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Major Upgrade Includes New Java-based Graphical User Interface And

Seattle, WA-October 5, 2000- MathSoft, Inc. (NASDAQ: MATH), Data Analysis
Division, a leading provider of solutions for statistical data mining and
predictive modeling technology, today introduced S-PLUS 6 for UNIX, a major
enhancement to the company's statistical data mining software. S-PLUS 6
provides a popular software platform for business intelligence and decision
support applications that leverage state-of-the-art statistical analysis and
visualization methods.

The release features a powerful new Java-based point-and-click user
interface to simplify and accelerate access, analysis, and visualization of
technical and business data. A new integration method, called CONNECT/Java,
allows software developers to enhance the analytical and graphics
capabilities within their applications by embedding the S-PLUS engine.

S-PLUS 6 offers innovative visualization capabilities including a new form
of Java-based graphic, called Graphlets(tm), which makes it easy to deploy
interactive, drill-down graphics via Web pages.  S-PLUS includes a suite of
flexible and sophisticated data display techniques to transform quantitative
information into easy to understand charts, using multiple tabbed pages. A
new Java-based graphics device allows users to export graphs in file formats
such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PNM, and Windows BMP formats, in addition to live

"S-PLUS 6's object-oriented programming model is critical for building
statistical tools for complex data analysis.  In particular, its new
interface to Java provides additional tools for integrating S-based analyses
into a distributed environment where we can build Web-based reporting
applications, access and analyze relational databases, and build other
analytical systems," said David James, Statistics Research, Lucent

"Java connectivity combined with powerful S-PLUS analytics accessible from
our new user interface will allow our customers and our consulting group to
build modern business intelligence systems that help users gain insight from
their data, " said Shawn Javid, senior vice president and general manager,
MathSoft Inc. "S-PLUS 6 offers new methods for handling data including
missing data and robust statistics delivering more accurate results so
decision makers and analysts can make smarter decisions."

S-PLUS 6 for UNIX will initially be available for Linux and Solaris.
Versions for other UNIX platforms will be made released over the coming

Key new benefits of S-PLUS 6 include:

New Java-based Graphical User Interface-Now for the first time users can
access the powerful statistical and graphing techniques of S-PLUS 6 through
an intuitive, point-and-click graphical user interface.  Now, users can
easily import and export data, run statistical analyses, and create
insightful graphs.

New Java Programmer Interfaces -Users can integrate S-PLUS 6 with other
applications using CONNECT/Java.  The powerful suite of functions gives
users the flexibility to call S-PLUS from Java applications and call Java
from S-PLUS.

New Capabilities for Linear and Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models-Proper
handling of correlated data in linear and nonlinear regression models is
critical in areas as diverse as biomedical research, manufacturing, and
market research.  S-PLUS 6 incorporates the latest research by Dr. Josť
Pinheiro (Lucent Technologies) and Professor Douglas Bates (University of
Wisconsin).  S-PLUS 6 offers the most advanced and powerful set of tools for
fitting linear and nonlinear mixed effects.

Major Upgrade of Survival Analysis Tools-This release incorporates the
Version 5 release of the Survival library by Dr. Terry Therneau of the Mayo
Clinic.  This includes features not found in any other major package,
including frailty models, smoothing splines, and sophisticated parametric
survival methods.

New Cutting-edge Library for Handling Missing Data-S-PLUS 6 is the only
package that lets you account for missing data values using three different
multiple imputation models: Gaussian, Logistic, and Conditional Gaussian.

New Robust Statistics Library For More Reliable Estimates-S-PLUS 6 offers
the widest selection of robust techniques for regression, covariance, and
time series analysis, plus new plots for outlier detection and a new
paradigm for multiple model fits and comparisons.  Gain more reliable
estimates and forecasts from imperfect data using S-PLUS.


S-PLUS and StatServer(r) are based on S, an object-oriented language
licensed from Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU) specifically for data
visualization, exploration and programming with data. S provides a rich,
object-oriented environment designed for interactive data discovery. With a
large library of functions for all aspects of computing with data, S offers
unmatched power, flexibility and extensibility. The S System was recently
honored with the prestigious Software Systems Award given by the Association
for Computing Machinery.  Other hallmark technologies recognized with this
award include UNIX, TCP/IP, and Mosaic. MathSoft has exclusive worldwide
rights to develop and distribute products incorporating the S technology.


MathSoft's Data Analysis Division  (NASDAQ: MATH) provides software and
services for statistical data mining, business intelligence, and decision
support.  It has developed analytic information portals for clients ranging
from dot-com start-ups to Merrill Lynch.  The Data Analysis Division
develops S-PLUS(r) and StatServer(r), which supply high-end statistics,
visualization, and predictive analysis capabilities for the quantification
of opportunity, risk, and behavior.  MathSoft's consulting group provides
expertise and methodology for rapid design, development and deployment of
Web-based, analytical solutions.  The company serves clients in finance,
pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, manufacturing and academia.  MathSoft's Data
Analysis Division has more than 140 employees, with offices in Seattle,
Dallas, Detroit, Washington, DC, New York, and London.

More information about MathSoft's Data Analysis Division and its products
and services is available at http://www.splus.mathsoft.com, at
1-800/569-0123, by fax at 206/283-8691 or via mail at 1700 Westlake Avenue
North, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98109.


S-PLUS(r) and StatServer(r) are registered trademarks. Other product and
service names mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Judy McOstrich
MathSoft Inc.
(206)283-8802 ext. 356 jmcostrich@splus.mathsoft.com  
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MathSoft International.
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