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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 12:29:16 -0800
From: Peigi Cleminshaw <peigi@suse.com>
To: press@suse.com, suse-announce-e@suse.com, oakland@suse.com
Subject: [press] SuSE + Lotus = Linux Groupware Server 

SuSE Linux and Lotus team up in developing Professional Groupware

Lotus Domino R5 + SuSE Linux 7.0 = SuSE Linux Groupware Server

Nuremberg, Germany - January 22, 2001 - Today, SuSE Linux, the
international technology leader and solutions provider in Open Source
operating system, and Lotus announced the SuSE Linux Groupware Server. The
new server combines the comprehensive functionality of the Domino
Messaging and Web Application Server with the cost advantages and the
reliability of the Linux operating system. This provides a basis for
improved business processing and customer relations.

With more than 50 million users worldwide, the product-integrated Domino
Server delivers efficient tools for groupware, workflow, messaging and
scheduling. Domino also provides a flexible basis for fast web and
messaging application development. A complete range of visual development
tools allows existing applications to be integrated with customer service,
customer relation management, sales support and traveling/expense

Domino Release 5.0.5. supports XML, Java Servlets, Java Beans and Java
APIs for access to Domino services. Domino is essential for real time
integration of enterprise data and applications. SuSE Linux Groupware
Server includes flexible security functions on all levels with
personalized data access based on individual and group access rights.
Message integrity is supported by S/MIME. Domino for Linux excels through
simple, centralized administration with almost unlimited scalability.

SuSE Linux Groupware Server is a stable and cost-efficient platform for a
variety of Lotus Notes applications. A variety of applications is available
for almost any branch of business, from Human Resources and Supply Chain
Management to Sales Support.

SuSE Linux Groupware Server includes:
- 1 SuSE Linux Enterprise platform
- 1 license Lotus Domino Application Server for Linux
- 10 Lotus Notes client licenses
- 60 days of installation and configuration support by SuSE

SuSE Linux Groupware Server can be purchased from SuSE or software=20
retailers, beginning February 2001. The suggested retail price is $2495. 

For details or further information on SuSE Linux Groupware Server,
please visit SuSE's web page at

About SuSE:

SuSE Linux AG is the international technology leader and solutions
provider in Open Source operating system (OS) software.  SuSE's unique
expertise in Linux and their largest development team worldwide
dedicated to Open Source software has contributed to the recognition of
SuSE as a leader in Linux solutions. SuSE supports more hardware platforms
than any other commercially available Linux distribution.

SuSE Linux AG, headquartered in Germany, and SuSE Inc., based in
Oakland, CA, are privately held companies focused entirely on supporting
the Linux community and Open Source development. With a workforce of
over 500 people worldwide, SuSE has offices all over Europe, Latin
America and in the US.

Additional information about SuSE can be found at http://www.suse.de/en/

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