LinuxPPC bested a 500 MHz Pentium III running Windows

The company sponsors development of Linux on PowerPC through hardware donations and developer sponsorships. LinuxPPC Inc. is a member of Linux International and the Motorola Computer Group Partner Program.

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LinuxPPC Inc.

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LinuxPPC Inc.

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