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From: Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>
To: Netfilter Development Mailinglist <netfilter-devel@lists.samba.org>
Subject: New TODO list
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 02:31:15 +0100


As I have received requests from people who want to contribute to
netfilter/iptables, I've updated the TODO list a bit. Please have 
a look at the TODO file in CVS.

It is important that you inform me if you want to work on a particular
item of the TODO list, so I can keep track and update the TODO list.

If you want to work on an item, where already somebody else is working on
(initials are appended to the entry, e.g. [HW]), please contact the person
and cooperate. We don't need to duplicate effort.

Here's the current version of the TODO list:

TODO List for netfilter / iptables.
Currently maintained by Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>

Please inform me, if you want to work on any of the TODO items, so I
can update this list and thus prevent two people doing the same work.

CVS ID: $Id: TODO,v 1.17 2001/01/24 01:15:16 laforge Exp $

IMPORTANT before iptables-1.2.1 release:
- generic tcp sequence number offset support for nat helpers [HW]
- prerelease make target (for applying certain p-o-m stuff)
- header files in seperate directory, build all extensions, even
  when current kernel not patched
- restore counters for individual rules (iptables / iptables-restore) [HW]
- add libipulog / libiptc to DEVEL target

INDEPENDENT from iptables-1.2.1 release:
- netlink interface for conntrack manipulation from userspace [HW]
- unified nfnetlink for queue,ulog,conntrack (and more?) (2.5 issue)
- sysctl support for ftp-multi, irc-conntrack/nat, ftp-fxp
- integrate HOPLIMIT for ipv6 in patch-o-matic [HW]
- static 1:1 NAT (only ip address NAT in both directions)
- u32 classifier (port from tc -> iptables)
- pktlen match (not needed, when u32 available)
- SMP locking for IRC buggy?
- MARK match / target with boolean OR / AND (to use nfmark bitwise)
- full tcp window tracking incompatibility with nat helpers [HW]
- multiple related connections
- documentation for libiptc
- port conntrack to IPv6 (code reuse?)
- port matches (owner, limit, multiport, owner) to IPv6
- HOPLIMIT IPv6 target / match [HW]
- multicast connection tracking
- conntrack / nat failover [HW]
- Hard lockup with ip_queue under heavy load
- mangle table should use all five netfilter hooks
- make patch-o-matic more generic (any subdir), and reversible

[RR]    Paul 'Rusty' Russel <rusty@linuxcare.com.au>
[MB]    Marc Boucher <marc@mbsi.ca>
[JM]    James Morris <jmorris@intercode.com.au>
[HW]    Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>


Live long and prosper
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