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From: Daniel James <daniel@mondodesigno.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 15:59:12 +0000
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: LinuxUser issue 6 articles now available

The lastest articles in PDF format from LinuxUser at
http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/articles are: 

 Guest Editorial 60k 
If US-style software patents come to Europe, the playing field will be tipped 
strongly in favour of the big boys, warns Phil Hands 

 News 179k 
The latest on Linux, including Sun's nine-million-line code gift, Gartner's 
five-year prognosis for Linux, the latest on the push towards 64-bit, and a 
change in strategy for API. Plus new products and upcoming events 

 Cover Feature - Linux goes to Hollywood 197k 
While the motion picture industry slaps writs on developers of free video 
software, Pacific Digital Images is rumoured to be installing over 1,000 
Linux machines. Hollywood might find it awkward, says John Allan, but the 
free OS is here to stay in movie production and distribution 

 Open Forum - Supply and demand 124k 
The honour-roll of ISVs who've ported their wares to Linux grows by the day, 
but there's still a long wishlist to be fulfilled. Our panel debates the 
availability of applications for Linux 

 Real Life Linux - A touch of class 117k 
Marco Skambraks is a Linux developer who's created a new user interface with 
a difference: there's no drag-and-drop capability, no cool themes, and you 
can't even use a mouse with it. Trevor Parsons gets a feel for SuSE's 
eyes-free Linux 

 Soapbox 46k 
MacUser man Ian Betteridge says Linux developers could learn a lot from the 
mistakes of Apple 

 Linux At Work - Radio gaga 109k 
Consume - it's not an ISP and it's not a telco, but it's building an 
independent wireless IP network offering high-speed access to all comers, 
using free software. Abati-Harris tunes into some bargain-basement broadband 

 Testbed - Windows on the world 434k 
Internet Explorer for Linux may be a little while off yet, but there's a wide 
enough choice of web browsers already to suit most tastes. Charlie Stross 
puts them to the test 

 All You Need To Know About... Filesystems 83k 
If you're lucky and your requirements aren't exceptional you fit a filesystem 
at install time and forget it. But, says Charlie Stross, new developments in 
journalling and network filesystems are bringing extra reliability and 
functionality to Linux 

 Reviews - Products and services 278k 
An easy-to-use clustering distribution from Scyld, time-saving 
auto-administration courtesy of the Red Hat Network, and TurboLinux's high 
availability solution for webservers are among the products scrutinised by 
our panel 

 Books 78k 
Teach Yourself Linux in 24 hours? Just one of the varied titles picked from 
LinuxUser's stacks this month, including an instant classic from Wrox Press 

 The Knowledge 55k 
Training headlines, training providers listings, plus the latest free module 
- More On The Filesystem - from the Linux Training Materials Project 

 Q&A - Fair Exchange 90k 
Say what you like about the security of Microsoft's messaging and 
collaborative software, it offers features that are valued. We ask the 
experts to propose alternative solutions for those wanting to migrate to 
Linux server-side 

 Free Speech 42k 
The Great Microsoft Break-in provides the best possible demonstration of the 
harm done by exclusionary property concepts in the creation of software, says 
Eben Moglen. We will look back on it as a turning point in the free software