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Subject: Linux 2.4.3-ac4
To: editor@lwn.net, scoop@freshmeat.net, kernel@linuxtoday.com,
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 18:36:01 +0100 (BST)
From: Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk>


		Intermediate diffs are available from


This time its almost entirely architecture merges to get ARM back on its
feet and S/390 up and running sanely on 2.4

o	Fix corruption case in ext2 inode handling	(Ingo Molnar, Al Viro)
o	Merge user mode linux port			(Jeff Dike)
o	Remove some surplus ifdefs from init/main.c	(me)
o	Update nwfpe					(Russell King)
o	Fix ps2esdi driver				(Hal Duston)
o	Update ARM documentation			(Russell King)
o	Update Symbios 53c8xx driver			(Gérard Roudier)
o	ARM frame buffer update				(Russell King)
o	Update ARM bootstrap code			(Russell King)
o	Eicon driver fix				(Armin Schindler)
o	Update S/390 Documentation			(Utz Bacher, Carsten
o	Update S/390 math emulation			 Otte, Holger Smolinski
o	S/390 tape driver				 Martin Schwidefsky
o	PAGEX support for Linux/390 under VM		 and probably others)
o	General S/390 fixes
o	Update S/390 tty drivers
o	Update S/390 irq handling
o	Update S/390 channel driver
o	Update S/390 include files
o	Update S/390 networking drivers
o	Update S/390 DASD drivers
o	Update S/390 mm to match generic mm changes
o	Update S/390 makefiles
o	Catch another subspecies of misidentifying CD	(Bob Mende Pie)
o	Fix bluesmoke formatting			(Solar Designer)
o	Fix rx error handling in rtl8139		(Jeff Garzik)
o	Update paths to e2fsprogs			(Steven Cole)
o	Fix proc alloc map locking			(Tom Leete)
o	Console blanking fix (continued..)		(Mikael Pettersson)
o	ARM tools update				(Russell King)
o	Update ARM includes				(Russell King)
o	Update ARM sound drivers			(Russell King)
o	Update the shark ARM support			(Alexander Schulz)
o	Update SA1100 support				(Russell King,
							 Nicolas Pitre)
o	Update ARM make and config files		(Russell King)
o	Update ARM mm/fault handling			(Russell King)
o	Update ARM network driver config		(Russell King)
o	Misc ARM updates				(Russell King)
o	Update ARM footbridge code			(Russell King)
o	EBSA ISA bus fixups				(Russell King)
o	Fix agp copy_from_user bug			(Dawson Engler)
o	Correct devfs docs on /dev/sg			(Herbert Xu)
o	/dev/sg doc update 				(Douglas Gilbert)

o	Fix console unblank from suspend bug		(Mikael Pettersson)
o	Fix unmap_buffer() race				(Al Viro)
o	Add a proper dmi blacklist			(me)
o	Fix alpha build for new mm changes		(Ivan Kokshaysky)
o	Resync setup-bus.c to pick up Alpha Noritake	(Ivan Kokshaysky)
o	Fix swap accounting for major faults		(Marcelo Tosatti)
o	Add some bigendian support and voodoo5 support	(Ani Joshi)
	to tdfxfb
o	Fix failing build with CONFIG_VT=n		(Jason McMullan)
o	Fix some corner cases in iso9660 support	(Andreas Eckleder)
	for symlinks and XA attriubtes
o	Fix NTFS and quota sparc build problems on -ac	(Steve Ralston)
o	Resync to the Linus serial.c + B9600 fix	(me)
o	Avoid nasties with OHCI controller gets no IRQ	(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Pull problem lance change			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix SMP lockup in usbdevfs			(Tony Hoyle)
o	Firestream atm update			(Patrick van de Lageweg)

o	Add the VIA C3 to the mtrr/setup code		(Dave Jones)
o	Report PAE mode oopses better			(Ingo Molnar)
o	Fix zap_low_mappings on PAE			(Hugh Dickins)
o	Tidy up parport resource handling, fix bug	(Tim Waugh)
o	Add series 6 backpack driver support		(Tim Waugh)
o	Make lockd use daemonize()			(Paul Mundt)
o	Fix aicasm to specify -I flags needed on some	(Mads Jřrgensen)
o	Add docbook manual on bus independant I/O	(Matthew Wilcox)
	| + a few additional notes I added
o	Make the VIA superIO driver honour the		(Tim Waugh)
	irq/dma settings passed
o	Update mpt fusion drivers			(Steve Ralston)
o	Add reiserfs maintainer entries			(Steven Cole)
o	Experimental driver for communcation class USB	(Brad Hards)
	| eg Broadcom and Ericsson USB cable modems
o	I2O updates, report SMART errors on i2o_block	(Boji Kannanthanam)
o	Fix shm locking, races on swapping, accounting	(Stephen Tweedie)
	and swapout of already mapped pages
o	Clean up REPORTING-BUGS				(Steven Cole)
o	Fix ACM handling of CLOCAL			(Vojtech Pavlik)
o	Fix sparc64 module_map/vfree bug		(Hugh Dickins)
o	Fix scsi race on requeued requests		(Mark Hemment)
o	Tulip driver update				(Jeff Garzik)
o	Update bmac and gmac driver			(Cort Dougan)
o	Winbond w9966cf webcam parport driver		(Jakob Kemi)

