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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 15:15:35 -0500
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Subject: LPI-News -  March 20th 2001


Welcome to another LPI-News for the month of March 2001.

Topics covered this month:

1: New resource - http://www.lpicert.com
2: NEC bulk purchases
3: Sydney Australia - Comdex Show
4: Chicago Volunteers 
5: Chicago Drawing
7: Statistics 
8: International Issues
9: CeBit in Hannover, Germany


We would like to show you a new resource that is available on the
following website;  http://www.lpicert.com
It was put together by people who are interested in encouraging
discussion around LPI and is not sponsored or endorsed by LPI.
We are however, pleased that this forum is available for those
interested in discussing LPI, and getting information on the 
certification process. 

2: NEC Bulk Purchases:

This month has seen the purchase in bulk of vouchers for our exams.
NEC in Japan was interested in buying in bulk for their employees,
and we are happy to accomodate.
If you are interested in having your team certified, please contact
1-49 vouchers - $100 per voucher
50-99 vouchers- $95 per voucher (5% discount)
100+  - $90 per voucher (10% discount)

3: Sydney Australia - Linux Expo:

Greg Wright (our international committee chairman) attended the 
Sydney show. He says although the show was a little slower than
last year, there was more quality. He would like to thank Jonathon
Coombes and the Sydney LUG for all their help and support!
Thank-you Sydney for getting the word out, down-under.

4: Chicago Illinois - Linux Business Expo

We will be represented in Chicago by Julie Thornton, our marketing
director and me - Wilma Silbermann.
If you are going to be at the show, and can spare some time to help
out at the booth, please let us know. wilma@lpi.org
If you don't have time to help, please come by and say hello - we will 
be pleased to speak to you.      April 3rd - 5th 2001

5: Chicago Contest:

When you come to the LPI booth in Chicago, please bring a business
card - and drop it in our fishbowl.....we are doing a drawing to 
attract some attention to our booth - and create a little excitement.
We have exam vouchers to give away, certification books, Elpics 
(little fluffy graduating penguins) and other prizes. Hope to see you

6: JASS Thank-you:

Our exam director, Kara Pritchard, would like to take this opportunity
to thank all those who helped with the JASS for our Level 2 exams.
The JASS is now completed  - thanks to all who participated.
Kara says it was wonderful to see how many people were interested in
helping out - and now we can take the next step towards Level 2.
Watch for more information as we progress.

7: Statistics 

We are proud to tell you that as of February 2001, we have 331
LPIC-1 graduates.  Congratulations to all of you.  You have indeed
made the LPI certification the worldwide standard.
Should you wish to purchase a graduating gift - a small fluffy Elpic
(graduating penguin) - some of the proceeds are returned to LPI to 
build the next level of exams.

8: Internationally Speaking:

The FAQs have been posted and the International documents to help 
bring LPI to various other countries. Should you be interested in
assisting in the international plans - please look at the following
sites, and contact our international chairman; 
Greg Wright - greg@ausit.com

9: CeBit - Hannover, Germany.

LPI will be represented in Hannover by LPI's co-founder; 
Evan Liebovitch and our marketing director; Julie Thornton. They
will be assited in the booth by volunteers and by LiVE of Germany and
LI - Evan will be making a presentation at CeBit - so if you have
a chance, go and hear what he has to say, and perhaps help out at the

Once again, thanks to all our friends, volunteers and sponsors out 
there who are helping to make LPI grow and become the world 
standard for certification in Linux.

Wilma Silbermann
Executive Assistant
905 874 4822

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