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Linux and Business

Investing in Open Source. Here are a couple of companies that have found new investors. EBIZ, Inc. has acquired an equity investment from the Canopy group. EBIZ is the parent company of several Linux/open source related web sites, including TheLinuxStore.com and the recently acquired LinuxMall.com. The announcement states that the investment is for 2.5 million shares of EBIZ and creates $2.5 million in cash for the company. The investment will be used for debt reduction and future growth.

BSDi announced that they have received a $5 million strategic investment from Livin' On The Edge (The Edge), a Japanese Internet solutions provider. It seems The Edge uses FreeBSD extensively, and the company intends to work closely with BSDi to ensure the ongoing development and commercial viability of the BSD platform. BSDi will use the proceeds from the investment to continue to develop and market advanced BSD operating systems and its iXtreme Series line of Internet server computing systems and to provide ongoing backing for the FreeBSD Project.

OpenSales changes name, expands services. San Mateo-based OpenSales announced a name change - to Zelerate. The Zelerate AllCommerce e-business application suite is licensed under the GPL. Zelerate plans a December launch of an open source warehouse management system, which will also be licensed under the GPL. The company has also expanded its consulting services.

JYACC releases Open Source POSSL. A company called JYACC, Inc. announced the availability of the source code for its POSSL (Panther Open Source Software for Linux) technology and the establishment of a new open source online community at possl.org. POSSL is an enterprise application development environment that simplifies the building of transactional, component-based Web applications. CollabNet is providing its SourceCast environment as the infrastructure for the possl.org community site. POSSL's source code license is modeled after the BSD license.

Caldera releases Volution to beta. Caldera Systems Inc. announced Caldera Volution (Volution). Volution is a browser- and directory-based management product for Linux systems that utilizes the inherent strengths of LDAP directories. Formerly known by its internal codename "Cosmos", Volution is currently in open beta.

EFI Announces Fiery X3 Server, Minolta copier support. We noticed that EFI (Electronics for Imaging), a fairly well known printer solutions company, has released a new server for use with a large range of Minolta copiers in a networked environment. While the announcement doesn't stress the point, hidden inside is the part we wanted to hear: "Regardless of the size of most files, the Linux-based Fiery X3 Pi5500 drives the Di550 and Di450 at their full-rated speeds for greater overall throughput." Linux, it seems, does copiers too.

Indrema Offers Alternative to Hard-to-Find PlayStation2. Indrema has put out a humorous press release with ten reasons why people should buy its game console instead of the competition. "#2: Xbox says: 'We are Microsoft. Resistance is futile.' Indrema says: 'We are Open Source. Viva la resistance!'"

Press Releases:

Open Source Products

Unless specified, license is unverified.
  • Akopia (RESTON, Va.) announced the release of Interchange 4.6, "software that increases efficiency, improves productivity and simplifies the management of e-commerce."

  • NuSphere (BEDFORD, Mass.) announced that it is partnering with the MySQL open source database community to develop a row-level locking capability for the MySQL database. Code-named "Gemini," this project will be part of MySQL Version 4, targeted for release in the spring of 2001.

Commercial Products for Linux

  • Axis Communications (LUND, Sweden) announced an embedded system platform intended for running a native Linux environment. At the heart of this platform is the ETRAX 100LX, a newly optimized systems-on-a-chip processor appropriate for a wide range of networking and embedded applications.

  • Computer Associates International, Inc. (ISLANDIA, N.Y.) announced the availability of ARCserve 7 for Linux, an automated, native data protection solution for Linux environments.

  • Force Computers (SAN JOSE, Calif.) announced it will support the Linux operating system on its DECtalk Text-To-Speech (TTS) speech synthesis technology for StrongARM and Intel processor-based wireless devices.

  • Intel Corporation's Dialogic subsidiary (MIAMI) announced that its broad range of CompactPCI (cPCI) building block products will now include full support for the Linux operating system.

  • Linux2order.com (PROVO, UTAH) launched Priority Download, designed to provide users with access to all of its software, at download speeds up to 110Kbps.

  • Macro 4 (Parsippany, NJ) launched its UniQPrint solution for Linux on the S/390.

  • Metro Link Inc. (FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.) is porting its X Window System products for use on Intel's IA-64 Itanium processor. This software will be ported to the IA-64 Linux and Monterey operating systems initially.

