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Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 11:31:05 -0800
To: loki-press@lokigames.com, loki-announce@lokigames.com
From: Kayt Sorhaindo <sigyn@lokigames.com>
Subject: [loki-press] Loki Open Source Projects

In an unprecedented race to GPL freedom, Loki Software, Inc. releases
the latest in their long line of open source projects: a complete set of
end-user and developer tools for managing software releases.

Setup 1.5.8
This update to the classic setup tool includes support for our brand-new
XML product database.  This new product database allows you to quickly
determine if your product is complete or corrupt, and doesn't require
superuser permissions to install.  If you install it, you can update and
remove it with our new tools...

Loki Update Tool 1.0.6
This easy to use end-user tool allows anyone to quickly and easily
update any Loki software they install.  It features easy-to-use mirror
support, the ability to resume broken connections, support for HTTP and
FTP proxies, and automatic update verification to make absolutely sure
that the download you want is the download you get.  All this for the
quick and easy price of absolutely nothing!  That's right, just hop on
over to our open-source depot and grab the conveniently packaged binary
archive.  And once you've updated your games and you're looking for
space for the new ones, what better way to uninstall the old ones

Loki Uninstall Tool 1.0.3
This easy to use end-user tool allows anyone to quickly and easily
update any Loki software they install.  In one step, you can easily
remove literally gigabytes of games, freeing yourself up for the latest
blockbuster titles from Loki Software, Inc.

Loki Patch Tools 1.0.1
These tools are perfect for the developer in you.  Whether you're
working on a large binary-only project or just want the convenience of
the Loki Update Tool, these tools will allow you to build patches for
any project.  Complete with pre-install scripts, post-install scripts,
and full diagnostics, these tools are a must for anyone looking for easy
software updates.

The Loki Software Team