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Date:	Fri, 11 Aug 2000 17:26:26 -0700
From:	"Gawain N. E. Lavers" <gawain@torque.com>
To:	linux-hsm@vulcan.alphanet.ch, linux-fsdevel@vger.rutgers.edu,
Subject: Announcing the OpenXDSM project

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Announcing the OpenXDSM project

I'd like to announce the OpenXDSM project. The OpenXDSM project is
intended to create an open source implementation of the Data Storage
Management (XDSM) API (also knows as Data Migration Application
Programmers Interface (DMAPI)) set forth by The Open Group in 1997

By providing an open source implementation of the XDSM API, we hope to
provide a platform for launching open source HSM (Hierarchical Storage
Management) projects, as well as make it easier for current HSM vendors
who use the XDSM to port their HSM solutions to Linux.

The OpenXDSM project is supported heavily by BigStorage Inc.
(http://www.bigstorage.com), a company dedicated to providing large
storage support for Linux.  We see the addition of the XDSM API as an
important step towards making Linux an enterprise-ready server
solution.  Our current development site is hosted by SourceForge
(http://www.sourceforge.net) and resides at

If you have any interest in HSM on Linux, please visit the OpenXDSM site
and look around.  We are currently planning the project, but have put
together some code ideas which will be available from the site shortly. 
If you have any questions, comments, or especially suggestions, feel
free to drop a line on the mailing list, or contact me directly at

Gawain Lavers
Software Engineer
Torque Systems Inc. / BigStorage Inc.

19 Heron Street             voice: (415) 252-5521
San Francisco, CA 94103     fax  : (415) 252-1521