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· Console ·
adsl.sh2.2 A bash script to easily start/stop an ADSL pptp connection.
Amacdysv0.22 A single floppy operating system for playing MP3 CDs.
amount0.1.1 Mount and unmount automatically to run a command.
asmutils0.12 A set of miscellaneous utilities written in assembly language.
Asp1.7.1 An IP address finder.
AutoUpdate0.9.23 Automatically upgrades RPM-based systems via FTP.
BASHISHdr7.1 A modular Bourne-shell theme engine.
BFBTester - Brute Force Binary Tester2.0 Brute force, proactive, binary security checker.
BladeEnc0.93.10 Freeware MP3 Encoder
BYO Linux1.0 A build-it-yourself Linux distribtuion with many uses.
C Bouncer0.4 (pre 1) A network tool for SSL tunneling through Web proxies with Socks 5 support.
C2F0.8.1 A convertor between Imperial and metric units.
cal_up.sh4.0.0 Automate updates to any Caldera box.
cd-2-mp30.81 An MP3 ripper and encoder.
cdrecord1.10a12 Creates disk-at-once and track-at-once audio or data CDs.
CheckInstall1.3.0beta A "make install" installations tracker.
CloneIt Networked hard-disk cloning system.
cpipe2.0.0 Copy stdin to stdout while reporting progress.
dailystrips1.0.0 Utility to download your favorite online comic strips each day.
Deadlock Dungeons0.0.1 A small MUD using Scheme as a MUD OS language.
DJ In A Box0.8b1 Re-encoding MP3 streaming server.
dnsping.pl1.0.1 A Perl client for dnsart.com, a free dynamic DNS service.
dtd2latex0.1.2 Converts XML DTDs to LaTeX source for printing.
ebonics0.85 A commandline client for fetching definitions from dictionary.com.
eggdrop1.6.2 IRC bot, written in C
embedded utils0.6 A reimplementation of Unix userland tools, optimized for size.
EPM2.3 A software packaging tool.
ExtSub1.00 A DVD subtitle extraction tool.
f2html.pl0.2 Creates an HTML index from a directory tree.
FCE Ultra.50r2 A portable NES/Famicon emulator.
fm2html1.2.1 A newsletter-to-Web page convertor for freshmeat's daily email.
fmio1.0.8 A small FM radio card manipulation utility.
Fretscale1.0 A musical instrument fret distance and spacing calculator.
fwipe0.25 Securely overwrites and deletes files.
fwlogwatch0.1.3 Firewall log analyzer, incident report generator, and realtime response agent.
Gene1.3 Genetic explorer for variations of linear fractals.
Generic Colouriser0.9 Colourises any files or outputs of commands.
getmail2.0.9 A fetchmail replacement with qmail-style Maildir or mbox delivery, in Python.
Gibraltar Firewall0.98pre A Debian-based router/firewall distribution runnable from a bootable, live CD-RO
GNU VCDImager/VCDRip0.5.9beta2 VCD (VideoCD) BIN/CUE CD image creation and ripping tool.
gnupitch0.0.1 A card game based on pitch.
GOGO2.39b Fast, open source MP3 encoder based on LAME
gShield2.0.2 Godot's Modular Firewall
GutenPalm1.2 A featureful book reader for Palm Pilots
hd2u0.6.0 Hany's DOS to UNIX converter.
htlogalyze1.0 An ht://Dig logfile analyzer.
integrit1.05.03-stable An intrusion detection system.
IP Accounting Daemon1.0.3 A Free/OpenBSD IP accounting daemon.
IPTables Linux Firewall4.3 A Linux iptables firewall.
Java Currency Converter1.0 A currency converter application and library for Java.
JOrbis0.0.4 A pure Java Ogg Vorbis decoder.
