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Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 14:34:39 -0400
From: Meghan Thueme <meghan@rave.com>
To: letters@lwn.net
Subject: New SCSI Hard Drive Option Now Available

                     Immediate Product Announcement

Contact:   Christine Laikind, director of marketing
E-Mail:    claikind@rave.com

             Rave Computer Adds New System Options for the
                      Rave Systems RackMount-1UAXe
          New Options: SCSI Hard Drives or -48VDC power supply

(Sterling Heights, Michigan ĖAugust 15, 2000)  Rave Computer
Association, Inc., leading authorized Sun Master value-added System
Integrator, announced today that it has developed new system
configuration options for its newest rackmount system, Rave Systems
RackMount-1UAXe (RM1U-AXe).  Now customers can specify SCSI hard drives
or a -48 Volt DC power supply.

Early April 2000, the new RM1U-AXe was added into Rave Systems family
line, and it featured Sunís newest UltraAXe motherboard integrated into
Raveís 1U rackmount chassis.  The UltraAXe motherboard is powered by
300MHz UltraSPARC-IIi CPU with many highly integrated on-board
features.  The motherboard features three PCI slots, onboard graphics
accelerator, and onboard EIDE controller that supports up to four EIDE
drives.  Today, the RM1U-AXe can support two SCSI hard drives through a
third party PCI SCSI controller.  As a result, end-users can enjoy the
benefits of increased data transfer rates found in SCSI hard drives in
the RM1U-AXe system.

The standard RM1U-AXe system chassis is a 1U steel enclosure with a
singular 150-Watt auto-ranging power supply.  Customers can now request
a -48 Volt DC power supply.

Rave Systems RackMount-1UAXe provides customers a reliable and powerful,
low-cost solution operating with Solaris or Linux environment.  The
system is designed to meet critical space requirements as well as to
provide ideal solutions as firewalls, thin server, server appliance, and

Pricing and availability
Rave Systems RackMount-1UAXe suggested list price is $2,055.  Additional
information can be found on Rave Computerís web site at
http://www.rave.net or by calling 1-800-966-7283 (anywhere in the U.S.)

About Rave Computer Association, Inc.
Rave Computer Association, Inc. is an ISO-9002 registered company based
in Michigan, located at 36960 Metro Court, Sterling Heights, MI 48312.
Since 1978, Rave Computer has been a system solution provider of Sun
technology.  Each Rave Systems feature integrated Sun technology
custom-built to customersí unique specifications.  Rave Computer
continues to provide the SPARC industry with quality products and
exceptional customer service.