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From: "Marc Schnapp \(PlugSys International\)" <mschnapp@plugsys.com>
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Subject: News Release: Linux Server Pages Product for Xbase
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 10:14:14 -0800

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      News Release



      Marc Schnapp,

      PlugSys International

      (510) 352-2230

      January 19, 2001

      Max Server Pages Offers Linux Web Development For Xbase

SAN LEANDRO, CA— PlugSys International today announced its new Max Server
Pages  (MSP) product. This gives Xbase developers a reliable, economical way
to migrate to Linux and perform server-side scripting. Using classic Xbase
commands and functions, developers can quickly access data stored in DBF
files or ODBC databases and blend the results with HTML and Javascript.

“The web development community has seen PHP, Java Server Pages and
Microsoft’s Active Server Pages,” said Marc Schnapp, PlugSys’ Product
Manager. “But nothing matches the naturalness of Xbase data access and
navigation. Put a SQL database on the back end and nothing could be
simpler. The SQL engine handles the rough stuff, the code is clean, concise
and simple. It’s almost as if Xbase was invented just for web

Max Server Pages development focuses on creation of HTML templates with
embedded Xbase control structures, expressions, commands and
functions. “We chose a commonly accepted embedding model so that our
customers could use popular web tools like HomeSite and Dreamweaver,”
said Claudio Lavacca, PlugSys’ Chief Software Architect. “Unlike other
“server pages” type engines, MSP Professional even allows developers
to precompile source code for even faster loading libraries.

The final phase of beta test is in progress. Beta testers are encouraged to
apply at http://www.plugsys.com/beta.
The company is particularly interested in Xbase developers with some web
development experience and access to a web server machine running Red Hat 6.2.

Availability will be announced within 60 days.

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PlugSys International enjoys a decade of development experience based upon a
predecessor product line marketed in Brazil as Joiner. Joiner is still
heavily used by DOS and SCO Unix developers in that market. Max is the
32-bit successor with availability for Microsoft’s 32-bit Windows operating
systems and for major Linux distributions.