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From: rhett <rhett@lineo.com>
Subject: Lineo announces Embedix advancements
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 9:12:00
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Development System Includes the Integrated Resources of Metrowerk's CodeWarrior
Lineo's Embedix SDK Operating System and Development Kit

LINDON, Utah - Jan. 22, 2001 - Lineo, Inc., a leading innovator in embedded
Linux tools, real-time and high availability solutions, and Metrowerks,
makers of CodeWarrior®, the best selling Integrated Development Environment
(IDE) for Linux, today announced plans to preview a total solution of
Embedix™ SDK integrated with CodeWarrior for Embedix, preflashed on Motorola's
MPC8260 processor board in a convenient and ready-to-run development system.

This joint Linux development solution provides a single source for all
the hardware and software necessary to create and configure comprehensive
embedded systems for various hardware platforms.  Developers no longer
need to piece together the development environment while spending more
time on actual application development. The first hardware deployment
target included in the development system "suitcase" will be the Motorola

The suitcase will contain one MPC8260 processor board pre-programmed with
CodeWarrior for Embedix, the Embedix SDK and Target Wizard. Applications
can be developed on a Windows or Linux host platform.

Representatives from Lineo and Metrowerks will preview CodeWarrior with
Embedix SDK for MPC8260 at LinuxWorld New York, Jan. 31 through Feb. 2,
at the Lineo booth (#455).

"Lineo's tight-working relationship with Metrowerks has provided a turnkey
development system on Motorola's most popular development board," said
Tim Bird, Lineo CTO. "The combined power included in the CodeWarrior with
Embedix SDK for MPC8260 suitcase provides the telecommunications and networking
 developer an all-inclusive solution."

The CodeWarrior IDE provides intuitive, graphics-based tools that allow
developers to create, compile and debug their applications from a single
environment, shortening the development cycle and helping them reach market

Embedix SDK is a powerful solution for the simplified development of embedded
Linux technology that creates flexible and reliable embedded software
solutions while minimizing cost and reducing time-to-market for OEMs.
The Embedix SDK Target Wizard is an easy-to-use, graphics-based tool that
simplifies configuration of the Linux kernel and user space components
for use on specific embedded target devices.

"CodeWarrior for Embedix SDK combines the best of both products, providing
the embedded developer with a comprehensive set of tools for moving product
to market in the least amount of time while reducing cost, simplifying
the development process and enabling flexibility," said John Smolucha,
vice president of marketing, Metrowerks.

The MPC8260 is an advanced integrated communications microprocessor available
for the telecommunications and networking markets. MPC8260 combines a
high-speed embedded PowerPC core along with integration of networking
and communications peripherals for high-end communications systems.

In Sept. 2000, Motorola, Inc., Metrowerks' parent company, acquired 3
million shares of Lineo, Inc. for the aggregate price of $22.5 million.
This agreement established a strategic partnership between Lineo, Inc.
and Metrowerks.

Pricing and Availability
CodeWarrior for Embedix will be sold through both Metrowerks' and Lineo's
extensive sales and distribution channels. Contact Lineo by e-mail at
oemsales@lineo.com or by calling 801-426-5001. Contact Metrowerks by e-mail
at sales@metrowerks.com or by calling 800-377-5416 (512-997-4700 outside
the United States). The development system will be sold for $14,495 and
will be available for sale in March. Visit the Lineo booth (#455) at LinuxWorld
 for further information.

About Metrowerks
Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Metrowerks develops,
markets and supports CodeWarrior hardware and software development solutions
for a number of operating systems and the most popular microprocessors.
 CodeWarrior allows programmers to build applications from one unique
integrated development environment (IDE).  In September of 1999, Metrowerks
became an independently operating subsidiary of Motorola Inc.  For more
information, please visit the Metrowerks web site at http://www.metrowerks.com.

About Lineo
Lineo, Inc. provides Linux-based embedded systems, real-time and high
availability solutions that include software, hardware designs and professional
 services. Lineo's solutions allow OEMs to create devices and systems
that interact with the Internet while helping OEMs to reduce system requirement
s, per-unit costs and time-to-market. The company's key product lines
include: Embedix™ (embedded Linux system software), uClinux™ (embedded
Linux for MMU-less processors), NETtel™ (Linux-based Internet appliances
for secure networking) and Availix™ (mission-critical high availability
Linux cluster solutions). Contact Lineo at www.lineo.com, via e-mail to
info@lineo.com or by calling (801) 426-5001.

Lineo and Embedix are trademarks of Lineo, Inc. Linux is a registered
trademark owned by Linus Torvalds. Metrowerks, the Metrowerks logo and
CodeWarrior are registered trademarks of Metrowerks Corp. All other products,
services, companies and publications are trademarks or registered trademarks
of their respective owners.

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