L Math Processor0.2.99.6 Evaluates math expressions on the command line.
lanoche0.6 generates a report about laptop hardware in HTML
lbdb0.23 Address database for the mutt mail reader.
lcra1.0.1 Intelligently change DOS and Windows filenames to lowercase.
ldapconf0.18.0 Linuxconf LDAP server configurator and client
Linuxconf1.24r2 Sophisticated administrative tool
loco0.32 Perl script to add nice colors to your /var/log/messages file
LOMAC1.0.2 Low Water-Mark Mandatory Access Control for Linux
lsof4.54 List open files
Mailfilter0.1 A flexible utility to get rid of spam in POP3 mailboxes.
manpages-ru0.6 Russian translations of Linux manpages.
match0.3 A program for matching lists of points.
measuring buffer20010119 An enhanced version of buffer.
Micq0.4.6p1 Publically available ICQ clone for the console
MiniGUI1.0.00beta2 A mini graphical user interface for real-time embedded systems.
modutils2.4.1 Linux module utilities.
motion2.4.2 A motion detector for video4linux devices.
mp3blaster2.0b18 Provides interactive playing of mp3 files on a text console
MPEG2-Movie1.4 Tools for encoding MPEG movies with picture and sound.
mrtg-ping-probe2.0.2 A round-trip time probe for mrtg.
mse0.2 Mean Square Error calculator for images.
muLinux11r6 A tiny implementation of Linux, which can reside on a single floppy
multiCD1.01 Backup your data to CD-R/CD-RW.
Musicale1.0 A MIDI playlist builder and player.
nail9.24 A MIME-capable version of the Berkeley Mail user agent.
nano0.9.99pre1 Pico editor clone with enhancements.
nPulse0.31 Web-based network monitoring package for Linux and Unix
Openwall Linux kernel patch2.2.18-ow2 Linux kernel patch to block most stack overflow exploits
PACT0.9e SNMP accounting tool.
pam_watch0.3.9 A pam module to watch users.
Pandora monitor0.3 Flexible monitoring platform
pcwd1.34 Berkshire Products PC Watchdog Card Linux Kernel Driver
penemo1.0 A Network Monitor which supports SNMP, ping, http, and can take plugins.
Photoshrink2.1 Generates thumbnail gallery and slide show Web pages.
PIKT1.12.1 An innovative new systems administration paradigm.
pip0.2.2 Make any program a filter.
ploticus1.40 data display engine
Polar Jukebox System0.5.1.2 A curses MP3 jukebox with play, record, and exchange functions.
PPP-CBCP Server2.4.0-cbcps-1 CBCP server/client-enabled PPP.
proFXP0.6 A command-line fxp (server-to-server FTP) client.
PVFS1.5.0 A parallel file system for clusters of PCs
PythonMS0.1.3 Python MUA Framework.
quelcom tools0.3.0 MP3 and wav command line tools.
Query3.4-test A Perl based address book.
rChains200101231739 A detailed custom ipchains ruleset.
RenAttach1.01 An email virus/trojan attachment renamer.
rhup0.9.18 Make updates of Red Hat systems easier.
RMP Download for Java1.0 Implements complete MP3 album downloads.
safetynet1.10 A system process monitor.
sambru0.2 A data utility for Samsung cell phones.
Seattle Firewall4.0.1 An easy-to-configure, ipchains-based firewall/gateway.
sectar: Secure Tar0.8 A file encryptor.
Sendpage0.9.6 Utility for sending alphanumeric pages using the IXO protocol.
SETI@home LRP0.303 SETI@home client for LRP (Linux Router Project).
setrage0.6 XFree86 4.x Configuration Program
shntool1.01 A multi-purpose WAVE data processing and reporting utility.
SIDPlayer4.1 A replayer program for C64 music.
sipof0.0.0 blind-friendly small bash script that check exim queue
SlackReiser6 Disks for installing Slackware onto a ReiserFS partition.
Smartcard0.1.5 A utility for controlling smart cards.
SmsSend2.4 Sends SMS to any GSM using scripts.
streamripper1.0.1 Records Shoutcast streams with metadata to create separate files for each track.
