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Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 21:47:30 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: [opennms-announce] OpenNMS Update v1.29

 OpenNMS Update
Vol 1., Issue 29

   In this week's installment...

     * Project Status
          + Progress Continues
          + Coding Projects Underway
     * Live and In Person! Flip-flops!
     * The Wish List
     * Quote of the Week

Project Status

Progress Continues:

   It's been a week since our last update, and progress continues on all
   fronts, but predominantly the development front.

   This is another one of those weeks of winning many minor battles, but
   no major milestones.

   Our next major announcement should be revolving around a build
   milestone we've targeted for later this month. The build will include
   updated user interfaces (JDK 1.3 support), the SCM, the events
   subsystem, some updates/fixes to jSNMP, database utilities, and some
   build scripts. We're closing in on some significant functionality, but
   still have miles to go before we sleep.

   And miles to go before we sleep.

Coding Projects Underway:

     * create.sql -- All references to a Distributed Poller Number
       (dpNumber) have been changed to reference a dpName instead. This
       should help to make things a little more "administrator friendly".

     * Events -- SOAP is the right answer, with no documentation. If it
       were documented, it would be perfect.

       Much pain is felt due to the lack of documentation and good
       reference materials. But then again, what doesn't kill us makes us

     * SCM -- Still integrating the distributed processing. Early release
       of code is in review.

     * icmpd/Perl -- No update.

     * Filters -- Working on the hooks to the EUI

     * Java MIB Compiler -- Still no details on this one. Haven't had
       time to look thru the ASN.1-to-MIB converter. Any experience out
       there on this one?

     * jSNMP -- Counter64 support in the works.

     * AWT-to-Swing Conversion -- Kicks off tomorrow. Naga is the man!
Live and In Person! Flip-flops!

   He's only been allowed out of the office once before, and that time we
   found ourselves amongst fire-breathers (Shout outs to the BBQ Posse!)
   Against our better judgement, we've let him out again.

   That's right, Ladies and Gentlemen. Step right up. Come for the food,
   stay for the freak! Our very own Luke "Flip-flops" Rindfuss will be
   appearing live, without a net, at this year's Atlanta Linux Showcase,
   manning the booth for OpenNMS!

   As he is only allowed outside of the state with his own private
   handlers (and permission from his probation officer), Luke is prepared
   to make the most of his trip. Stop by the booth and hit him up for a
   T-shirt, a yo-yo, or some kind of blatant marketing trinket.

   Stop by the booth in Atlanta if you get a chance! We look forward to
   seeing ya!

   And be sure to tell ol' Flip-flops that Ma Grind sent ya!

The Wish List

   Anybody got a good web-accessible SNMP stack with Counter64s available
   for read access? How about just building the UCD stuff with the
   SIT-CTR MIB loaded? I gave it a quick shot and broke sumthin...

   Anyway, your help is, as always, both requested and appreciated in
   regards to the following topics:

     * Add SNMPv3 functionality to jSNMP

     * Implement the event correlation spec.

     * Review the database design

     * Consider the integration points for CIM/WBEM support

     * Take a look at the ASN.1-to-XML conversion utilities that are
       available and let us know what you think... JavaCup parser for
       MIBs or ASN.1 to XML conversion.
   Word to the contingent in Frankfurt there for the presentation last
   week: Copies of the slides will be available later this week!

Quote of the Week

   Last week, while speaking at LinuxWorldExpo in Frankfurt, Donald
   Rosenberg, recognized expert on open source licensing and business
   issues and author of the newly published "Open Source: The Unauthorized
   White Papers", while explaining some of the sociological hurdles
   facing open source:

   "Academic-types like to be witty and ironic and say things you
   wouldn't necessarily expect. Business people don't like that."

Preach on, brother man, preach on!  Can I get an "Amen"?  Amen!

Until next week,

Shane O.
Shane O'Donnell
Ich bin ein Frankfurter!
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