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Development projects


Hermes mail access project announced. A new Mozdev project, Hermes, has been announced. "The Hermes project aims to create a means of access that is versatile enough to allow fast and simple access to various web-based e-mail accounts. Currently there is a 'Hermes Hotmail' sidebar tab.. but the aim is to have a better system."

Galeon 0.9 pre1 is out. Version 0.9 pre1 of the Galeon Web Browser has been announced. This version features Mozilla 0.7 compatibility, full screen configurability, and bugfixes.


SEUL/edu Linux in Education Report. The SEUL/edu Linux in Education Report for January 15 is available. The ups and downs of getting Linux systems installed in a school system are discussed.

Ofset packages. The Ofset/Freeduc site has listed several new educational programs for learning chemistry.

Embedded Systems

The Linux-friendly Embedded SBCs Quick Reference Guide. LinuxDevices.com has posted The Linux-friendly Embedded SBCs Quick Reference Guide, a comprehensive overview of single-board computers that can run Linux. If you're contemplating a project that would use one of these products, you probably want to have a look at this page.


Acorn 0.3 screenshots. Take a look at the latest screenshots from the upcoming Acorn 0.3 game for some eye candy. Incidentally, Acorn is being developed on the WorldForge Games site and the organization is currently looking for a new home on the web. If you can meet the necessary server requirements you are urged to contact the project leaders.


Wine Weekly News for January 15, 2001. The January 15, 2001 edition of the Wine Weekly News is out. News includes the January 12 release of Wine, DirectDraw reorganization, Web Browser DLLs, and more.

Network Management

Kannel SMS and WAP gateway v1.0 release, added to Debian. The Kannel project, designed to build an open source SMS (Short Message Service) and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) gateway, announced the release of version 1.0 along with the news that it was being included in the Debian distribution. SMS and WAP are used for serving data to web-enabled cell phones.

Office Applications

LyX Developer News for January 17th, 2001. The January 17th issue of the LyX Developer News has been published. In this issue you'll find a brief look back at the history of the LyX GUI, news on the LyX 1.1.6 release and a look at mailing list traffic for the project. (Thanks to John Levon)

Gnucash 2.0 development roadmap. Bill Gribble has sent a notice to the gnucash developers list announcing plans for the upcoming Gnucash 2.0 release, which should be out in the second quarter of 2001. There is talk about forking gnucash into two products, one for personal finance and one for small business accounting.

On the Desktop

The People Behind KDE: Gregory (Grisha) Mokhin (KDE Dot News). Continuing with its series on "The People Behind KDE", KDE Dot News interviews Gregory (Grisha) Mokhin.

IBM and their involvement with GNOME. Linuxpower interviews Daniel Frye, Director of IBM Linux Technology Center about IBM's role in the GNOME Foundation. "DF: We're expecting that GNOME will accelerate Linux innovation and the use of Linux as a desktop. GNOME is one of the major efforts that, when successful, will legitimize Linux as a viable desktop."

Helix Code changes name to Ximian. Helix Code, the company headed by GNOME lead man Miguel de Icaza, is changing its name to Ximian, which rhymes with "simian".

Spanish translation of the GNOME User Guide. A Spanish Translation of the GNOME User Guide has been released by the Gnome-es Spanish translation group.


Linux in Science Report #7. Pete St. Onge writes to tell us that issue number 7 of the Linux In Science Report is now online. This issue focuses on internationalization, and includes brief updates on the antiword, cactus, Matrix Math, LyX, and WeirdX projects.

OIO 0.9.6 released (LinuxMedNews). Version 0.9.6 of OIO, the Open Infrastructure for Outcomes has been released. OIO is a patient record keeping system for the medical industry that is built from Zope, PostgreSQL, Apache, and Linux

Web-site Development

Midgard Weekly Summary - January 12th, 2001. The Midgard Weekly Summary for the week of January 12, 2001 is out. Topics include news on the Midgard Web Site, updates on 1.4 and 1.4.1, a revised timetable for Midgard 2 and news on the Midgard IRC channel.

