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Spring Implementation Conference to Be Held in San Jose, CA May 13-17, 2001

March 16, 2001 (Chatsworth, CA) --- 101communications, a
privately-held company dedicated to the acquisition and operation of
specialized IT media and information services, has announced the
creation of the Enterprise Linux Institute (ELXI) to provide in-depth,
high quality education and training in the Enterprise Linux
marketplace.  The announcement is 101communications' latest move in
their ongoing effort to establish a fully integrated presence in
support of Linux in the enterprise, and underscores its commitment to
provide information and services critical to the IT professional in
the form of publications, conferences, seminars and the Web.

Co-sponsored by Linux International, ELXI (www.elxi.com) will hold its
first conference in San Jose, CA from May 13-17, 2001, where delegates
will have the opportunity to enroll in educational Linux courses,
listen to keynote addresses from Linux experts such as Jon "Maddog"
Hall and Miguel de Icaza, attend panelist debates, developer workshops
and technical briefings and walk through an exhibit floor featuring
Linux International and top Linux vendors from around the world.

"The Enterprise Linux Institute will offer members the opportunity to
gain valuable insight and knowledge about the rapidly changing Linux
industry," said Marty Lieberman, Group General Manager of
101communications IT Events.  "The Institute will provide the forum
for members to network, share ideas and gain a competitive edge in
deploying a Linux solution in the enterprise."

The Institute is dedicated to educating business and information
technology professionals about the strategies, techniques and tools
required to successfully design, build, manage and maintain Linux
platforms and Linux-based applications and systems. In addition, the
Institute will promote the advancement of Linux research, knowledge
transfer and the professional development of its members. ELXI will
sponsor and promote a worldwide membership, periodic educational
conferences, resource packed publications, an in-depth research
program and a comprehensive Web site.

The Institute recently released its technical program for the first
Spring Implementation Conference, featuring leading authorities and
educators in the Linux marketplace delivering full day conference
content.  This conference and seminar format was popularized with
101communications' highly successful Data Warehousing Institute, which
has educated over 15,000 members in all aspects of data warehousing
and business intelligence over the past four years.

The Spring Implementation Conference will host the charter meeting of
ELXI members. Bringing together Linux industry notables including Jon
"Maddog" Hall, Executive Director of Linux International; Miguel De
Icaza, Founder of Gnome and CTO Ximian; Ross Brunson, Director of
Instructor Operations of SAIR Linux; David Farace, Alex T. Win and
Jeremy Allison from VA Linux, and Russell Pavlicek of Compaq, the ELXI
Spring Implementation Conference promises to be a hotbed of discussion
and debate.  Visit www.elxi.com for additional information.

About 101communications

Founded in 1998, 101communications is an integrated media company in
the business-to-business market aimed at the many specialized targets
within the greater information technology community. 101's portfolio
includes 13 magazines, more than 30 conferences and extensive digital
offerings in the U.S. and Europe in five areas: Software Development
(Application Development Trends, Java Report, Journal of
Object-Oriented Programming, Application Development Advisor,
JavaSPEKTRUM, OBJEKTspektrum, SIGS/101 Conferences); Vertical Markets
(Recharger Magazine, Recharger WorldExpo, Copier Marketplace,
Syllabus, Syllabus Conferences); Windows Certification (Microsoft
Certified Professional Magazine, MCP TechMentor  Conferences),
Enterprise Technology (Enterprise Systems, The Data Warehousing
Institute, Enterprise Linux Institute, IT Events) and Government
Technology (Federal Computer Week, civic.com, E-Gov). For more
information on 101communications visit www.101com.com.

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