SWARM0.51 Simulation of an ARM processor in C++.
TCFS3.0b-p1 Transparent Cryptographic File System
tcpbroker1.0 A server that connects two incoming TCP connections together.
The Global File System4.0 A Shared Disk File System for Linux
The Perl Filesystem0.07-2 Linux extensions to write a filesystem in Perl.
Tiny SRP0.7.3 A stripped-down SRP authentication library.
tnef0.16 Decodes application/ms-tnef attachments.
Trio - Molecular dynamics trajectory file converter0.2 A Molecular dynamics trajectory file conversion tool.
Turquoise SuperStat2.0.1 A statistics program for Fidonet and Usenet message areas.
twsinit5 A tiny init replacement for Linux/x86.
txt2pdf4.3 A very flexible and powerful PERL5 converter from text files to PDF
Umix0.3 A program for adjusting soundcard mixers.
Unison2.6.11 File synchronizer
USB Keyboard Target TTY Extension0.1 A patch against Linux 2.4 to bind a USB keyboard to a specific tty.
v-mp31.0.1 bash mpg123 frontend
VTun2.4 Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks.
Webmin module for the Linux Terminal Server Project0.1 Webmin module for configuring the Linux Terminal Server Project's software
weight0.9 A utility to keep track of ones weight/diet.
xmp2.0.4 A multi-format module player for UNIX
y2l1.1 Yacc to LaTeX grammar pretty printer
zgv5.3 svgalib picture viewer with a thumbnail-based file selector
Zile is Lossy Emacs1.4 An Emacs clone.
Zorp0.7.12 A proxy firewall.

· Daemons ·
Annarrchat0.9.5 A MUD-like chatroom server written in Java.
AweMUD0.5.2 A C++ based MUD server for fantasy settings.
bftpd1.0.16 A fast *ix FTP server with tar.gz on-the-fly support.
bind9.1.0 Berkeley Internet Name Domain
Central Data SCSI Terminal Server Daemon2 Linux driver for SCSI Terminal Servers.
crUD2001.01.22 A MUD built from the ground up, with emphasis on stability.
Cyrix Chat Daemon0.4 A feature rich, text-based chat daemon.
DansGuardian0.5.3 Web HTML content filter using a phrase list and PICS
djbdns1.04 Domain Name System tools.
DNRD2.10 Proxy DNS server for home networks with multiple ISPs
Epona1.3.2 Nick, chan, memo, and bot IRC services.
Exim3.22 A Message Transfer Agent for Unix systems.
exiscan0.99 An email virus scanner for the Exim MTA.
icecast1.3.8beta2 MP3 Audio Broadcasting System
IrssiBot the IRC bot1.0.2 A platform-independent IRC bot.
Kannel1.1 An Open Source WAP & SMS gateway.
linux-ftpd-ssl0.11-8.1 OpenBSD's in.ftpd with some SSL support.
Mailwatch0.43 A statistics reporter for mailing list traffic.
MBSE Bulletin Board System (BBS)3.0.15 Fidonet-capable ANSI BBS.
Mimer SQL8.2 The Mimer RDBMS for Linux.
mod_auth_smb0.3 Authenticate users against smb servers (like windows nt and samba)
mod_layout2.9.9 Layout module for Apache.
mod_proxy_add_forward.cjanuary 15 2001 Adds an 'X-Forwarded-For' header to outgoing proxy requests like Squid.
Mojo Nation0.938.0 Data sharing system with micropayments and reputation filtering.
MySQL3.23.31 An SQL (Structured Query Language) database server.
noflushd2.3 Daemon that sends idle disks to sleep (for kernels 2.2.11+)
notary0.0.4 An automatic digital timestamping/notary service.
OpenAFS1.0.2 Client-server distributed filesystem.
OpenLDAP 'whois' backend plugin1.1 OpenLDAP plugin to provide whois service
OpenSSH SecurID patch2.3.0p1_v2 Ingrated SecurID authentication support for OpenSSH
OperStats0.1.1 An IRC operator and statistics services package.
pdnsd1.1.1 A proxy DNS server with permanent cache for dial-up systems and small networks.