Zope 2.3.0 beta1 released. The 2.3.0 beta1 release of Zope is available. New features include a browser preference screen, a new Quick Start system with pointers to high level learning materials, and more.

PikiePikie Wiki clone. Steve Pike Has Released PikiePikie 0.1, a Wiki clone written in Python.

Section Editor: Forrest Cook

January 18, 2001

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Programming Languages

Markup Languages

Improve your XSLT coding five ways (IBM developerWorks). IBM developerWorks has run an article by Benoît Marchal on XSLT coding. "Whether you're a beginner with XSLT or a seasoned programmer, you'll surely find that these five tips from Benoît Marchal will improve your coding and give you new ideas. The handful of tips cover using CSS with XSL style sheets (including HTML entities), incorporating client-side JavaScript, working with multiple input documents, and using XSLT to generate style sheets automatically. The article includes sample code to adapt and reuse." Also, on the topic of XSLT, use Perl notes that the Perl XML::XSLT module, version 0.3 is now available.

Creating Web Utilities Using XML::XPath (XML.com). Check out this article by Kip Hampton on using XML::XPath which goes into the process of converting HTML to XHTML with Perl.

4Suite 0.10.1 XML tools. The 4Suite 0.10.1 XML tools for Python have been announced. "4Suite is a collection of Python tools for XML processing and object database management. An integrated packaging of several formerly separately-distributed components: 4DOM, 4XPath and 4XSLT, 4RDF, 4ODS, 4XPointer, 4XLink and DbDOM. The matching 4Suite server is also available.


January 15 Perl 5 Porters. The January 15 edition of Perl 5 Porters is out. Topics include sigsetjump issues, benchmarks, UTF8 support, Linux large file support, and more.

Cultured Perl: Perl 5.6 for C and Java programmers (IBM developerWorks). Teodor Zlatanov has written an article for IBM's developerWorks that introduces Perl to C and Java programmers. "Perl often bewilders even experienced programmers, primarily because it allegedly makes it too easy to write obfuscated code. But the confusion regarding Perl's structure, features, and philosophy is inevitable given that it's such a rich and powerful language, and that it was designed from the start to allow for more than one way to do the same thing."


PHP Weekly Summary for January 16, 2001. The January 16, 2001 issue of the PHP Weekly Summary is available. News includes the first O'Reilly PHP Conference to be held July 23-27, 2001 in San Diego, CA, a fix for a PHP security issue, parallel LDAP searching, and more.


Python 2.1 Release Schedule. The release of Python 2.1 is scheduled for 19 Jan, 2001 in alpha form, and the official 2.1 release is scheduled for April 1, 2001.

This week's Python-URL. Here is Dr. Dobb's Python-URL for January 15. Have a look for a list of recent Python software releases, numerous development tips, and a classified article on the future of the Python Secret Underground.

Python 9 Conference Updates. Updates for the 9th Annual Python Conference have been posted. The referred papers Track information has been placed online.

PyXML 0.6.3 available. PyXML 0.6.3, the XML toolkit for Python is now available.

Jython 2.0 release candidate 1 available. Version 2.0 rc 1 of Jython, the Java implementation of Python, has been announced and may be downloaded here.

ImageServer digital photo system. The ImageServer digital photo system has been announced. "Image Server is simple web based digital photo management system. It is used to display, store, annotate, and archive thousands of photos. There are many built-in features to make it easy to display your photos to the world."

FreeImage 2.0.0 is out. Version 2.0.0 of FreeImage, a Python based open-source image format converter, is now available for download.


This week's Tcl-URL. Here is Dr. Dobb's Tcl-URL for January 15 with the latest news from the Tcl/Tk development community.

Tcl/Tk FAQ on the web. Charles Vidal has announced the creation of tcltk.free.fr, an online version of the Tcl/Tk FAQ.

Section Editor: Forrest Cook

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