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Nemein to resell HKLC's Nadmin Content Management System

Helsinki, Hong Kong, Mar 20th 2001 -- Nemein Solutions and Hong Kong
Linux Center have formed partnership to provide services & support for
HKLC's Nadmin Content Management System.

Nadmin is an user-friendly interface to the Open Source Midgard
Content Management Engine. Midgard provides organizations with
cost-effective ways of creating and maintaining their site in a
controllable distributed environment.

With Nadmin, marketing departments and product teams have the tools
for producing and communicating content to the corporate Web sites and
the Extranet. Distributed content production provides faster
time-to-market for product communication.

Nemein Solutions provides the implementation and services expertise on
content management for New Media agencies utilizing the Nadmin
interface in client projects. Nadmin will be installed and configured
on client systems by Nemein's consultants. The company also provides
assistance on scalability and replication setups.

About Nemein Solutions Oy

Nemein Solutions Oy is a Finnish privately held IT solutions and
services company. The company is specialized in providing
industry-specific information systems software to Application Service
Provider and New Media companies.

	 Esa Ívermark, Sales and Marketing Director


About Hong Kong Linux Center Ltd

Linux Center (HK) Ltd. (The Linux Center) is Hong Kong's premier Linux
Consultancy, providing embedded Linux solutions, advanced Web-based
applications, software development, network engineering, and
professional services with extensive experience in a number of Open
Source Projects.

	Chris Yung, Business Development Director