POP3Lite0.1.4.2 A modular POP3 daemon.
Pure FTP Server0.91 An efficient, lightweight, and secure FTP server
QMail Wildmat patch0.3 Relay control patch for qmail
Socks via HTTP0.15 A socks tunnel via HTTP.
SQL Relay0.22 A persistent database connection system.
svinit0.1-1 A package to run daemons supervised.
SysOrbmilestone vii A network and server monitoring system.
Tornado HTTP Server0.2.0 A Java Web server.
tpop3d1.1 An extensible POP3 server with vmail-sql/MySQL support.
vpopmail4.9.8 qmail addon package for virtual domain email
Yet Another Radius Daemon1.0.16 A compact RADIUS server with many interesting features.

· Development ·
adevs0.5.2 A C++ library for developing discrete event simulations.
Apache Toolbox1.4.91 An Apache compilation toolbox.
Averist1.2.0.0 Authentication layer for any CGI-based application.
Binary I/O Library0.6 A library for portably exchanging binary data.
BRL2.1.22 Database-oriented language to embed in HTML and other markup.
ClanUtil Library0.0.1 A utility library for the ClanLib Game SDK.
Code Crusader3.0.0 beta 11 complete code development environment, inspired by MetroWerks CodeWarrior
Code Medic1.1.0 beta 1 UNIX Debugging Environment
cpp2html1.2 Convert C/C++ source to syntax-highlighted HTML.
Cross-Platform System Logging API0.5 A common C++ API for writing to Unix syslogs and NT eventlogs.
Crypto++4.1 C++ Crypto Library
cwmtx0.2.1 C++ Library for matrix, vector and quaternion math
Data Display Debugger3.2.98 Common graphical user interface for GDB, DBX and XDB
dbtcp0.1.5 An ODBC bridge for Linux.
Dia2Code0.5 Generates C++ and Java code from an UML Dia Diagram.
DPCRTLMM1.1.2 A memory management library.
e4Graph1.0a2 C++ library allowing efficient manipulation of persistent graph-like structure.
Echomine Muse Communications API0.5b1 Java Communications API for Napster, Gnutella, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, and AIM
Emu0.3.2 An embedded scripting language.
FirstBase RDBMS Suite9.01 An RDBMS suite and application builder.
FunctionCheck1.2 A new profile generator for C/C++ programs.
Gedafe1.0.0 Generic Database Front-End
gladepyc0.9 Generates low-level pygtk/Python code from Glade XML files.
HyperQbsr2 beta 1.0 Server-side component-ware for presentation logic, meant as a successor of Servl
hypersrc3.0.0 A GTK+ program for browsing source code.
Imlib21.0.1 A graphic library for file loading, saving, rendering, and manipulation.
IOLib4.0-pre1 Universal multiplatform IO library.
IOLib-Filters4.0-pre1 Filter package for IOLib
Java Forward Error Correction Library.52 Java Forward Error Correction Library.
jaxml1.23 Python module for generating XML documents.
jCIFS0.4b2 Implementation of SMB/CIFS in Java
JEL0.9.6 A compiler for one-line expressions into java bytecode.
JS/CORBA Adapter0.5.0 Transparent interaction between distributed JavaScript objects.
JSX0.8.2 Maps between Java objects and XML in one call.
Jython2.0 A Java implementation of the Python language.
Lib3ds1.0.0 A library for working with the 3D Studio file format.
Libferit0.0.5 A library for doing socks/http/ftp/gopher/proxy file transfer.
libgeotiff1.1.4 Library for accessing "Geo" tags in a GeoTIFF file.
libksd0.0.2 A cross-plaform (C++) game framework.
libmng0.9.4 The reference library for the MNG image format.
