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Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 12:46:32 -0800
From: Bruce Byfield <bbyfield@progeny.com>
To: lwn@lwn.net

Sony Vaio Laptop First Prize in Draw on February 01, 2001
Indianapolis, January 25, 2001 - In recognition of the importance of
the open source community, Progeny Linux Systems and Maximum Linux
magazine are holding a raffle for Debian GNU/Linux at LinuxWorld in
New York. The raffle will cost $2 for each entry or $5 for three
The drawing will be held at 4 PM February 1 at the Maximum Linux
booth (Booth #469). Prizes will be presented by Ian Murdock,
president and CEO of Progeny, and Woody Hughes, Senior Editor of
Maximum Linux. All money raised will go to the Debian project.

"Maximum Linux magazine and web site (http://maximumlinux.com)
wouldn't exist without the efforts of the free software community,"
says Alison McCreery, Marketing Manager at Maximum Linux. "And the
Debian Project (www.debian.org) is a free software success story.
With over 6000 packages and nearly 600 developers, Debian is one of
the largest free software projects. They are extremely dedicated to
upholding the cooperative values of the free software movement and
have proven the value of open source development. The raffle is our
way of acknowledging their contribution.""
Ian Murdock, president and CEO of Progeny Linux system
(www.progeny.com) agrees. "As Progeny moves towards the release of
its first products, we want to acknowledge our roots in the
community," Murdock says. Murdock, who founded the Debian Project,
but has not been actively involved in it for several years, goes on
to say, "Even though Progeny is a commercial company, we rely on the
advice and efforts of the free software community. In fact, all of
Progeny's development is built on Debian and will be contributed to
Debian. You could call this raffle the first repayment of our debt."

First prize in the raffle is a 600 Mhz Sony VAIO C1VN Picturebook,
valued at $2300.. The Picturebook includes  a Transmeta Crusoe
processor, a 12 gigabyte hard drive, 128 megabytes of RAM and a 56.6
modem, and is pre-loaded with Progeny Debian. Additional prizes
include T-shirts from Progeny printed for the event, and hats, plush
toy penguins and messenger bags from Maximum Linux.
Attendees of Linuxworld can enter the raffle at the Maximum Linux
booth on January 31 and February 1. Winners need not be present to
win. For more information, please send e-mail to info@progeny.com.
Progeny Linux Systems develops Linux-based software and services for
network computing environments. Progeny Debian, a commercial version
of Debian, is available as a free download, with the final version
scheduled for release in March 2001. Linux NOW, a revolutionary
system that makes a network of Linux workstations act as a single
integrated system, is due later this year. Progeny offers individual
and corporate technical support and professional services for
Debian. A software and systems management service for Debian will be
available in the spring of 2001.


Maximum Linux Magazine is the magazine for both dedicated Linux
professionals and hard-core enthusiasts. Every issue features
cutting-edge reviews, in-depth how-tos, technical features, and
hard-hitting news stories, and an editorially-driven CD-ROM. Each CD
is packed to the penguin gills with the latest distributions,
drivers, demos, and Linux applications. Regular magazine sections
include Open Road, a column dedicated to the troops in the Linux
trenches; a technical Q&A, IT Corner, Security Watch, Ask The
Penguin; and Linux Lowdown, a revolving tech section dedicated to
various Linux hardware and software configurations.
Bruce Byfield 604.421.7177 bbyfield@progeny.com
Director of Marketing and Communications, Progeny Linux Systems
Contributing Editor, Maximum Linux