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From:	Keith Owens <kaos@ocs.com.au>
To:	linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org
Subject: Announce: modutils 2.3.18 is available 
Date:	Wed, 11 Oct 2000 09:52:35 +1100


patch-modutils-2.3.18.bz2       Patch from modutils 2.3.17 to 2.3.18
modutils-2.3.18.tar.bz2         Source tarball, includes RPM spec file
modutils-2.3.18-1.src.rpm       As above, in SRPM format
modutils-2.3.18-1.i386.rpm      Compiled with egcs-2.91.66, glibc 2.1.2

Changelog extract

        * Correct typo in modutils.spec use of mandir.
        * Ignore addressless symbols in System.map, by Ivan Kokshaysky. 
        * No error on unexpected relocate sections if they are empty.
        * Generate modules.isapnpmap from MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE(isapnp) and
        * Add .rhkmvtag to prune list.
        * Include filename in "not an ELF file" message.

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