LibMPEG31.2.3 A library for MP3, MP2, AC3, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2 video decoding.
libtiff3.5.6-beta Library for manipulation of TIFF (Tag Image File Format) images.
Linux Progress Patch0.3 Kernel patch to provide a boot-up screen with a progress bar and text.
mailtohost0.0.1 Webbased email sender written as a JavaServlet
mhash0.8.6 Provides an easy to use C interface for several hashalgorithms
MinML0.9 A small XML parser.
MPEG Maaate0.1.0 Toolkit for parsing and analysis of MPEG audio files.
Nevrax Library0.2 A 3D multi-user virtual environment.
OCI C++ Library0.4.4 A very simple library to communicate with Oracle 8.x through OCI.
PASX1.0-beta-1 Java component and JNDI configuration via XML.
PC4P0.1.0 Collection of PHP-Classes to create PDFs
Perl-AddressBook0.15 Perl modules for manipulating addressbook entries.
PlusPlus.pm1.23 A Delphi/VB/Java-like Perl preprocessor.
Pnuts1.0rc1 A scripting language specialized for Java.
PostgreSQL Session Handler for PHP1.4 A PostgreSQL session save handler for PHP4.
Quicktime for Linux1.3 Low level Quicktime library for *NIX
Request Tracker1.0.7 Web, command-line, and email-based trouble ticketing and bugtracking package.
Rudiments0.16 C++ foundation classes.
SableCC2.16.0 An object-oriented compiler framework.
SISC1.0.2 SISC is an R5RS complete, fast, lightweight Scheme interpreter in Java.
Smarty PHP template engine1.0a The PHP compiling template engine.
STklos0.50 A Scheme system.
Swarmcast Layered Coding Transportalpha-5 A Java implementation of emerging IETF protocols for multicast bulk data transfe
Synopsis0.3 A modular sourcecode documentation system.
Thorn0.2.10a UML Modeling Application
threads3.0.0 A C++ library for working with threads under Linux.
TSE30.0.20 TSE3 is a powerful open source sequencer engine written in C++.
txObject Application Tool Kit1.3.2 A C++ software development application toolkit and libraries.
txObject Python Modules1.3.2 Python interface modules to the txObject Application Tool Kit and Libraries.
UDS Collection0.9.3 C++ debugging and development collection.
Universal Text generator1.0 generate or convert any text, program code, or document like jsp but easier
Wizard1.0.0 Component to add a Windows 95-like Wizard to an application.
wxDesigner2.0 RAD tool for wxWindows.
wxWindows/GTK2.2.4 GTK port of the cross-platform wxWindows C++application framework class library
XML Parser for Java3.1.1 XML Parser & Generator for Java
XML::MetaGenerator0.05 An XML manipulation module.
xmlrpc-c0.9.5 An RPC library for C and C++ based on XML and HTTP.
Yabasic2.66.5 Yet Another BASIC interpreter (Unix/Windows)

Balsa1.1.0 A GNOME mail client with support for local mailboxes, POP3, and IMAP.
Cronos II0.1.0pre1 A powerful GNOME mail client with multiple account support.
Gaby1.9.98 A small personal databases manager using GTK+
Galeon0.9-pre2 A GNOME Web browser.
gmessage+0.17 An enhanced xmessage clone.
GnoMAME1.00 beta 3 A GNOME xmame frontend.
Gnome Service Scan0.7 A multi-threaded network service scanner.
gPhoneMan0.20 A generic phone manager.
gVid0.3 Applet to change resolution in X.
ManyaPad0.7 A simple GUI text editor for Linux.
MasqFire2 A masquerading firewall program built with Glade.
Pybliographer1.0.8 tool for bibliographic databases manipulation
uf-view1.2 Gnome-based User Friendly comic viewer.

· KDE ·
Anthem0.0.7 KDE2 MIDI sequencer.
Karchiverkarchiveur 2.0.3 A little archiver for KDE, like ark but more powerful
KBabel0.8 Easy-to-use PO-file editor with many features.
