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Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 20:52:01 +0100 (CET)
From: Andreas Gruenbacher <ag@moses.parsec.at>
To: acl-devel@bestbits.at
Subject: [Acl-Devel] Version 0.7.9 released


Release 0.7.9 fixes two NFS issues. Upgrading is strongly recommended if
you share ACL enabled filesystems via NFS.

My hope is that this release will solve all the NFS troubles reported. As
I haven't been able to reproduce the most recent problems so far, I can't
really tell, though. Please test!


- Some kernel Oopses (NULL pointer dereference) with remote mounted NFS
file systems have been reported by Jean-Eric Cuendet and Charles Bertsch.
Charles has also supplied a patch that does some additional checks. I've
integrated Charles's suggestions (with some minor modifications).

- It has turned out the the current NFSv3 implementation is not quite
complete yet (it does not include the ACCESS remote procedure call), and
so suffers the same problems as NFSv2. The same workaround as for NFSv2
has been added to NFSv3. This workaround will finally go away a while
after the NFSv3 implementation is more complete.

From the Changes file:

0.7.9 (18 March 2001)
EA utilities:
  * wrong help text in aget.c fixed.
  * Fix for invocations like `aget -v <file>' (did dump core).

ACL patches:
  * Additional NULL pointer checks that might have caused kernel
    Oopses on NFS mounted filesystems. (Thanks to Charles Bertsch
    <CBertsch@microtest.com> for supplying a patch, and to William
    Schumacher for (apparently) writing (part of) the patch.)
  * Added the NFSv2 file mode permission bits workaround also to
    NFSv3. This is needed because the Linux NFSv3 implementation
    doesn't use the ACCESS RPC yet. Will become obsolete in 2.5.x.


 Andreas Gruenbacher, a.gruenbacher@computer.org
 Contact information: http://www.bestbits.at/~ag/

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