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From: rhett <rhett@lineo.com>
Subject: Lineo announces BusyBox 0.47
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 11:12:00
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IBM, 3Com and Others Use Lineo Open Source Technology
To Embed Linux into a Broad Set of Consumer Devices

LINDON, Utah - October 10, 2000 - Lineo™, Inc., a leading innovator in
Linux-based embedded systems, real-time and high availability solutions,
 today announced the release of BusyBox 0.47, an upgrade to the Swiss
Army knife of freely available open source embedded Linux utilities and
tools. BusyBox 0.47 makes customizing embedded systems convenient and
demonstrates the possibility of putting open source Linux software on
the smallest electronic devices.

"Lineo has been an early pioneer in the open source, embedded Linux industry.
We understand the importance of  giving back to the community and have
sponsored and funded several open source projects that have benefitted
companies, organizations and people worldwide," said Bob Waldie, COO of
Lineo, Inc. "Lineo has many talented engineers providing royalty-free,
open source software and we think the Linux industry has clearly benefitted
from our innovations. A host of early technology adopters, like IBM, 3Com
and others, are adopting our open source technology to underpin their
new products and reduce time-to-market."

BusyBox, with its easy-to-use utilities and tools, has allowed Linux developers
 to deploy embedded systems on products such as the IBM wristwatch and
3Com's Kerbango Internet Radio.
Erik Anderson, senior software engineer at Lineo and maintainer of the
BusyBox project, has been instrumental in providing substantial enhancements
to the BusyBox open source project for the last year. "Many other developers,
from both inside and outside of Lineo, have taken advantage of open source
development methodology and made significant contributions to BusyBox
resulting in a complete solution," said Anderson. 

Lineo also provides the sole sponsorship, development and funding for
other open source projects including uClinux, PopTop and many others.
For a complete listing of Lineo's open source projects and to access all
of the open source code for BusyBox, uClinux, PopTop and others, visit

About Lineo, Inc.
Lineo, Inc. provides Linux-based embedded systems, real-time and high
availability solutions that include software, hardware designs and professional
 services. Lineo's solutions allow OEMs to create devices and systems
that interact with the Internet while helping OEMs to reduce system requirement
s, per-unit costs and time-to-market. The company's key product lines
include: EmbedixÔ (embedded Linux system software), uClinux (embedded
Linux for MMU-less processors), NETtel (Linux-based Internet appliances
for secure networking) and High Availability Cluster (mission critical
Linux cluster solutions). Contact Lineo at www.lineo.com, via e-mail to
info@lineo.com or by calling (801) 426-5001.


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