o	Merge Linus 2.4.3 final, diff versus 2.4.3	(me)

o	Fix another modules race			(me)
o	Add basic PM hooks to agpgart			(me)
o	Update new xircom_cb driver			(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Fix missing lock_kernel on truncate path	(Al Viro)
o	Update klsi usb ethernet ids			(Brad Hards)
o	Fix missing permission check in shm code	(Matthew Klahn)
o	Add extra doupdate() calls to menuconfig	(Moritz Schulte)
o	Update wireless extensions			(Jean Tourrilhes)
o	Fix cdda reading problem			(Jens Axboe)
o	Fix potential oops in usb-uhci			(David Brownell)

o	Rely on BIOS to setup apic bits on OSB4		(me)
o	Disable events when unloading cardbus yenta	(me)
	| Fixes shared irq unload hang
o	Fix x86 IPI replay problems			(Stephen Tweedie)
o	Add ALS100 gameport support			(Vojtech Pavlik)
o	Fix wrong path in comment in vesafb		(Andres Salomon)
o	Allow slab caches to force alignment always	(Ingo Molnar)
	and thus fix PAE+ slab poisoning
o	Fix problems in faulting raw I/O pages		(Stephen Tweedie)
o	Fix rawio error handling for raw I/O		(Stephen Tweedie)
	| + other oddments
o	Change default max printer ports to 8		(Tim Waugh)
o	Parport soft control state fixes		(Tim Waugh)
o	Fix cpu info compile				(Constantine Gavrilov)
o	Set warning levels on reiserfs warn etc		(Paul Mundt)
o	Fix duplicate IOVIRT debug config help		(Steven Cole)
o	Revert mmap change that broke assumptions (and	(Martin Diehl)
	it seems SuS) 
o	Clean up fpu emu warnings on gcc 3.0cvs a bit	(me)

o	Fix es1370 build bug				(me)
o	Fix sbpcd compile warnings			(me)
o	Update usbnet driver				(Oleg Drokin)
o	Update Alpha to pre8 vm changes			(Ivan Kokshaysky)
o	Fix radeonfb config selections			(Chris Lawrence)
o	Fix vmalloc mismerge				(Various)
o	Fix n_r3964 console panic			(Andrew Morton)
o	Update ibm camera drivers
o	Support 701b toshoboe fir
o	New xircom_cb driver		(Arjan van de Ven, Jeff Garzik,
					 Don Becker, Doug Ledford)
o	Fix procfs mount point for binfmt_misc		(Al Viro)
o	Update hpt366 ide blacklist
o	Further ide blacklist updates
o	Smooth vm balancing				(Marcelo Tosatti)
o	Fix irda assert					(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Keep contrack cache sizes sane			(Ben LaHaise)
o	Fix possible file truncate/write race		(Ben LaHaise)
o	Make bootmem panic sanely on out of memory	(Ben LaHaise)
o	Fix unload crash in pci_socket			(me)
o	Revert previous wrong bootmem change		(Ben LaHaise)

o	Handle PCI/ISA simple MP tables via ELCR	(John William)
o	Fix get_sb_single				(Al Viro)
o	Update es1370, es1371,esssolo			(Thomas Sailer,
							 Tjeerd Mulder,
							 Nathanial Daw)
o	Update orinoco_cs				(Jean Tourilhes)
o	Fix races found in the new kbd/console code	(Andrew Morton)
o	Remove dead timer.h docs			(Tim Wright)
o	Update ppc to new generic mm changes		(Paul Mackerras)
o	Clean up mdacon					(Paul Gortmaker)
o	Remove duplicate configure.help texts		(Steven Cole)
o	Fix symbol export for shm_file_open		(Keith Owens)
o	First batch of pointer reference bug fixes	(Andrew Morton)
	from Stanford report
o	Fix de4x5 oops on Alpha XP1000			(George France)
o	Chipsfb update					(Paul Mackerras)
o	Fix higmem block_prepare_write crash		(Stephen Tweedie)
o	Bring PAE36 back up to date, handle x86 errata	(Ingo Molnar)
o	Fix ov511 crash if opened while loading		(Pete Zaitcev)
o	Merge Linus 2.4.3pre8
o	Update Advansys scsi driver			(Bob Frey)

