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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 10:53:44 -0800
From: Rick Lehrbaum <rick@linuxdevices.com>
Subject: Linux-friendly Single Board Computer Reference Guide
To: news@linuxdevices.com


          New Online Resource Features Linux Oriented 
                Embedded Single Board Computers 

Online vendor-neutral guide serves as valuable reference tool 
for developers of devices based on embedded Linux.

Palo Alto, CA -- LinuxDevices.com is pleased to announce publication 
of "The Linux-friendly Embedded SBCs Quick Reference Guide."  The 
new guide provides a definitive tutorial and perspective on the 
rapidly diverging shapes, sizes, and architectures for embedded single 
board computers (SBCs), and highlights the growing importance of Linux 
to the embedded SBC market.  Popular embedded SBC form-factors are 
defined and described, and sources for Linux-compatible product are 

The Linux-friendly Embedded SBCs Quick Reference Guide is available 
online:  http://www.linuxdevices.com/articles/AT2614444132.html

The new guide joins LinuxDevices.com's growing list of continually 
updated online Embedded Linux Quick Reference Guides:

  * The Embedded Linux Introduction and Overview Quick Reference Guide

  * The Embedded Linux Distributions Quick Reference Guide

  * The Real-time Linux Software Quick Reference Guide

  * The Embedded Linux GUI/Windowing Software Quick Reference Guide

  * The Linux-friendly System-on-Chip Quick Reference Guide

  * The Linux-based "Cool Devices" Quick Reference Guide

  * The Linux-PDA and PDA-Linux Quick Reference Guide


LinuxDevices.com (http://www.linuxdevices.com) is well established as 
the worldwide Embedded Linux Portal -- the first place to go for the 
latest information on using Linux in embedded systems and intelligent 
devices. The popular portal site, which is now a key part of ZDNet's 
Linux Resource Center, features a broad spectrum of Embedded Linux 
topics including news, articles, events, links, jobs, polls, an 
interactive forum, and product information. LinuxDevices.com carries 
up-to-date information about Linux-related single-board computers, 
chips, tools, and support, and highlights a wide variety of embedded, 
real-time, and small footprint Linux implementations, including both 
commercial distributions and open source projects.