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Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 10:16 +0000 (Pacific Standard Time)
From: pnolan@cix.co.uk (Paul Nolan)
Subject: Photogenics 5.0 Press Release
To: paul@paulnolan.com

A html version of this press release can be found 
at http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/010321/2131.html

Paul Nolan Software Launches Photogenics 5.0 for 
Linux and Windows Using Beyond.com's eStore 

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 21, 2001--Paul 
Nolan Software Inc. is pleased to announce the 
official launch of Photogenics 5.0 for Linux and 
Windows, and the grand opening of the Photogenics 
eStore, http://photogenics.beyond.com.
    Photogenics 5.0 is now available for immediate 
purchase and download via Beyond.com's electronic 
software delivery technology, for a price of only 
    Paul Nolan's Photogenics is an exciting new 
graphics package for Linux and Windows. It allows 
you to create stunning images, either from scratch 
or by modifying existing pictures. Use this 
software for everything from simple file 
conversion, to advanced photo manipulation and 
re-touching. At the core of Photogenics is an 
innovative software process, which allows you to 
maintain a free, flowing rhythm while you work. 
Nothing you draw is fixed in place until you say 
so: draw, rub out and tweak until you find 
perfection. With this level of artistic freedom, 
you'll be able to experiment like never before.
    "People just seem to love the ability to erase 
mistakes with the right mouse button, and do 
simple yet amazing things like spraying on all of 
the image processing filters without having to 
first make tedious masks," said Paul Nolan, 
creator of Photogenics. "It comes as a revelation 
to those bound to the worn, standard editing 

    Summary of Features:

--  Unparalleled Creativity Levels: Real-time 
modification of colour, transparency, image 
processing mode and artwork positioning.  
--  Realistic Media Tools: Airbrush, Chalk, 
Pencil, Sponge, Watercolour, Smudge and Smear 
designed to look and feel good using a standard 
--  Exclusive Paint Layer Technology: Mistakes can 
be rubbed out without having to redo the parts you 
like, using a "fade out" technique with the right 
mouse button.  
--  Paint-on Image Processing: You can apply over 
80 effects simply by drawing with any of the media 
tools. Airbrush everything on and off for instant 
touch-ups without the need for tedious masking.  
--  Stunning Paint-On Pyrotechnics: Lens-flares, 
fire and explosion effects can be combined with 
smear to produce supernovas, waves of fire and 
even sunsets and waterfalls.  
--  Invaluable Web Designer Tools: HTML colour 
display and entry, plus the time saving "Save for 
the Web" requestor, which allows the fine tuning 
of graphics for the Internet. You receive an 
interactive preview of what the image looks like 
after being compressed, which allows you to choose 
the best compromise between image quality and 
download times.  
--  Thumbnail Image File Requestor: Images are 
listed in a user-friendly format with 
automatically generated thumbnail icons.  
--  Extensive File Format Support, as well as 
TWAIN/SANE, and built-in screen grabbing.  
--  Plus much, much more.  

    For further information, visit the following 

    Photogenics eStore: 
    Paul Nolan Software Inc.: 
    Beyond.com: http://www.beyond.com

    About Paul Nolan Software

    Paul Nolan Software Inc. develops and 
publishes innovative graphics software for the 
Windows, Linux, Amiga, PDA and embedded markets. 
With over 13 years of experience in developing 
software applications, the company's goal is to 
empower users with the most creative, flexible and 
intuitive tools imaginable. The company has 
received numerous industry awards for product 
excellence. For more information, visit 

     Paul Nolan Software Inc.
     Paul Nolan, CEO