o	Fix build bug with tsc in ac23			(me)
o	Update contact info for Phil Blundell		(Phil Blundell)
o	Update mm locking comments/rss locking		(Andrew Morton)
o	Update toshiba SMM driver			(Jonathan Buzzard)
o	Update old adaptec driver to 5.2.4		(Doug Ledford)
o	CS46xx updates					(Tom Woller)
o	Quieten input layer printks a bit		(me)
o	Turn off APIC_DEBUG by default to cut noise down(me)
o	Add Orinoco PCMCIA wireless support		(David Gibson)
o	Go back to 2.4.3pre6 tulip			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix double accounting of cpu time bug		(Kevin Buhr)
o	Drop ppp patch					(me)

o	Fix a nasty shared memory locking bug		(Stephen Tweedie)
o	Fix off by one bootmem memory corruptor		(Ben LaHaise)
o	Fix avmb1 oops on init				(Carsten Paeth)
o	Fix isdn makefile bugs				(Kai Germaschewski)
o	Clean up isdn minor checks			(Julien Gaulmin)
o	Workaround PPP CCP negotiation bugs		(Kai Germaschewski)
o	Fix timer handling bug in ISDN			(Henk-Jan Slotboom)
o	Fix i386 #ifdef bug with notsc disable		(Anton Blanchard)
o	Fix NMI docs					(Keith Owens)
o	Fix oops on out of memory in proc_symlink	(me)
	| Found by Stanford tools
o	Fix oops caused by devfs changes to soundcore	(me)
	| Found by Stanford tools
o	Fix rmmod crash on sundance alta		(me)
	| Found by Stanford tools
o	Fix potential crash in nsc-ircc.c		(me)
	| Found by Stanford tools
o	Fix memory leak in i810 audio			(Doug Ledford)
o	Fix several compile warnings with gcc 3.0 cvs	(J Magallon)
o	Mark 60Hz modes in mac fb modes 		(Geert Uytterhoeven)
o	Chkconfig and ver_linux updates			(Niels Jensen)
o	Fix ctrlfb dac timing				(Takashi Oe)
o	Add vesa powerdown support for ctrlfb		(Takashi Oe)
o	Back out problem via bridge change		(me)
o	Fix bug in aironet4500_cs changes		(Arjan van de Ven)

o	Fix dereference after free in megaraid driver	(me)
o	Fix crash if we run out of memory during a link	(me)
	follow [found by Stanford tools]
o	Fix crash if we run out of memory during
	block_truncate_page [found by Stanford tools]	(me)
o	Update Alpha to pre6 style pte/pmd_alloc	(Ivan Kokshaysky)
o	Fix ppp memory corruption			(Kevin Buhr)
	| Bizzarely enough a direct re-invention of a 1.2 ppp bug
o	Fix heavy stack usage in tty_foo_devfs()	(Jeff Dike)
o	Make alloc_tty_struct always use kmalloc	(Andrew Morton)
o	Document task struct locking rules		(Andrew Morton)
o	Document SAK properly				(Andrew Morton)
o	Fix SAK deadlocks				(Andrew Morton)
o	Fix inline/type order for picky compiler tools	(Dave Jones)
o	Fix printk levels for various fs printks that	(Andrey Panin)
	lacked them
o	Next incarnation of the i810 audio driver	(Doug Ledford)
o	Add __init stuff to 3c515 driver	(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Add __init stuff to ppp layer		(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Remove duplicate NF_TARGET_TCPMSS config text	(Steven Cole)
o	Fix missing unlock_kernel in pcwd		(me)
	| Found by Stanford tools
o	Fix missing unlock_kernels in es1371		(me)
	| Found by Stanford tools
o	Fix missing unlock_kernels in es1370		(me)
	| Found by Stanford tools
o	Fix missing unlock_kernels in esssolo1		(me)
	| Found by Stanford tools
o	Fix missing unlock kernels in sonicvibes	(me)
	| Found by Stanford tools
o	Fix missing unlock kernels in fb mmap		(me)
	| Found by Stanford tools
o	Fix missing unlock_super in UFS code		(me)
	| Found by Stanford tools

