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Date:	Tue, 20 Mar 2001 01:58:28 -0500
From:	Karim Yaghmour <karym@opersys.com>
To:	linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org, realtime@realtimelinux.org
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Linux Trace Toolkit version 0.9.4

This new release of the Linux Trace Toolkit includes complete
support for Linux and RTAI on both ix86 and PPC. With this out,
work on other architectures is in its way. Anyone wanting
to dig-in is welcomed to do so.

Also, 0.9.4 includes all the additions that were made in the
0.9.4preX series. This includes interfacing with DProbes
using dynamic event creation and usage of rvmalloc and friends
to avoid having to copy large portions of memory from kernel
space to user space.

In order to encourage exchanges and discussions, I've set
up mailing lists for LTT. Please take a look at the "mailing
lists" section of the project's web-site for more detail.

You can find LTT at:


Karim Yaghmour

                 Karim Yaghmour
      Embedded and Real-Time Linux Expert
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