KBiff3.3.1 New mail notification utility for KDE
Kleandisk2.0 beta 1 Utility to remove unneeded files from the harddisk.
Klotskibeta 1.0 A Brick Game.
KMAGO1.0.2 A KDE2 download manager, built as a frontend of wget.
KMLOFax2.0-pre4 Facsimile utility for the ELSA MicroLink(tm) Office
knetfilter2.0.3 A KDE frontend to iptables.
Kpl2.1 Program for two-dimensional graphical presentation of data sets and functions.
KTimeclock2.0 Task-based timeclock for KDE.
KTnef1.0 A TNEF file viewer/extractor for KDE.
QIrc1.1.02 A simple chat client coded using Qt 1.45.

· Web ·
3G - STOCKMARKET ANALYSIS ASP1.0 Stockmarket analysis ASP facility for viewing, scanning & analyzing US stocks
4Suite0.10.1 A Python library and tools for XML, RDF, DOM, XPath, XSLT, XLink, XPointer, and
@Mail2.0 Web and WAP e-mail service.
album1.11 An HTML photo album and thumbnail generator.
APC Alternative PHP Cache1.0.4 zend extension for caching PHP scripts
Arsdigita Content Management System4.1 beta A content management system built on top of ACS.
ASPSeek1.0.1 An Internet search engine.
BigBen0.8.0 A network monitor utility.
bplog0.5.4 Minimal news/weblog system
CBMS0.4 An ISP/Webhost billing and client system.
cfRdecrypt.pl1.0 Drive cfdecrypt program to recursively decrypt all .cfm files in all subdirs
do-sql0.1.1 A PHP tool for displaying SQL queries.
Dormando's Oekaki clone1.0.1 Oekaki picture BBS clone
dotBanner1.08pl1 A complete banner management system for small to large Web sites.
Getleft0.9.7 Tcl/Tk site grabber powered by Curl
HandyKit site construction package2.1.1 All-In-One solution. Templates engine, polling, DB, session control and stats
HTML Template Parser0.92 Enables CGI programs to use HTML templates.
HtmlHeadLine.sh26.4 Script that automatically fetches news headlines.
iVotev0.04 A Web-based visual poll/image voting system.
Jive1.2.1 Open Source forum/BBS/community software.
L-Forum1.1.0 A universal Web-forum with threading support.
LaNewsFactory0.6.1 A Web news site in PHP.
LDAP Administration Super Tool0.6.1-beta CGI scripts to administer LDAP directories.
LinuxUK Enginev0.2 alpha 3 Site code for the LinuxUK news site.
MapIt!0.9 A simple raster Web-mapping server implemented in Python.
MLChat0.3 A simple, Web-based chat interface.
mnoGoSearch3.1.9 Fast WWW search engine for your site
MoinMoin0.8 A Python clone of WikiWiki.
Mojo Mail2.4 An html based mailing list manager.
MP3z0.3.1 A Web-based MP3 downloader.
MS-TNEF degenerator0.0.3 A Web interface to download and read MS-TNEF attachments.
My Photo Gallery1.7 A Web-based photo gallery.
MysqlTool0.85 A Web-based utility for administering MySQL servers.
NeoMail1.22 A Web-based interface to user mail spools on a system.
netmania mail1.0.1 A Web-based POP3 client with full MIME support.
newslog1.4.0 Yet another Web page news generator.
Parallel URL fetcher0.91beta3 A download tool capable of doing many downloads in parallel.
PartyTime Photo Community0.8.1 An interactive digital picture sharing system.
PCAC1.20 PHP-based auction client/server
PCCS MySQLDatabase Admin Tool1.3.4 A Web hosting and MySQL administator tool.
Phisherman1.0 PHP Mailing list archive viewer for Minorfish
PHP daemon checker1 A PHP class for checking whether any daemon is up or not via the Web.
PHP StatIt2.1c A PHP-based log which counts visitors of your Web site.
php(Reactor)1.2.3 Integrated Web applications.