o	Merge with Linus 2.4.3pre6
o	Close last known reiserfs tail bug		(Chris Mason)
o	Fix link order bug with iso8859_8 and cp1255	(Dan Aloni)
o	Generate generic CPU namings for 386/486	(Cesar Eduardo Barros)
o	First set of ISDN fixes from Stanford code	(Kai Germaschewski)
o	Allow up to 16 parallel ports by default	(Tim Waugh)
o	Use long delays on low speed usb hub ports	(Pete Zaitcev)
o	Update credits for assorted Australians		(Stephen Rothwell)
o	Fix ali_restore_regs thinko			(Pavel Roskin)
o	Fix whiteheat usb driver bugs			(Greg Kroah-Hartman)
o	Fix kfree in belkin_sa				(Greg Kroah-Hartman)
o	Fix omninet copy*user bug			(Greg Kroah-Hartman)
o	Fix modular atyfb				(Geert Uytterhoeven)
o	Update joystick and input drivers		(Vojtech Pavlik)
o	Relax checksum enforcement on ISAPnP CSN	(Gunther Mayer)
o	Resync ids/comments with ISDN cvs		(Kai Germaschewski)
o	Update Harald Hoyer Credits entry		(Harald Hoyer)
o	Fix off by 2* mtrr handling bug			(David Wragg)
o	Fix irda hang on boot				(Dag Brattli)
o	FB device init updates				(Geert Uytterhoeven)
o	Add it8712 misp eval board support		(P. Popov)
o	Update NEC DDB5476 eval board support		(Jun Sun)
o	Update NEC DDB5074 eval board support		(Ralf Baechle)
o	Add Karsten Merker and Michael Engel to credits	(Ralf Baechle)
o	Update Baget port				(Vladimir Roganov,
							 Gleb Raiko)
o	Add LVM ioctls to sparc64 ioctl32 convertor	(Patrick Caulfield)
o	Powerpc updates for openfirmware mm, python etc	(Cort Dougan)
o	Add the casio qv digitalcamera to the usb
	unusual devices list				(Harald Schreiber)
o	atyfb mode updates for powermac			(Olaf Hering)
o	Fix khubd locking				(Pete Zaitcev)
o	More on the great aic7xxx libdb game		(Nathan Dabney)
o	Further console handling updates		(Andrew Morton)
o	Fix i2o build problem when half modular		(Michael Mueller)
o	Fix off by one in prink <foo> check		(Mitchell Blank Jr)
o	Fix do_swap_page hang				(Linus Torvalds)

o	Add support for the GoHubs GO-COM232		(Greg Kroah-Hartman)
o	Remove cobalt remnants				(Ralf Baechle)
o	First block of mm documentation			(Rik van Riel)
o	Replace ancient Zoran driver with new one	(Serguei Miridonov,
				Wolfgang Scherr, Rainer Johanni, Dave Perks)
o	Fix Alpha build					(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix K7 mtrr breakage				(Dave Jones)
o	Fix pcnet32 touching resources before enable	(Dave Jones)
o	Merge with Linus 2.4.3pre4

o	Typo fixes					(David Weinehall)
o	Merge first block of OHCI non x86 support	(Greg Kroah-Hartman)
o	Add Edgeport USB serial support			(David Iacovelli,
							 Greg Kroah-Hartman)
o	Fix doorlock on scsi removables			(Alex Davies)
o	Fix hang when usb storage thread died		(me)
o	Change watchdog disable setup			(Ingo Molnar)
o	Fix bluetooth close and error bugs		(Narayan Mohanram)
o	mpt now has an assigned minor			(me)
	| Remember to fix your /dev/mptctl if using MPT
o	Clean up 3270 ifdefs/printk a little		(me)
o	Fix NBD deadlocks and update it 		(Steve Whitehouse)
o	Fix sercon printk divide by zero bug		(Roger Gammans)
o	Remove cosine support from MIPS tree		(Ralf Baechle)
o	bust_spinlocks for Alpha			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Hopefully fix the buslogic corruptions		(me)
	| This is a 'test if they went away' release not a 'its fixed' one.
o	Some mips makefile fixes			(Ralf Baechle)
	| except mips/kernel/Makefile (I got .rej Ralf)
o	ARC firmware interface fixes			(Harald Koerfgen)
o	DECstation console drivers			(Michael Engel,
							 Karsten Merker,
							 Harald Koerfgen)
o	Fix ipx build bug				(Anton Altaparmakov)
o	Fix ptrace race 				(Stephen Tweedie)
o	Update include/config.h stuff, ver_linux	(Niels Jensen)
o	Add missing pci_enable_device to cs4281		(Marcus Meissner,
							 Thomas Woller)
o	Fix non PPC build of clgenfb			(Andrew Morton)
o	Update CPU docs					(Dave Jones)
o	Add mips atlas/malta reference boards		(Carsten Langgaard)
o	Add gt91600 ethernet support			(SteveL)
o	Add philips SAA9730 ethernet			(Carsten Langgaard)
o	PCnet32 driver fixes				(Carsten Langgaard)
o	MIPS fpu emulator	(Algorithmics, Ralf Baechle, Kevin Kissell, 
			Carsten Langgaard, Harald Koerfgen, Maciej Rozycki)
o	mips network driver updates			(Ralf Baechle)
o	Fix FC920 workarounds in i2o			(me)
o	Fix i2o_block hang on exit, 0 event race	(me)
o	FIx i2o_core thread kill wakeup race		(me)
o	Backport 2.2 VIA 686a clock reset workaround	(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Further documentation updates			(Matthew Wilcox)

