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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 08:33:56 -0500
From: ethan fremen <mindlace@digicool.com>
To: zope-announce@zope.org
Subject: Zope Weekly News for January 19th

Go to the Linux World Expo or EuroZopeCon,
Download Zope 2.3 now, WikisHereNow,
Get trained in Python and Zope,
and test Session Tracking in this imperative ZWN

The opinions expressed in Zope Weekly news are solely the authors',
and not the opinions of Digital Creations, The Zope Community
at-large, or the Spanish Inquisition.

If you or your company are doing something cool with zope,
"submit it to the Zope Weekly News",
for possible inclusion.

And Now For Something Completely Different:


Upcoming Events

   If you are on the American continent, you must get a
   "free exhibits-only pass",
   and attend the Linux World Expo January
   31st / February 2nd, New York.
   If you are in Europe you must attend the "EuroZopeCon",
   January 23 and 24, Amsterdam.

   A *true* Zopatista would visit both.


Train for the Revolution

 Zopatista! Are you getting skewered because some
 PHB is making nervous-noises about Zope? Tell them
 that they could take any of their employees, and
 send them to kaivo to train in Python
 with Mark Lutz, author of _Learning Python_:

 Then the employee could learn "Zope Zen":

 Finally, they could have that employee work on Zope for
 *three years* --  or, for about the same price,
 they could buy a shrink-wrapped content management system.


Zope Status

  by Brian Lloyd


  Zope 2.3 beta 2 release coming soon

Recent News

  Zope 2.3 beta 1 was released last week - so far there have been only
  relatively minor issues. Beta 2 may come as early as Friday the 19th,
  with fixes to the current known issues. We hope to get 2.3 finalized
  by the 29 of January.

  Action in the Fishbowl has still been pretty slow since the holidays.
  High on the priority list after the 2.3 release is to pay some attention
  to organizing the dev.zope.org site.



  by Michel Pelletier

  Amos is on vacation, gorging himself no-doubt on French Fries, French
  Bread, and French Dressing.  I love French cuisine.

  Everything I'm working on is secret this week.  Sorry.  Some great book
  news is on its way so stay tuned!  I guess I should throw in at least
  "one link":http://www.zope.org/Documentation to something quite useful.


Zope Web

  --by Ethan Fremen

  Track This Session!

   You have to download and test "Core Session Tracking",
   because the next generation Zope.org will depend on
   it heavily.

  /Documentation updated

   Thanks to Andrew Kenneth Milton for pointing out that
   SQL Methods were absent from the new Documentation page.


   A big round of applause for Ken Manheimer, for not only
   putting together WikiForNow but actually spending the time
   to update all the wikis on zope.org.  Edit a wiki today!