PHP-Content-Management-System1.0.9 A content management system that provides dynamic menus and templates.
phpCache1.0 tiny PHP caching system
phpDVD1.0.2 A PHP/MySQL script to keep track of your DVD collection.
phpGraphy0.9.2 A PHP script that allows you to manage a web picture book.
phpOpenFormGenerator1.1 Generates forms like OOH-Forms from PHPlib, but simpler.
PHProjekt1.2 Groupware communication package.
PIRAT for InterBase0.2.0.1 A web based administration tool for InterBase.
Project-based Calendaring Systemv0.4 A calendaring system useful for project managers and groupware use.
QmailAdmin0.42 Web based interface for Qmail Administration
Realty Manager2.1 Content Management application which makes it easy to update your website.
SimpleSQL0.01 A simple system to implement an online posting and discussion system.
SquidStat2.0 A SQUID log analyzer.
SquirrelMail1.0pre3 A PHP4 Web-based email reader.
Ticketsmith0.4 A Web-based support ticket system with an email gateway.
Vhost Rewriting Engine1.0b1 A mod_rewrite vhost rewriting engine.
vmailadmin0.7.4 A qmaili and vpopmail POP account Web management tool.
W3Mail1.0.2 A Web gateway to POP3 eMail.
WBOSS0.1a A Web-based spell checker for forms.
web2ldap0.8.2 A Python LDAP-client running as a CGI-BIN.
WebDialer0.9 A CGI frontend to wvdial and rp-pppoe with logging functions.
webEditor0.1 Cocoon-based content management.
WebGlimpse2.0.04 Adds search capabilities to WWW site automatically and easily
Webmin0.84 Web-based interface for system administration for Unix
WebWader2.0.0 Automatically display all the pages of a Web site.
WWWIndex0.9 A Web directory index page generator.

· X11 ·
Aduva Manager1.1-2 Linux package manager, kernel and hardware plug-and-play installer.
Aria0.6.0 Yet another GTK-based download tool.
browser-history2.8 An X daemon maintaining a browser-independent global history of visited sites.
crank0.0.3 Cryptanalytic Toolkit
Debian Chinese Panel0.3.1 A panel for using Chinese more easily on Debian-based systems.
Deskroot0.2.1 An ActiveDesktop that doesn't suck.
Dual Scope1.2 A Dual Scope plugin for XMMS.
Dual Spectogram1.2 A dual spectral histogram plugin for XMMS.
Dual Spectralizer1.2 Dual spectral analyzer plugin for XMMS.
EnRus dictionary tools1.1pre-1c Tcl/Tk scripts for manipulating textual (plain or gzipped) dictionary base.
evas0.0.3 A hardware-accelerated canvas library.
Everybuddy0.2.0 Universal Instant Messaging Client
Exmh2.3.1 An X user interface for MH mail
FvwmPartition0.2 A FVWM2 module for collectively manipulating multiple windows.
GCBTTV0.1 A TV card configuration tool.
gdlibs0.1.0 A fast widget toolkit designed for handling arbitrarily defined user interfaces.
Gibstats0.7 Gibstats Quake anaylsis tool for Linux.
gimp-print4.1.2 Print plug-in for the GIMP and GhostScript driver for Epson printers.
GKrellM Distributed.net Plugin0.6.1 A Distributed.net plugin for GKrellM.
GKrellm SNMP Monitor0.12 A GKrellM plugin that lets you monitor SNMP vars.
Gnapster1.4.2 A GTK and/or GNOME Napster client.
GNoise0.1.9 GTK wave file editor.
gnome-linuxconf0.64 A nice GTK-based Linuxconf graphic frontend.
GNU xhippo2.9 A GTK-based playlist manager for various UNIX sound players.
GTKtalog0.10.1 Fast Disk Catalog using a friendly interface.
GTKWave1.2.94 Wave viewer for Verilog simulation
Hotkeys0.3 A hotkeys daemon for your Internet/multimedia keyboard in X.
