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Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 16:50:03 -0800
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From: Bill Krauss <bkrauss@mediaone.net>
Subject: FSMLabs Open RTLinux v3.0 CD

(March 17, 2001/Socorro, NM) FSMLabs is proud to present the new Open 
RTLinux v3.0 CD. Based on RedHat 6.2 for x86 processors, it contains 
the RTLinux hard realtime kernel, the floppy disk-sized MiniRTL (for 
small footprint embedded applications), and the RTIC Lab realtime 
graphical interface, as well as a complete Linux distribution. In 
addition to standard manpage documentation, the CD also comes with a 
printed installation guide, an online quickstart guide and 
ready-to-compile example programs to get users rolling.

RTLinux v3.0 provides interrupt latency in the sub-10 microsecond 
range (worst case) for some embedded processors and in the sub-20 
microsecond range (worst case) for standard PCs. The POSIX threads 
programming interface follows the POSIX 1003.13 PS51 standard for 
hard realtime systems. RTLinux development can make use of the Linux 
GNU toolset and the GDB debugger.  RTLinux v3.0 can be also compiled 
to run on PowerPC and Alpha processors. Open RTLinux is released 
under the GPL Version 2 and Open RTLinux Patent Licenses.

Orders are being taken now at http://www.rtlinux.com/cd.html. The 
cost of the Open RTLinux v3.0 CD is US$150.00.


RTLinux was created and is developed by Finite State Machine Labs, 
Inc. (FSMLabs), a mini-multinational with headquarters in Socorro, 
New Mexico and engineering staff around the world. Open RTLinux is 
being used by some of the world's largest companies, as well as by 
many innovative startups, in areas ranging from multimedia and 
machine tool control to optical networking and telecom switches.

For further information, call 510-835-2215.

Bill Krauss            mailto:krauss@fsmlabs.com
Finite State Machine Labs: The RTLinux Company.
www.fsmlabs.com  www.rtlinux.com