o	Debian has another location for db3		(Marc Volovic)
o	Remove duplicated flush_tlb_page export on 	(Elliot Lee)
o	Fix SB Live! build on SMP Alpha			(Elliot Lee)
o	Fix disk corruption on qlogicisp and qlogicpti	(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Fix reporting of >4Gig of swap			(Hugh Dickins)
o	Fix sign issues in mpt fusion			(Andrew Morton)
o	CMS minidisk file system (read only)		(Rick Troth)
			2.4 port			(me)
o	Disable nmi watchdog by default			(Andrew Morton)
o	Fix elsa_cs eject problems			(Klaus Lichtenwalder)
o	Remove duplicate config entries			(Steven Cole)
o	Fix further wrong license references	(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Add nmi watchdog disable for sysrq		(Andrew Morton)
o	Experimental test for serverworks/intel AGP	(me)
o	Fix ipx reference counting for routes		(Arnaldo Carvalho
							 de Melo)

o	Make the aic7xxx code handle multiple db3 paths	(me)
o	Small further via updates			(Vojtech Pavlik)
o	IDE tape updates for Onstream tape drives	(Marcel Mol)
o	Remove some bits of module.c that cant get	(Keith Owens
	executed					 Andrew Morton)
o	Configure.help fixups				(Steven Cole)
o	Add Cyrix MTRR data				(Dave Jones)
o	Fix a slight bogon in the i386 Makefile		(Dave Jones)
o	Kill an escaped modversions.h			(Keith Owens)
o	Further controlfb fixes				(Takashi Oe)
o	Fix console driver oops	in new locking		(Andrew Morton)
o	Add 'broken-psr' so you can command line tell	(Neale Banks)
	APM your BIOS is crap
o	Fix serial console 				(Dave Jones)
o	Fix megaraid kernel_version string		(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Fix off by one error in cpia			(Andrew Morton)
o	Fix lost dmfe typo fix				(Torsten Duwe)
o	Take kernel_lock for i_truncate method in 	(Al Viro)
o	Fix i2c sign check bug				(Andrew Morton)

o	Uniprocessor APIC fixes for misdetect		(Mikael Pettersso)
o	Small ymf_pci fixes/updates			(Pete Zaitcev)
o	Fix break support on sx serial			(Rogier Wolff)
o	Kill another dead config.in entry		(Steven Cole)
o	Add bust spinlocks logic to S/390		(Neale Ferguson)
o	Fix ramdisk buffer only page bug		(Philipp Rumpf)
o	Mark ips scsi experimental until IBM ship a 	(Adam Lackorzynski)
	proper 2.4 driver
o	Update lanstreamer to use module_init and more	(Mike Sullivan)
o	Switch to the updated irda fixes		(Jean Tourrilhes)
o	Vaio kaweth ethernet apparently has its own id	(Sven Anders)
o	d_validate clean ups 				(Petr Vandrovec)
o	Network further fixes from DaveM and co		(Dave Miller
	| This might fix the reported masuqerade crashes Alexey Kuznetsov
							 Werner Almesberger)
o	Acenic updates					(Jes Sorensen)

o	Add CyrixIII specific kernel configuration	(me)
	| Note there are CyrixIII problems with some distribution installers
	| because -m686 gcc output will not run on a model 6 cpu with no
	| cmov. 
o	Fix aic Makefile for older gnu make		(Keith Owens)
o	Assorted i2o updates/partition handling fixes	(Boji Kannanthanam)
o	Fix dcache problems with ncpfs			(Petr Vandrovec)
o	Update via drivers to 3.22			(Vojtech Pavlik)
o	Account for packet bytes on lmc driver		(Ernst Lehmann)
o	Atyfb rearrange					(Geert Uytterhoeven)
o	Fix sedlbauer_cs build bug add elsa_cs		(Than Ngo)
	| 			elsa_cs driver by	(Klaus Lichtenwalder)
o	Add support for the Fuji FinePix 1400Zoon	(Nate)
o	EISA initialisation changes for 3c59x		(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Assorted small net protocol updates		(Dave Miller)
o	Fix dvd physical read bug			(Jens Axboe)
o	Fix ATM hang on SMP 				(Mike Westall)
	| more work left to do on atm_ioctl for someone
o	Changed get_addr and friends to atm_get_addr	(me)
o	Merge Linus 2.4.3pre3
o	Fix do_BUG for both cases this time		(me)
o	Fix prefetch for Athlon build
o	Fix an lvm oops case				(Pete Zaitcev)
o	Remove dead config.in entry			(Steven Cole)
o	Update reiserfs recommended tool revision	(Steven Cole)
o	Kill a few warnings				(Keith Owens)