ICEMail3.0.4 Java email client based on JavaMail API with SMIME support.
jEdit3.0.1 Powerful text editor
JImageView0.2.2 Java image viewing application.
JSynthLib0.13 Universal Synthesizer Librarian and Patch Editor
Kino0.34 A nonlinear Digital Video editor.
libdv0.2 A software decoder for DV format video.
Linux Studio0.1.1 Software to capture video using a MJPEG-CODEC board
Mah-Jong1.0 A Classical Chinese Mah-Jong game, including networked play.
ManEdit UNIX Manual Page Editor0.4f A UNIX Manual (man, manpage) page editor, viewer, and browser.
Market Analysis System1.4 market data analysis software
MAT0.25 An easy-to-use network-configuration tool.
MCSE Trainer1.0 A fun little arcade game where you try and prevent the system from crashing.
MindMap & Knowledgemanager1.1 An application for knowledge management.
MuSE0.4.1 Multiple Streaming Engine
Nonton VCD0.1.5 A VCD player.
nVidia XFree86_40 Drivers0.9-6 nVidia XFree86 4.0 Drivers.
oCADis0.4.0 2D CAD program
One-Wire Weather0.64.0 Client program for the Dallas 1-wire weather station.
OpenRPG0.7.2a An online role-playing application.
OpenVRML0.10.0 Open VRML97 Toolkit and Browser
opMixer0.60 A mixer for OSS and GTK.
Papaya0.70 Papaya is a GTK-based MUD client for Linux, Solaris, and Windows.
pcemu1.2 Software-only PC emulator supporting an 8086 with text-only VGA
Project Clock0.6 A point-and-click task and project time recorder.
PyTraffic1.0 A Python implementation of the game Rush Hour.
QGLViewer1.1 Framework for UI integration of 3D OpenGL-based graphics.
QHacc0.7 A personal finance application.
Quat1.10 Generation of 3d fractal images (Julia Sets using Quaternions)
Quick Image Viewer1.6 A very small and pretty fast GDK/Imlibimage viewer
radeonconfig0.2 An XFree86 configuration tool for the ATI Radeon.
ROX-Filer1.1.0 Drag-and-drop based filemanager.
setup1.5.8 Graphical installer for Unix applications based on GTK and XML
Solfege0.7.28 GPL'ed eartraining for Gnome
squelch1.0beta8 An Ogg Vorbis player.
The Gimp1.2.1 The GNU Image Manipulation Program.
tk_Brief5.5 GUI for easily writing letters with LaTeX.
TOra0.3 Tool for browsing Oracle databases.
TreeNotes1.9 A Java XML editor.
Unicorn: A Space Odyssey0.1.18 A space shooter written using the SDL.
View3ds1.0.0 3DS real-time animation previewer.
VSH1.13 A GUI File Manager implemented using Perl/Tk.
webCDwriter1.0 Network CD writing.
WeirdX1.0.26 A pure Java X Window System server
wmfsm0.33 Monitors your filesystem usage.
Xdialog1.5.1 An X11 version of cdialog.
XDM-Choose1.1.0 A replacement XDM host chooser.
xine0.3.6 A Unix video player.
xload-snmp0.3 An SNMP-enabled xload.
Xmame/xmess0.37b10.1 The Unix version of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
xmms-shn2.2.2 XMMS input plugin to play shorten (.shn) files.
XMPS0.2.0 Plays various video and audio formats through the use of plugins.
Xscanner1.40 An xforms-based scanner frontend (to hpscanpbm and SANE).
XScreenSaver3.27 Modular screen saver and locker for the X WindowSystem
xTeX Shell1.2 A TeX interface for X11.
XVOX0.2.0 A real-time vocoder for Linux.
XyberPanel for Linux1.0rc1 A flatpanel driver with support for a mouse and virtual keyboard.
YIFF Sound Server2.12.2 A network transparent multiclient sound server for Linux games and apps.

January 25, 2001

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