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Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:51:14 -0800
From: Bruce Byfield <bbyfield@axionet.com>
Subject: News Release: Progeny Debian RC1 Ready for Download

Progeny Debian RC1 Ready for Download

Indianapolis, March 16, 2001- Progeny Linux Systems announces that
Release Candidate 1 of Progeny Debian is now available for
download.  Progeny Debian is based on woody, the current testing
version of Debian,  and made by a team of leading Debian developers.

"RC1 is the final form for Progeny Debian's first edition," explains
Ian Murdock, president and CEO of Progeny Linux Systems and the
founder of the Debian project. "We expect any changes after RC1 to
be either bug-fixes or cosmetic improvements."

Features of RC1 include:

 - A graphical installer.
 - Graphical and command line tools for configuration.
 - A GNOME interface for debconf.
 - Packaged sets for easier package management.
 - Improved hardware detection and USB support.
 - Automatic detection of new hardware.
 - Optional migration to GRUB.
 - Automated multiple installations.

 Software included in RC1 includes:
 - Kernel 2.2.18 (2.4 optional)
 - XFree 86 4.0.2.
 - glibc 2.2.
 - Netscape 4.76 and Mozilla 0.7.
 - GNU parted
 - Open SSH.

Progeny Debian First Edition is scheduled for the end of March. The
boxed version of the product is planned for mid-April, and will
include a hardcopy manual, free installation support, and a trial
subscription to Progeny's network services. Technical support and
network services will also be available for separate purchase.

For more information about Progeny Debian, visit www.progeny.com.
More details will be posted as they become available.

Bruce Byfield 604.421.7177 bbyfield@axionet.com
For Progeny Linux Systems