o	Fix the non build problem with do_BUG		(Andrew Morton)
o	Fix interface autocreation bug in ipx		(Arnaldo Carvalho
	Also fix pprop routing bugs, tctrl handling	 de Melo)
	Fix wrong comments, fix ipx sysctl handling
	clean up code
o	Updated i810_audio.c 				(Doug Ledford)
o	Fix up printer status readback			(Tim Waugh)
o	Add support for "ide=nodma" on command line	(Arjan van de Ven)
o	More spelling fixes				(Dag Wieers)
o	Add pci vendor table to lanstreamer		(Mike Sullivan)
o	Do extra sanity checks on ext2 mount		(Andreas Dilger)
o	Multithreaded core dump handling		(Don Dugger)
	| This is fairly experimental so the more eyes
	| the better but it does sort out a very annoying weakness
o	Prefetch on lists for parisc and x86		(Arjan Van de Ven,
	| Work about 4% on scheduler performance on PIII Matthew Wilcox)
o	Natsemi power management changes		(Tjeerd Mulder)
o	Fix assorted smb bugs				(Urban Widmark)
o	Fix a sisfb build problem			(Andrew Morton)

o	Clean up mad16 detection stuff			(Pavel Rabel)
o	Fix epca unload					(Andrey Panin)
o	Change null apic handling			(Maciej Rozycki)
o	aicasm now uses db3				(Sergey Kubushin)
o	Fix aic7xxx cross compile			(Cort Dougan)
o	Merge small net driver fixups/config fixes	(Jeff Garzik)
o	Update symbios drivers				(Gérard Roudier)
o	Rusty has moved					(Rusty Russell)
o	3c509/3c515 compile fixes			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Console locking updates - should fix vesafb	(Andrew Morton)
	clock problems
o	Merge the serial.c 5.0.5 update			(Jeff Garzik, 
							Ted Ts'o)
o	Merge SiS framebuffer updates			(Can-Ru Yeou)
o	Update ctrlfb					(Takashi Oe,
							 Michel Lanners)
o	Add epson 640U scanner to the usb scanner list	(Patrick Dreker)

o	Move the pci_enable_device for cardbus		(David Hinds)
o	Add Sony MSC-U01N to the unusual devices	(Marcel Holtmann)
o	Final smc-mca fixups - should now work		(James Bottomley)
o	Document kernel string/mem* functions		(Matthew Wilcox)
	| and I added a memcpy warning
o	Update VIA IDE driver to 3.21			(Vojtech Pavlik)
	|No UDMA66 on 82c686, fix /proc and udma on
	|686b, fix dma disables
o	Allow sleeping in ctrl-alt-del callbacks	(Andrew Morton)
	|Fix i2o, dac960, watchdog, gdth hangs on exit
o	Fix binfmt_misc (and make the proc handling	(Al Viro)
	|a filesystem -
	|mount -t binfmt_misc none /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc
o	Update the ACI support for sound/radio stuff	(Robert Siemer)
o	Add RDS support to miroRadio			(Robert Siemer)
o	Remove serverworks handling. The BIOS is our	(me)
	best (and right now only) hope for that chip
o	Tune the vm behavioru a bit more		(Mike Galbraith)
o	Update PAS16 documentation			(Thomas Molina)
o	Reiserfs tools recommended are now 0d not 0b	(Steven Cole)
o	Wan driver small fixes				(Jeff Garzik)
o	Net driver fixes for 3c503, 3c509, 3c515,	(Jeff Garzik)
	8139too, de4x5, defxx, dgrs, dmfe, eth16i, 
	ewrk3, natsemi, ni5010, pci-skeleton, rcpci45,
	sis900, sk_g16, smc-ultra, sundance, tlan,
	via-rhine, winbond-840, yellowfin, wavelan_cs
o	Trim 3K off the aha1542 driver size	(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Trim 1K off qlogicfas			(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Fix openfirmware/mm boot on ppc			(Cort Dougan)
o	Fix topdir handling in Makefile			(Keith Owens)
o	Minor fusion driver updates			(Steve Ralston)
o	Merge Etrax cris updates			(Bjorn Wesen)
o	Clgen fb copyright update			(Jeff Garzik)
o	AGP linkage fix					(Jeff Garzik)
o	Update visor driver to work with minijam	(Arnim Laeuger)
o	Fix a usb devio return code			(Dan Streetman)
o	Resync a few other net device changes with the
	submits Jeff sent to Linus			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Add missing md export symbol			(Mohammad Haque)

