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Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 12:31:21 +0530 (IST)
From: Atul Chitnis <achitnis@exocore.com>
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: Linux Community of India participates in Bangalore IT.COM 2000

The Linux Community of India is pleased to announce that (just like last
year) it is participating the one of the largest IT events in Asia -
Bangalore IT.COM 2000.

This event, which shot into the limelight last year by totally eclipsing
other IT events in Asia in terms of size and attendence (an estimated
350,000 people!) also "rocked the boat" when it announced last year that
one of the theme pavilions was the Linux Pavilion.

As it turned out, the Linux Pavilion was the most popular of them all
(surpassing even the USA pavilion!), and approximately 150,000 visitors
were logged at this pavilion alone! Obviously, Linux is of greatest
interest to India!

The Linux India stall was rated as "the Crown Jewel of IT.COM" last year,
and there is every intention to better that evaluation this year.

The success of the Linux Pavilion has prompted the organizers of the show
to repeat it this year - only *this* time, it is one of the largest
pavilions at the event!

Last year, our theme was "Seeing is Believing" - this year it is "Powered
by Linux".

For more information about the community's efforts in this event, the site
http://itcom.linux-india.org has been set up, and a national mailing list
(details on the site) is now gathering suggestions and volunteers.

Once the event starts (November 1-5), you will be able to watch things
from this site - photos, reports, maybe even live video!

Parallel to this expo, we are also organizing Tech Talks on Linux -
suggestions are welcome!

We invite the Linux Community of the planet Earth to drop in and help us
with suggestions, remote-participation, etc. (We currently have problems
reaching the Linux Community of Mars and Venus - they are using either
IPv13 or AOL ;-)

IT.COM last year was a coming out party for Linux in Asia - this year, we
intend to consolidate: World Domination, one country at a time! ;-)


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