  • MigraTEC, Inc. (DALLAS & AUSTIN, Texas) announced that the company has established the MigraTEC Migration Center to assist enterprises in porting applications to Intel's 64-bit Itanium processor platform.

  • PartnerAxis (OREM, Utah), a wholly owned subsidiary of EBIZ Enterprises Inc., announced the availability of channel consulting services that are designed to help manufacturers and solutions providers take their products and services into the Linux channel.

  • PortalSphere Inc. (OTTAWA) showcased its eSolutions at Linux Expo Toronto, including MyGOLFportal.com, a reservation system and MyCRMportal.com a suite of e-business products.

  • Professo (New York) announced the release of AppStreamer, an application service management platform for ISPs and other businesses offering Internet and ecommerce services. AppStreamer runs on Red Hat Linux version 6.2 and Solaris 2.5.1 operating systems.

Products Using Linux

  • Applied Data Systems (Columbia, Maryland) introduced the Tandem*, a two-headed single board computer system designed for multi-user applications and it runs Linux.

  • Lineo, Inc. and IDT, Inc. (LINDON, Utah) announced the availability of Lineo's Embedix on IDT's RC32334 integrated processor, featuring a 32-bit MIPS instruction set architecture (ISA).

Products with Linux Versions

  • Applied Information Systems (CHAPEL HILL, N.C.) announced that it has released version 5.0 of the XESS spreadsheet products. This includes the XESS spreadsheet, the xsBasic Macro Option, and the XESS Software Developers Kit (SDK).

  • Bristol Technology, Inc. (DANBURY, Conn.) announced a new release of their cross-platform software, Wind/U.

  • Command Software Systems Inc. (JUPITER, Fla.) introduced "Command On Demand," an online instant virus scanning and disinfection service for ISPs, ASPs and Web portals.

  • ELSA GLADIAC has begun shipping the GLADIAC Ultra card. Based on the GeForce2 Ultra from NVIDIA and packing 64MB of DDR memory, it apparently will come with Linux drivers in the retail packaging.

  • Inovie Software (SAN DIEGO) announced the availability of TeamCenter 4.0, an e-Workplace for managing complex, collaborative business endeavors.

  • The iSpark Group (FORT WORTH, Texas) introduced BillMax Version 1.5.3, a turnkey billing application.

  • Loki Software, Inc. and QERadiant.com released GtkRadiant 1.1 beta for Linux and Win32. GtkRadiant is a cross-platform version of the Quake III Arena level editor Q3Radiant.

  • NetObjects, Inc. (REDWOOD CITY, Calif.) announced NetObjects Matrix, an integrated suite of online services for small businesses.

  • Rainfinity (SAN JOSE, Calif.) introduced the first in a family of software modules for its RainFront multifunction platform: RainWall 2.0 for firewall high availability, and RainSLB 2.0 for server load balancing.

  • Stonesoft Corporation (HELSINKI, Finland and ATLANTA) announced its vision for the Highly Available Enterprise and its strategic corporate initiatives designed to focus on emerging customer trends in the global eBusiness market.

  • Swedish Xpedio and Japanese Access (STOCKHOLM, Sweden) formed a partnership to develop and market solutions for mobile Internet based on the cHTML format.

  • TGS (SAN DIEGO, CA) announces the release and immediate availability of Amira Standard Edition and Amira Developer Edition version 2.2. Amira is an end-user visualization software tool for dynamic data.

  • WARP Solutions, Inc. (NEW YORK) launched the WARP Performance Suite, initially consisting of WARP Intelligent Content Distributor, WARP Global Load Balancer and WARP Load Balancer.

Java Products

  • NetDIVE (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) announced WeMessage Portal 5.0, an instant messaging software based on a Java client/server architecture.

  • worldweb.net, Inc. (NEW YORK, NY) announced the launch of the beta version of its next-generation content management software, Expressroom I/O v2.0.

Books and Training

  • NuSphere (BEDFORD, Mass.) announced that it will host Polycon's MySQL open source database training seminar from November 13- 17 at the NuSphere corporate office in Bedford, Mass.


  • 1mage Software, Inc. (ENGLEWOOD, Colo.) and Omaha, Neb.-based Custom Computing Corporation jointly announced the formation of a strategic alliance to provide integrated document management (IDM) software to the insurance claims management industry. CCC will operate 1MAGE on a Linux platform.