o	Fix NLS Config.in				(David Weinehall)
o	Sort out one escaped revert from the megaraid	(me)
o	Resync with Linux 2.4.3pre1
	| Except tulip the network driver changes have
	| been used to replace the existing ones
o	Fix parport case where a reader could get stuck	(Tim Waugh)
o	Add ALi15x3 to the list of isa dma hangs	(Angelo Di Filippo)
o	Fix nasty bug in IPX routing of netbios frames	(Arnaldo Carvalho
							 de Melo)
o	Misc code cleanups				(Keith Owens)
o	Updated 3c527 driver				(Richard Proctor)
o	Further tulip updates				(Jeff Garzik)
o	i810_rng fixes (FIPS test, regions)		(Jeff Garzik)
o	Further cs89x0 cleanups				(Andrew Morton)
o	Further USB hub updates				(Dave Brownell)
o	Mall USB resource cleanup			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Resync hp100 changes from Jeff Garzik		(Jeff Garzik)
o	PCI documentation update			(Tim Waugh)
o	Fix irda crash					(Jean Tourrilhes)
o	PPC updates					(Cort Dougan)
o	Resync dmfe, hamachi, pci-skeleton and winbond	(Jeff Garzik)

o	Add ZF-Logic watchdog driver			(Fernando Fuganti)
o	Add devfs support to USB printers		(Mark McClelland)
o	Fix baud rate handling on keyspan		(Paul Mackerras)
o	USB documentation update			(Dave Brownell)
o	Fix disconnect leak				(Randy Dunlap)
o	ARM constants/fixes				(Russell King)
o	Includes for integrator ARM architecture	(Russell King)
o	Update NLS descriptions to be clearer		(Pablo Saratxaga)
o	Add iso-8859-13 (latvian/lithuanian)		(Pablo Saratxaga)
	iso-8859-4, cp1251 (windows cyrillic), cp1255
	(windows hebrew), and some alises
o	Merge 1.14 Megaraid driver			(Venkatesh Ramamurthy)
o	Reapply other fixes this version dropped	(me)
o	Reformat and clean up ifdefs in 1.14 Megaraid	(me)
o	I/O apic locking fixes				(Maciej Rozycki)
o	Print ioapic id to help debugging		(Maciej Rozycki)
o	Make the tpqic driver work			(Hugh Dickins)
o	USB scanner updates				(David Nelson)
o	Fix usbdevfs multimount				(Al Viro)
o	Fix wrong calculation of path buffer size	(Hugh Dickins)
o	cs89x0 allocated far too much memory		(Hugh Dickins)

o	misc device fix (ps/2 and drm are now back)	(Tachino Nobuhiro)
	| Believe it or not my main test box used no misc
	| device files..
o	Radeon build without 8bit			(Cha Young-Ho)
o	Fix oops in scc driver				(Andrew Morton)
o	Add __setup for ISAPnP, update docs		(Jaroslav Kysela)
o	Update E820 table sanitizer			(Brian Moyle)
o	i810 audio updates/mmap fixes			(Doug Ledford)
o	Be paranoid about VIA chipset configurations	(Arjan van de Ven)
	| Fixing VIA disk corruption bugs take 2
o	Fix PPC request_irq problems, some fpu emu	(Cort Dougan)
	and timers
o	Allow scsi drivers to limit request sizes	(Jens Axboe,
	(and fixed by Tim)				 Tim Waugh)
o	Configure.help cleanups				(Steve Cole)
o	Loop device fix of the day			(Jens Axboe)
o	CDROM fixes					(Jens Axboe)
o	Reiserfs crash on fsync of dir fix	(Alexander Zarochentcev)

