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Chilliware Announces Xtreme Ice, a New Distribution of Linux Operating System

Xtreme Ice Will Deliver On Linux Promise of Enhanced Stability and Scalability

Los Angeles, California  August 15, 2000  Chilliware, Inc., an emerging 
developer of Linux-based applications for businesses and consumers, today 
announced Xtreme Ice™, a new distribution of Linux operating 
system.  Xtreme Ice will enable both consumers and enterprises to take 
advantage of the stability and scalability of the Linux environment.

“Xtreme Ice will make users think that a more stable Microsoft Windows was 
ported to Linux,” said Kenneth Eppers, CEO of Chilliware, Inc.  “The 
release of Xtreme Ice will position Chilliware as the premier developer of 
quality Linux software for the B2B, Enterprise and Consumer markets.”

The company is also developing four applications for the Linux environment. 
Mohawk Server Configurator (AP), based on the Apache Server Application for 
Linux, cuts the system administration time to configure Apache by more than 
50%. Nexxus Contact Manager enables the user to open the contact desktop 
and work from any application, accessing e-mail, address book, appointment 
book and more, while maintaining the contact sales database and 
applications.  Sculptor Desktop Publisher includes a full array of consumer 
features, as well as the latest components for the B2B publishing industry, 
combining a robust feature set with powerful wizards for ease of use.
Mentor Developer’s Tools will speed up the process of creating help file 

The Xtreme Ice operating system, combined with the four applications, will 
provide a complete suite of effective tools for Linux users.  All five 
products are currently in the final stage of testing and are scheduled for 
release in September 2000.  The Chilliware web site www.chilliware.net will 
also feature an online technical support resource at the desktop, Server 
and Enterprise levels and an upcoming community of web sites dedicated to 
the Linux operating system.
About Chilliware, Inc.

Chilliware, Inc. is dedicated to becoming the leading developer of quality 
Linux software products and the premier source of technical support for all 
Linux solutions. Chilliware offers products and services to Consumer, B2B, 
Enterprise and OEMs, as well as offering Linux users online solutions for 
their desktop needs.  Chilliware has also established a large online 
resource that encompasses network of Linux community oriented web sites 
offering the latest content on systems, applications and Linux news.

Privately held Chilliware was incorporated in January 2000 and is based in 
Los Angeles, California.  For more information, visit www.chilliware.net.