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Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 21:12:49 +0200
From: Fred Mobach <fred@mobach.nl>
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: Linux / Unix conferences in the Netherlands


This week the Linux2000 congress will be held in "De Reehorst", Ede at
October 9 and 10, 2000. Although most contributions are in Dutch some of
them will be in English. Some of the speakers are :

- Eric S. Raymond : the Open Source Revolution
- Martin Healey : the future of Linux
- Hans Paijmans : Information Retrieval and Open Source
- Bram Moolenaar : the continuing story of Vim
- Edmund Grimley Evans : Unicode and internationalisation of Mutt
- Micheal "Monty" Widenius : Algoritms used by MySQL

More information can be found at http://www.linux2000.nl/.

On November 9, 2000 the autumn conference of the Unix User Group - the
Netherlands will be held, also in "De Reehorst", Ede.

We can listen to contributions of (amongst others) :
- Wietse Venema : keynote
- Moshe Bahr : The JFS Journaling File System for Linux 
- Rik van Riel : Too little, too slow; memory management in practice
- Lars Marowsky-Brée : Linux Failsave
- Bram Moolenaar : Seven habits of effective text editing 
- Guido van Rooij : NATting with IPfilter

More information can be found at

Have a good day.


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