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Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 10:38:36 -0400
To: kdonovan@LNScom.com
From: Kathryn Donovan <kdonovan@LNScom.com>
Subject: API announces Wulfkit for Alpha Linux and new partnership

Dolphin and Scali Utilize API Technology to Introduce WulfKit for Alpha
Linux, Enabling Supercomputer-like Performance at Low Price Points

First Public Demonstration at LinuxWorld Showcases the Benefits of Alpha
for Researchers and Developers Looking to Build Powerful, Yet
Cost-Efficient Linux Clusters

LinuxWorld, San Jose, CA, August 14, 2000 - API (Alpha Processor, Inc.),
Dolphin Interconnect Solutions and Scali, SA today announced the
availability of WulfKit (tm) for Linux on Alpha, enabling the creation of
extremely powerful and scalable Linux Beowulf systems that yield impressive
performance benchmarks and low price/performance ratios.

Jointly developed by Dolphin and Scali and available immediately, WulfKit
for Alpha is based on API's 64-bit platform, its UP2000 Ultimate
Performance Series motherboard technology and the Linux open-source
operating system.  WulfKit for Linux on Alpha is ideal for researchers and
developers seeking supercomputing-class processing power, superior
scalability and configurability for parallel processing applications.

The first public demonstration of this advanced parallel processing
solution for Alpha, located at API's booth at LinuxWorld this week,
highlights the product's unique combination of Dolphin's high-speed low
latency SCI interconnect technology with Scali's SCI "tuned" MPI
supercomputer middleware while showcasing the industry's leading I/O and
memory bandwidth technology from API.

"Recognizing the need for high memory and bandwidth technology to support
scalable clustering applications, Dolphin and Scali have teamed up to port
WulfKit to Alpha Linux.  The combination will now provide our customers
with a truly scalable, stable MPI enabled hardware and software suite for
advanced supercomputing research projects at low price points," said Einar
Rustad, vice president of marketing and operations at Scali.

"We can now boast that we offer the industry's best MPI multiprocessing
platform for parallel applications at a bargain price," said Keith Murphy,
sales manager at Dolphin Interconnect.  "The sustained floating-point
performance available through API's technology, coupled with the openness
of Linux and the collaborative work of Dolphin and Scali will set the
performance standard for computing clusters in the scientific and
government sectors."

API's Ultimate Performance Series motherboards, which include the UP1000
and UP2000, enable system integrators, OEMS, VARs and resellers to
capitalize on Alpha's vastly superior capabilities to build
high-performance, scalable systems.  Dolphin and Scali utilize this
technology to meet customer requests for an Alpha Linux solution.

"Dolphin and Scali recognize the performance power that only Alpha Linux
technology from API provides," said Miles Chesney, vice president of
Business Development and Sales at API.  "The flexibility and bandwidth
offers the ideal platform for those with high performance requirements in
the research, government and education markets."

WulKit for Linux on Alpha is available immediately from Dolphin North
America offering customers complete high performance interconnect solutions
up to 500 Gigaflops.


About API
API (Alpha Processor, Inc.) is a leading developer of high-performance
solutions for high bandwidth and compute-intensive applications dedicated
to the development of Linux solutions for the Internet and High Performance
Computing (HPC) markets.  Addressing the demand for increased memory and
I/O bandwidth to power rapidly expanding computing-heavy applications,
API's products are ideal for today's high-performance clustering,
rendering, Web server and e-commerce solutions.  API's industry-recognized
design team is committed to working with leading companies to deliver the
highest performance, scalable systems available for VARs and system
integrators.  For more information on API and its product line, please see
the Website at www.alpha-processor.com.

About Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, AS
Dolphin Interconnect Solutions products and technologies enable customers
to build highly scaleable, enterprise-class clustering solutions with
standards-based hardware and software. Incorporated in the United States,
Dolphin Interconnect Solutions was founded in 1992 in Oslo, Norway. It
develops and manufactures high speed and low latency Networking Cards,
programming support tools, and services for clustering Linux and Solaris
servers. Employing nearly 75 people, the company is owned by independent
investors and employee shareholders.  Additional information on Dolphin
Interconnect and WulfKit may be found at the company's web sites at
www.dolphinics.com/ and http://www.wulfkit.com/

About Scali, AS
Scali AS develops, markets, and supports Scalable Linux Systems systems to
both end users and OEMs.  Scali´s core technology is a native high
performance implementation of the message passing standard MPI and a suite
of Internet based system management software and tools for cluster
computing called the Scali Universe. "Universe" contains functions like
remote power control, console routing, configuration management, fault
tolerance, interactive and batch job control, system resource monitoring
and parallel command line execution among many others.  These software
modules are key enabling factors for building truly scalable, easy to use
and versatile systems based on standard high volume components. Scali
systems are used both for capacity servers running a number of different
applications sharing a large file system and/or throughput servers to run
parallel applications with supercomputer performance. With the distributed
switching scheme, the Scali Torus topology scales linearly both with
respect to performance and price and is a very competitive alternative to
SMP or cc-
 NUMA based systems for a wide variety of applications.  Among Scalis more
than 50 customers worldwide are DaimlerChrysler, Lockheed Martin
Corporation, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, AEA Technology, Paderborn Center
for Parallel Computing and a number of academic and research organizations.
More information on Scali can be found at www.scali.com.

API contact:
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Marketing Manager					LNS Communications,
Alpha Processor, Inc.				Tel: 617-577-9777
Tel: 978-318-1142					kbrennan@LNScom.com
guy.ludden@alpha-processor.com			kdonovan@LNScom.com

Dolphin contact:
Pat Darden, CEO 					Darren Shuster
Dolphin Interconnect Solutions 			Public Relations Coordinator
Phone: (805) 371-9493                                 		Phone:
(805) 497-1950
Mobile Phone: (805) 443-6495			Fax: (805) 776-1930
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Scali contact:
Einar Rustad, Vice President Marketing and Operations
Scali AS  Computer Systems
Voice: +47 22 62 89 56;
Fax: +47 22 62 89 51