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REDSonic partners with Tri-M Systems to deliver embedded Linux solution and
development tools for the MZ104 

Partnership to provide Real-Time Linux solution for the MachZ, embedded

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – March 12, 2001 – REDSonic, Inc., continuing
its efforts to provide diversified software-integrated hardware solutions
for the embedded marketplace, announced today its successful porting to
Tri-M Systems, MZ104.

The centerpiece of the REDSonic portfolio is the flexible Real-Time Linux
kernel, REDICE-LinuxTM. REDSonic has established itself as the leader in
the embedded space by providing comprehensive and innovative software
tool-set for embedded system developers.

At the center of this technology is the rapid embedded system image
creation tool and integrated development environment,
RED-Builder™. RED-Builder’s easy-to-use graphical user interface allows
the system developer to configure, build, and download images to the
embedded target.

“Tri-M System’s MZ104 Starter Kit is an excellent platform for
demonstrating the real-time performance and flexibility available within
the REDICE-Linux™ SDK and tool set”, said Andrew Chen, Chief
Technology Officer for REDSonic. “The coupling of the low power, high
performance MachZ embedded PC-on-a-Chip, utilizing the PC104 standard,
provides system developers with maximum exploitation of our real-time
implementation of the Linux kernel.”

About REDSonic, Inc.

REDSonic, Inc., provides total real-time Linux solutions for both embedded
and server systems. REDSonic’s premier offering, REDICE-LinuxTM, delivers a
stable and powerful application platform for PC-based embedded systems. The
REDICE-LinuxTM kernel provides predictable, low-latency response for all
real-time requirements and includes a flexible two-component scheduler for
soft and hard real-time performance monitoring while maintaining full
compatibility with existing Linux applications. REDICE-LinuxTM is supported
by a comprehensive development tool set; including compilers, debuggers,
schedule code generators, a target image builder, and a real-time event
monitor. The company's Professional Services Group also provides training,
support, porting, and custom application development for customers.

About Tri-M Systems

Tri-M Systems Inc. provides hardware and turnkey solutions for embedded
systems, specializing in PC/104 products. The company was founded by
Douglas Stead in 1983. For well over a decade Tri-M Systems Inc. has
provided the utmost in customer service and quality products to its
customers. Tri-M Systems Inc. manufactures several products, and offer
extensive design, engineering, and other technical services for standard,
semi-custom, and custom requirements through our engineering partners Tri-M
Engineering Inc.

For more information: Contact REDSonic at http://www.redsonic.com, 
via e-mail to info@redsonic.com, or by phone (949) 833-9679 or fax (949) 833-9479. 

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