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Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 15:49:55 -0800 (PST)
From: Peter Hull
To: <lwn@lwn.net>
Subject: LinuxPPC at Macworld


Just a few notes Upon returning from Macworld SFO today:

*  I read Wired's account of Jeff Carr sitting alone at the LinuxPPC kiosk
(not really a booth).  My experience was far different...every time I went
by, Jeff and Jason Haas (whom I was greatly delighted to see there,
looking in great shape) were surrounded by people very interested in their
product.  (This was on Wednesday and Thursday.)  There was also quite a
bit of interest at the Yellow Dog booth...many $10 CD sets being sold.

*  There were quite a few vendors that advertised Linux compatibility,
including one database vendor (OpenBase, I think...) that had a list of
about six different distributions that they support.  Overall the show
seemed extremely *nix-friendly, considering the BSD base of Mac OS X.

*  Connectix's new Mac-to-PC filesharing product advertised itself as
Linux-compatible (though what they really mean is Samba-compatible.)  :-)
It seems like a pretty nice piece of work.  (I have no financial interest
or ties to Connectix, BTW.)

Peter H.