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Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 23:41:59 -0800
From: Total Impact <linux@totalimpact.com>
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Subject: Total Impact Press Release

Total Impact Announces the briQ


CAMARILLO, California, January 22, 2001 - Today Total Impact announced
the briQ; a PowerPC based network appliance computer.

Measuring just 5.74 inches wide, 1.625 inches tall and 8.9 inches deep,
the briQ gives developers and OEMs the first high-performance,
production ready compute engine sized for insertion into an industry
standard half height drive bay.  It weighs approximately 1.85 pounds.

Featuring PowerPC G3 or G4 processors, the briQ is a customizable
computing appliance designed to easily handle performance hungry
applications.  With Linux as its operating system, the briQ is a
versatile platform for a wide range of applications and products such as
firewalls, routers, security devices and web servers.  The briQ's form
factor is also a real plus since it allows product designers to specify
for current or future uses with full confidence that it will always fit
a standard housing without modification.

"The PowerPC and Linux have enabled us to develop the most powerful
network appliance in the smallest foot-print available," said Brad
Nizdil, President of Total Impact. "We are very excited about the briQís
potential and have already received commitments from several OEMs."

According to Nizdil, the briQ was developed by Total Impact as a
"yesterday, today and tomorrow solution."  In its widely accepted
standard form factor, "it can be used as a processor addition or
replacement for yesterday's older systems, as a processor base for
today's new single board or cluster systems, or as the engine or control
unit for tomorrow's embedded products.  The common denominator is a
target insertion bay the size of a CD-ROM drive.  We believe the briQ
will become a computer standard in an industry where such standards are
necessary but heretofore lacking."

The briQís unique specifications and features include:

PowerPC 750 (G3) or 7400 (G4) microprocessor
1 megabyte of L2 Cache
100MHz 64-bit System Bus
Up to 512 megabytes of SDRAM
Open Firmware -  support for remote booting
Dual 10/100 Base Ethernet support
64-bit 66MHz PCI Bus
Programmable VFD display
Up to 40 Gigabyte hard drive
RS-232 interface
Linux Operating System
Remote Management
Low power requirements
Form factor the size of a CD-ROM drive

Development systems start at $2,500. Availability is 45 days after
receipt of order.

Located in Camarillo, California, Total Impact designs, manufactures and
markets multiprocessor products based on PowerPC SMP and PowerPC cluster
architectures.  These products, featuring TotalMP Technology and the
Linux operating system, are scalable and stackable systems that address
the most stringent infrastructure and computing requirements established
for the Internet, corporate networks, industry, science, research and
education.  For more information please visit our web site at
http://www.totalimpact.com or contact us at 1.888.373.3403.


Gabriela Rodriguez
Total Impact
(805) 987-8704

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