  • Coventive Technologies(SAN JOSE, Calif.) and Metro Link announced the formation of a strategic partnership that will combine Coventive's embedded Linux operating system kernel and Metro Link's graphic display technology to create a complete embedded Linux solution for Information Appliance (IA) manufacturers.

  • Infoteria Corporation (BOSTON, and TOKYO) partnered with Digital Design Inc. to deliver an appliance available for accessing business-to-business (B2B) electronic marketplaces/exchanges. Infoteria provided XML software and Digital Design provided Linux-based hardware.

  • Lutris Technologies Inc. (SANTA CRUZ, Calif. & TOKYO) announced an agreement with NECSoft Ltd. to distribute Lutris Enhydra, a commercially-supported Open Source Application Server, to the Japanese and Asian markets.

  • MaximumLinux.com (BRISBANE, Calif.) has signed gaming Website Evil3D.net to become part of its growing affiliate network.

  • MMC Networks (WASHINGTON) and MontaVista Software, Inc. announced a joint public demonstration of a high-speed Internet Protocol (IP) router reference design based completely on off-the-shelf network processing hardware and Linux-based software.

  • OEone Corporation (Toronto, ON) and Tatung Co. of Canada Inc. announced that they have entered into a joint agreement to bring fully-integrated, Linux-based Internet Computer solutions to leading OEM customers.

  • Point of Sale Limited (RA'ANANA, Israel) announced that it has finalized an agreement to provide TESCO PLC with key components of the web-based application software that powers Point of Sale's recent global Application Service Provider (ASP) initiative. The agreement also includes a corporate license for Point of Sale's soon to-be-released checkout system that runs on the Linux operating system.

  • Red Hat (RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.) announced that it is working with Square D Company to design next generation, Internet-based power management solutions built on Red Hat Embedded Linux.

  • Sendmail, Inc. (EMERYVILLE, Calif.) announced a global alliance agreement with EDS. Through the partnership, EDS will integrate its consulting services with Sendmail, Inc.'s Internet message routing and hosting technology.

  • TurboLinux and VERITAS are partnering to include the VERITAS NetBackup Client with TurboLinux Workstation 6.1.

Financial Results

  • internet.com (NEW YORK) reported record results for the quarter ended September 30, 2000.

Personnel/New Offices

  • TimeSys Corporation (PITTSBURGH) launched TimeSys India Private Limited in the southern city of Coimbatore. TimeSys's technologies include TimeSys Linux/RT.

  • Tucows Inc. (NEW YORK) announced that Robert F. Young, Co-Founder and Chairman of Red Hat, has been appointed to its board of directors. Tucows is LWN's parent company.

Linux At Work

  • Blackstone Technology Group (WORCESTER, Mass.) announced that it will build a large-scale, Linux on Intel based, distributed computing solution for Biogen.

  • Demon Server Hosting (UK) is using Linux on Cobalt RaQ 3i servers.

  • MSC.Software Corporation (LOS ANGELES & COSTA MESA, Calif.) announced the delivery of a Linux cluster system to Dana Corporation's Spicer Light Vehicle Axle Group. The MSC.Software turnkey solution was based on Intel processors in Hewlett-Packard systems and included the company's simulation software.

  • Oingo Inc. (LOS ANGELES) launched the second version of its domain name suggestion product, DomainSense 2.0, which uses Linux-clustered server farms to deliver millions of domain search results per day.

  • Turbolinux, Inc. (SAN FRANCISCO) announced that Birkenstock.com is using Turbolinux Cluster Server 6 to cluster the Web application and database servers for its booming online store.

  • Viata Online (HONOLULU, HI) is developing Linux-based internet solutions for the travel industry.

  • Virtual Press Office, Inc. (SAN DIEGO) has selected BakBone Software's NetVault storage management software for Linux.


  • iMimic Networking Inc. (HOUSTON) announced that its DataReactor Core technology delivered the best combination of price/ performance, in the 3rd Web Cache-off. iMimic DataReactor Core supports both FreeBSD and Linux operating systems and runs on Intel x86 and Compaq Alpha.

  • The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) released LPI News for October 24th, 2000.

  • The Object Management Group (Needham, MA) announced that LogOn Technology Transfer GmbH has an expanded role as international representative to include all of continental Europe. LogOn produces trade shows, including the Linux@work European Days.

  • Zona Research, Inc. (REDWOOD CITY, Calif.) announced its latest Zona Market Report, The New Religion: Linux and Open Source.

Section Editor: Rebecca Sobol.

November 2, 2000


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