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deepLINUX announces call for help

DeepLINUX looks to the Linux Community for input on new BlueFox

Mountain View, CA (October 8, 2000) -- Rick Collette, CTO and
 primary developer of deepLINUX's line of Linux Software
 Products, is reaching out to the public for input and general
 help on BlueFox Linux.

"What we are looking to do with BlueFox is to produce a very
 stable and easy to use/install full distribution of Linux. 
 Because we are asking for help from the community, we want to
 put back into that same community by setting aside part of our
 revenues for different causes."  These causes will include
 giving away Linux CD's, providing help to those who need it,
 working with schools and individuals, and whatever else comes
 down the path.  

Areas that deepLINUX needs help are: mirror sites, package 
management, artwork, testing, and hardware platforms (PPC,
 SPARC64, ARM/StrongARM, etc).

deepLINUX, formerly of Memphis, TN, is a Silicon Valley
based Software Company whose mission is to provide OEM's with a
Linux Distribution that can be co branded and called their own.
 For more
information, please visit http://www.deepLinux.com