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Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 00:28:08 -0700
From: Alan Robertson <alanr@unix.sh>
To: ha-linux List <linux-ha@muc.de>,
Subject: Announcing Heartbeat release 0.4.9


At long last, stable release 0.4.9 of heartbeat and associated
High-Availability (linux-ha) software has been released.

This is a significant milestone for the project, and contains a great many
new features and bug fixes from many contributors, new and old.

Thanks to all of you who tested, wrote code, complained, asked questions and
suggested features.  You all have made a big difference!

It is the first version of the software tested by the automated Cluster
Testing System (CTS).  It is by far the best tested version of the software
ever, having been subjected to tens of thousands of failovers during the
development process.

You can find it in the usual place in tar.gz, src.rpm and i386.rpm formats:

The changelog is at the end of this mail.

	Thanks again, and Enjoy!

	-- Alan Robertson

Changelog for version 0.4.9:

+ Split into 3 rpms - heartbeat, heartbeat-stonith heartbeat-ldirectord
  + Made media modules and authentication modules and stonith modules
        dynamically loadable.
  + Added Multicast media support
  + Added ping node/membership/link type for tiebreaking.  This will
        be useful when implementing quorum on 2-node systems.
        (not yet compatible with nice_failback(?))
  + Removed ppp support
  + Heartbeat client API support
  + Added STONITH API library
    +   support for the Baytech RPC-3A power switch
    +   support for the APCsmart UPS
    +   support for the VACM cluster management tool
    +   support for WTI RPS10
    +   support for Night/Ware RPC100S
    +   support for "Meatware" (human intervention) module
    +   support for "null" (testing only) module
  + Fixed startup timing bugs
  + Fixed shutdown sequence bugs: takeover occured before
        resources were released by other system
  + Fixed various logging bugs
  + Closed holes in protection against replay attacks
  + Added checks that complain if all resources aren't idle on startup.
  + IP address takeover fixes
      + Endian fixes
      + Removed the 8-alias limitation
      + Takeovers now occur faster (ARPs occur asynchronously)
  + Port number changes
    + Use our IANA port number (694) by default
    + Recognize our IANA port number ("ha-cluster") if it's in /etc/services
  + Moved several files, etc. from /var/run to /var/lib/heartbeat
  + Incorporated new ldirectord version
  + Added late heartbeat warning for late-arriving heartbeats
  + Added detection of and partial recovery from cluster partitions
  + Accept multiple arguments for resource scripts
  + Added Raid1 and Filesystem resource scripts
  + Added man pages
  + Added debian package support