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From: "Ellie Deyneka" <ellie@tuxtops.com>
To: <lwn@lwn.net>
Subject: Press Release: Stump the Chump and Win a Free T-Shirt from Tuxtops.com!
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 08:16:13 -0700

Stump the Chump and Win a Free T-Shirt from Tuxtops.com!

October 9, 2000-- Tuxtops, Inc. has always claimed to be the pinnacle of
the Linux laptop market, and now they're ready to put that reputation to
the test.  The company will be attending Atlanta Linux Showcase (booth
#209) from October 12-14, 2000, where it will hold the first annual "Stump
the Chump" contest from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm daily.  Their resident "chump",
Chief Technical Officer, Mark Allen, has agreed to match wits with
attendees who'd like to challenge his Linux laptop expertise.

The rules are simple, you fill out a flyer with name and question and turn
it in at the booth.  Mr. Allen then has an hour to come up with a solution.
He reserves the right to make use of a "lifeline" or two and online
resources, and if you can still stump him you walk away with an "I Stumped
the Chump!" button and t-shirt.

What kinds of questions can you ask?  Anything relating to Linux laptops is
fair game.  If you decide to ask something as specific as, "Can you load
Linux on model 'X' with 'Y' hardware?", and can produce the laptop we'll be
happy to find out for you.

In addition to this Tuxtops will be holding an Install Fest to showcase
their new easy-install Linux software.  Always wanted to run this fantastic
free operating system on your mobile computer but thought it was too
complicated and time consuming?  Tuxtops has the software you need to make
the process fast, easy, and painless.  The company currently has both
Debian and Red Hat distributions available for sale on their website,
www.tuxtops.com/software.html.  The company will also be announcing the
commencement of their newest contest, a mobile Linux software competition,
the winner will walk away with a fully loaded Linux laptop absolutely free.
For the most up to the minute information on this contest please visit
their website www.tuxtops.com/contest.html, the contest-specific page will
be updated weekly.  Any questions can be sent to contest@tuxtops.com.

For more information contact:
Graham Hine, CEO
Tuxtops, Inc.
1253 Lakeside Drive
Suite 300
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

1-877-735-0638 (toll free)
1-408-585-3420 (local)
1-408-585-3429 (fax)