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Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 20:29:22 +0100
From: Bernhard Reiter <bernhard@intevation.de>
To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: linuxPPC on MacWorld

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because you haave made the sad note which came from Wired about
LinuxPPC's presents on MacWorld from January the 11th,
here are some more positive news to mention, because these guys from 
LinuxPPC are cool.

From http://www.linuxppc.com/

| 1/11/2001: Third Update from the Macworld Expo: 
| 	The Titanium PowerBook G4 works! 
| 			      We have confirmed that the Titanium
| PowerBook G4 will boot LinuxPPC! A friend of our has a photograph of
| the Titanium booted into the LinuxPPC XInstaller that we
| will post tomorrow. 
| 1/11/2001: Second Update from the
| Macworld Expo: The CDs are here!  Good news: the LinuxPPC 2000 Q4 CDs
| are here! We will be giving them away at 1:0 0 PM! 

Some more explaination why the CD were not there on the first day:
| 1/09/2001: Update from the Macworld Expo. 

| The Install CDs will not be arriving until Thursday. A
| manufacturer's screwup caused this little gaffe. While we don't have
| the CD-ROMs just yet, we do have some other stuff to give away, so
| show up if you can.  

Oh and a little detail:

| Jason is speaking in the "Linux Options for
| PowerPC" talk tomorrow at 12:30 PM. 

Computer World sees Linux for PPC as an important long term 
option for apple in the IT world. From:


|  It remains the best machine to create music on, and it still rules
| in the production departments of publishing and graphics businesses.
| But these markets are eroding for Apple, and neither is enough to
| sustain the kind of research and development it takes to build an
| operating system and developer community. 
| 		    What will become of the Mac then? It could
| possibly offer the best user interface on Linux. That should make
| Macworld Expo's "Linux for the PPC" class a sellout. 


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