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REDSonic, Inc. introduces RED-Kit, a set-top box for evaluation, which
will provide application developers the ability to create real-time
applications and programs.

Orange County, California, January 18th 2001 

REDSonic, Inc., a provider of real-time and embedded Linux solutions,
today announced the release of RED-Kit, a software and hardware
platform for embedded system developers.

RED-Kit is convenient for embedded system developers and includes all
the necessary software pre-loaded to create real-time and non-real
time applications. RED-Kit is the ideal turnkey solution for prototype
development and evaluation of REDSonic's real-time REDICE-Linux.

REDICE-Linux is perfect for mission and time critical applications and
provides quality of service for embedded systems.  It includes a high
precision microsecond timer, a short preemption time kernel, powerful
and predictable system schedulers, and mechanisms to provide task
performance guarantees.

Standard Features:

Anthony's Editor: A very small text editor that is easy to use.

 DHCP client and server

 Tiny shell, which supports all standard Bourne shell commands.

Ability to issue commands to delay job execution and batch processing

Small suite of UNIX utilities in a multi-call binary; it provides a
pretty complete POSIX environment in a very small package

Utilities for managing the second extended (ext2) file system

Standard UNIX command-line FTP client 

The GNU database library for C

Security wrapper for tcp daemons

TELNET client and server

Practical Extraction and Report Language (PERL) and CGI for PERL.

Fast, small, and secure web server

Reduced terminfo database

Libraries to support JPEG and PNG image format files 

Audio MPEG player with support for layers 1, 2, and 3

Tiny suite of utilities for handling logins at the console

Additional Software:

MicroBrowser and GTK/Embedded Windowing System

JavaScript 1.1, JVM, HTML 3.2, HTTP 1.1, SSL 2.0 / 3.0

Macromedia Flash, GIF, JPEG, PNG, animated GIF, Image map

Cookies, bookmarks, URL saving and history

Frame and table support

Foreign language fonts

GTK 1.2 Embedded

A few of RED-Kit's capabilities: 

Web Browser

Web Server

MP3 player

DHCP client/server




Proxy Server

Hardware Specifications:

x86 Pentium Media GXM 233MHz


32MB M-System DiskOnChip

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Control

Audio Support

10BaseT Ethernet Support

Serial & Parallel Port

ABOUT REDSonic, Inc.

REDSonic, Inc. is a leading provider of Total Real-Time Linux
Solutions. Based in Orange County, California, REDSonic was co-founded
in March 2000 by a select team of academic and industry professionals
representing a rich mixture of experience and expertise in the field
of real-time Linux technology.   Providing the critical RTOS software,
development tools, system design, and professional services necessary
for the embedded system and information appliance marketplace,
REDSonic has positioned itself at the vanguard of this emerging

 Coupled with industry leading services support, REDSonic's products include:

 REDICE-Linux T (A Real-Time Linux Operating System)

RED-Probe T (A Real-Time Event Monitoring Tool)

RED-Builder T (An Embedded Image Building Tool)

RED-Manager (A System Administration Tool)

RED-Kit (STB Evaluation Platform)

Contact REDSonic at http://www.redsonic.com, via e-mail to
info@redsonic.com, or by phone (949) 833-9679 or fax (949) 833-9479.

REDICE-Linux, RED-Builder and RED-Probe are trademarks of REDSonic,
Inc. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.  All other
names mentioned are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks
of their respective companies.