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Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 05:09:57 -0400
From: mindlace <mindlace@digicool.com>
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: zope weekly news for October 11th

Zope Book reaches the alpha stage, session tracking 
and write locking in Zope, web security nirvana, Zope
with Python 2.0, ZPatterns examples, and silencing leaks,
all in this week's ZWN.           
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and not the opinions of Digital Creations, The Zope Community
at-large, or the Spanish Inquisition.

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And Now For Something Completely Different:



  by Michel Pelletier

  Amos and I are proud to announce the first alpha release
  of the O'Reilly Zope Book!  This means that all the chapters
  are roughed out and there is no more outline material left.

  The book is far from done however; we have a whole mess of screenshots
  to take and lots of editing to do.  Please bear with us and "keep
  reading":http://www.zope.org/Members/michel/ZB/.  As always, you can
  "send us":mailto:docs@digicool.com your comments.

Zope Status

 In a discussion about ZPatterns, Steve Spicklemire gives us a link
 to an example implementation of ZPatterns. If you've been wondering
 exactly what ZPatterns can do for you, "check it out",


 There's been some interesting discussion about the security of the
 tracking that is being implemented in zope. There were concerns about
 duration of a browser ID cookie, addressed by it being managed by
 and questions about its possible interception.  As ChrisM says: 
 "But if you came up with a truly secure web identification mechanism
 that does not require any authentication/client certificate, doesn't
 rely largely on security through obscurity, and that's completely 100%
 transparent to any number of end users that may be using any number of
 stock browsers, I'm sure somebody at RSA would be willing to pay you
 hundreds of millions of dollars.  I'd even give you a couple thousand!"

 "read the debate",
 and "comment on the proposal",

 There's been some discussion of how to use Zope with python 2.0, and it
looks like things are "pretty much there",

 Jeffery would like us to take a look at "write locking in zope",
 so that all may edit freely, as long as they don't "interfere with a


PTK Brief

 Albert mentioned that the folks at DataChannel have published a DTD
 aimed at letting portals "interchange content, users, groups, and

 A new version of the PTK should be landing shortly:
 in the meantime, you might grab one of Jim Tittsler's
 "highly unofficial snapshots",


Zope Web

  -- by Ethan Fremen
 Tim has passed the categorization flag on to mindlace, who's working on
it :)

 Shane Hathaway has stalked and killed a memory leak triggered
 by some odd dtml in zope.org, which will help in flattening out
 our otherwise "eccentric memory usage",