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From: Kare Sjolander <kare@speech.kth.se>
Newsgroups: comp.lang.tcl.announce
Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT - WaveSurfer 1.0 released
Date: 20 Mar 2001 09:48:30 -0800

WaveSurfer 1.0

We are happy to release WaveSurfer version 1.0

WaveSurfer is a tool for recording, playing, editing, viewing, printing,
and labelling audio data. WaveSurfer is suited for a wide range of tasks
in speech research and education.

This release also focuses on developers wishing to use WaveSurfer in
custom applications, example plug-ins and applications are provided in
the source release.

WaveSurfer is a Tcl application built using the Snack Sound Toolkit. The
binary releases have been created using the freeWrap 4.4 tool.


* Multi-platform - Linux, Windows 95/98/NT/2K, Macintosh, Sun Solaris,
  HP-UX, FreeBSD, and SGI IRIX

* Flexible interface - quick and easy navigation in multiple sounds

* Common sound file formats - WAV, AU, AIFF, MP3, CSL, SD, and

* Transcription plugin supports encodings and Unicode

* Reads and writes several transcription file formats, HTK (and MLF),
  TIMIT, ESPS/Waves+, and Phondat

* Unlimited file size - playback and recording directly from/to disk

* Sound analysis - e.g. spectrogram and pitch analysis

* Customizable - users can create their own configurations

* Extensible - new functionality can be added through a plugin

* Embeddable - WaveSurfer can be used as a widget in custom applications

* Scriptable - hosts a built-in script interpreter

* Localization support

WaveSurfer is being developed at the Centre for Speech Technology (CTT)
at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden, and is provided as open source, under a
BSD-style license.

WaveSurfer is available for download in binary format or with full
source code. Download at

Kare Sjolander & Jonas Beskow

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