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REDSonic introduces RED-Builder, a tool for configuring, building and
downloading target system images to the application platform.

Orange County, California, January 18th 2001 


REDSonic, Inc., a provider of real-time and embedded Linux solutions,
today announced the release of RED-Builderä, a target system image
creator for embedded systems.

RED-Builder gives developers the ability to build embedded systems for
REDICE-LinuxT, a real-time Linux kernel designed to support mission
and time critical applications.  RED-Builder can also be used to
create non Real-Time Linux images.

RED-Builder's Graphical User Interface makes it very easy for
developers to choose the modules that they need in order to configure
their systems.  RED-Builder enables system developers to configure and
build their systems to suit their specific needs.  Once the users have
the system configured they can download their images to the target
application platform and create the applications that they need.
After the modules have been selected and a target image has been
created, RED-Builder will create an installable root file system on
the specified file storage media and transfer the image to the
embedded platform.

RED-Builder offers a wide variety of supported platforms provided by
REDSonic's hardware partners.  RED-Builder's rapid embedded system
development cycle aids the developer in building fast, extensible and
customized solutions.

  Features of RED-Builder 

 Full-featured Builder with point-and-click simplicity 

 Pre-built configurations for supported boards

 REDICE distribution with user-customizable modules

 Root file system creation

 Automatic RAM and disk memory requirement calculation

 Works with CompactFlash, solid-state disks (SSD), DiskOnChip (DOC),
 and other memory devices 

  Benefits of RED-Builder 

 Easy-to-use graphical user interface

 Rapid embedded system development cycle 


 Quick time to market


 About REDSonic, Inc.

REDSonic, Inc. is a leading provider of Total Real-Time Linux
Solutions. Based in Orange County, California, REDSonic was co-founded
in March 2000 by a select team of academic and industry professionals
representing a rich mixture of experience and expertise in the field
of real-time Linux technology.   Providing the critical RTOS software,
development tools, hardware design, and professional services
necessary for the embedded system and information appliance
marketplace, REDSonic has positioned itself at the vanguard of this
emerging industry.

 Coupled with industry leading services support, REDSonic's products include:


REDICE-Linux T (A Real-Time Linux Operating System)

RED-Probe T (A Real-Time Event  Monitoring  Tool)

RED-Builder T (An Embedded Image Building Tool)

RED-Manager (A System Administration Tool)

RED-Kit (STB Evaluation Platform)


Contact REDSonic at http://www.redsonic.com, via e-mail to
info@redsonic.com, or by phone (949) 833-9679 or fax (949) 833-9479.

REDICE-Linux, RED-Builder and RED-Probe are trademarks of REDSonic,
Inc. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.  All other
names mentioned are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks
of their respective companies.