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REDSonic announces its presence at the Linux World Conference & Expo,
New York, which is one of the most exciting and largest events for
developers and users of the Linux Operating System.

 Orange County, California, January 18th, 2001

REDSonic, Inc., a provider of real-time and embedded Linux solutions,
today announced its presence at the Linux World Conference & Expo,
which is to be held at the Jacob. K. Javits Convention Center in New
York from January 30th - February 2nd 2001.  Linux World Conference &
Expo is one of the world's major events for Linux OS developers users
and entrepreneurs.  REDSonic intends to showcase and demonstrate a
number of its products and services at the Exposition.

 ABOUT REDSonic, Inc.

REDSonic, Inc. is a leading provider of Total Real-Time Linux
Solutions. Based in Orange County, California, REDSonic was co-founded
in the Spring of 2000 by a select team of academic and industry
professionals representing a rich mixture of experience and expertise
in the field of real-time Linux technology.   Providing the critical
RTOS software, development tools, hardware design, and professional
services necessary for the embedded system and information appliance
marketplace, REDSonic has positioned itself at the vanguard of this
emerging industry.

 Coupled with industry leading services support, REDSonic's products include:


REDICE-Linux T (A Real-Time Linux Operating System)

RED-Probe T (A Real-Time Event Monitoring Tool)

RED-Builder T (An Embedded Image Building Tool)

RED-Manager (A System Administration Tool)

RED-Kit (STB Evaluation Platform)


REDSonic At Linux World Conference and Expo
 REDSonic will showcase its real-time Linux technology, embedded
 development tools, and present several live demonstrations ranging
 from a high performance real-time embedded web server to quality of
 service resource management technology.

REDICE-Linux, REDSonic's premier offering, is a low-latency
preemptible kernel and includes a flexible scheduler which provides
soft and hard real-time performance while maintaining full
compatibility with existing Linux applications. It is available for
x86, PowerPC, and StrongARM CPU architectures.

REDSonic will feature the following:


        REDSonic High-Performance Real-Time Embedded Web Server: A
high performance server (50 microsecond latency), which has been
ported with our real-time kernel, REDICE-Linux.

        RED-Probe 2.0: Is a graphical tool for monitoring the
behavior of real-time embedded systems.

        RED-Builder 2.0:  RED-Builder is a graphical tool for
configuring, building and downloading target images to the application
platform.  RED-Builder gives developers the ability to build embedded
systems for REDICE-Linux.

        RED-Manager on e-Server: A live demonstration of RED-Manager,
which is a Quality of Service Resource Management tool ported to a 1U

  a..  RED-Kit: This is our complete hardware/software set-top box for
 evaluation, which will provide application developers the ability to
 create real-time applications and programs.

 REDSonic can be found at Booth No. 775.  For more information on the
 Linux World Conference & Expo, go to 

Contact REDSonic at http://www.redsonic.com, via e-mail to
 info@redsonic.com, or by phone (949) 833-9679 or fax (949) 833-9479.

 REDICE-Linux, RED-Builder and RED-Probe are trademarks of REDSonic,
 Inc. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.  All other
 names mentioned are trademarks, registered trademarks or service
 marks of their respective companies.