o	Fix loop over loop crash			(Jens Axboe)
o	Fix radeon build problems			(ISHIKAWA Mutsumi)
o	Stop two people claiming the same misc dev id	(Philipp Rumpf)
o	capable not suser on sx.c			(Rob Radez)
o	Fix an ixj build combination bug	(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Add integrator to ARM machines			(Russell King)
o	ARM include/constant cleanups			(Russell King)
o	Update ARM vmlinuz.in				(Russell King)
o	ARM i2c fixes					(Russell King)
o	ARM scsi updates				(Russell King)
o	ARM header updates				(Russell King)
o	Handle E820 bios returns with overlaps		(Brian Moyle)
o	Fix a sparc64 include build bug		(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Loop race fix					(Jens Axboe)
o	s_maxbytes wasnt set for old style compat	(Chris Dukes)
	mounts in reiserfs
o	Fix the fact we dont see all busses on some	(Don Dupuis)
	Compaq machines
o	Fix missing watchdog configure.help		(Jakob Ostergaard)
o	Fix oom deadlock (hopefully)			(Rik van Riel)
o	Fix binfmt_aout sign handling bug		(Andrew Morton)

o	Fusion driver updates				(Steve Ralston)
o	Olympic fix					(Andrew Morton)
o	Work around hardware bug in older Rage128	(Gareth Hughes)
o	Handle broken PIV MP tables with a NULL ioapic
o	Use capable in esp serial driver		(Rob Radez)
o	Use capable not suser in console		(Rob Radez)
o	Small networking fixups				(Dave Miller)
o	Fix make menuconfig breakage			(Keith Owens)
o	Enable cmpxchg8 on Rise P6			(Dave Jones)
o	Fix wakeup losses on cpu_allowed using tasks	(Manfred Spraul)
o	Maestro3 now works with > 256Mb of ram		(Zach Brown)
o	Opl3sa2 isapnp=0 handling was wrong		(Jérôme Augé)
	| I've fixed it a little differently however
o	Turn off slow kmem chain check if not doing	(Ingo Molnar, me)
	slab debugging
o	Fix cpu speed checking code			(Mikael Pettersson)
o	Make bus computation more accurate		(me)
o	Advantech watchdog driver			(Marek Michalkiewicz)
o	dz.c serial clean up				(Rob Radez)
o	Fix MSG_TRUNC for OOB TCP			(Ingo Molnar)
o	Fix oops on unconfigured loop			(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Drop nbd ll_rw_blk change			(Linus has spoken ;))
o	pci resource api				(Jeff Garzik)
o	Further Natsemi updates				(Don Becker, 
							 Jeff Garzik)
o	Switch aurora serial to capable()		(Rob Radez)
o	Radeon frame buffer				(Ani Joshi)

o	Remove incorrect modules doc changes		(Keith Owens)
o	Fix elf.h defines				(Keith Owens)
o	Add 0x2B mtrr decode for intel/cyrix III	(me)
o	Make bigmem balancing somewhat saner		(Mark Hemment)
o	Update irda 					(Dag Brattli)
o	New FIR dongle support				(Dag Brattli)
o	3ware driver updates				(Adam Radford)
o	Further reiserfs tail conversion fixes		(Chris Mason)
o	Fix tpqic02 to use capable			(Rob Radez)
o	Set last_rx on comtrol hostess driver		(Arnaldo Carvalho 
							 de Melo)
o	Raid Oops fix					(Neil Brown)
o	Fix last_rx/skb refs on cyc_x25			(Arnaldo Carvalho 
							 de Melo)
o	Fix last_rx/skb refs on 3c589			(Arnaldo Carvalho 
							 de Melo)
o	Highmem fixes for deadlock			(Andrea Arcangeli,
							 Ingo Molnar)
o	Another minor tulip fix				(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix hinote and maybe other ps/aux hangs		(me, Mark Clegg)
o	Fix resource handling on 53c7xxx		(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Fix scsi_register failure handling on AMD scsi	(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Fix resource handling on aha1740		(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Fix resource handling on blz1230		(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Fix resource handling for dec_esp driver	(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Fix resource handling for fastlane scsi		(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Fix scsi_register failure on qlogic_fas		(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Fix scsi_register failure on qlogicfc		(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Fix irq alloc failure leak on sun3x_esp		(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Fix wd7000 init failures			(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Fix nbd device					(Steve Whitehouse)
o	Fix try_atomic_semop				(Manfred Spraul)
o	Parport fixes					(Tim Waugh)
o	Starfire start/stop if fix			(Ion Badulescu)
o	Fix raw.c off by one bug			(Tigran Aivazian)
o	USB hub kmalloc wrong size corruption fix	(Peter Zaitcev)

o	Add Epson 1240U scanners to usb scanner		(Joel Becker)
o	Fix eth= compatibility				(Andrew Morton)
	| Should fix 3c509 problems for one
o	Add Pnp table to opl3sa2			(Bill Nottingham)
o	Update loop driver fixes			(Jens Axboe, Andrea
							 Arcangeli, Al Viro)
o	Fix busy loop in usb storage			(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Add cardbus support to olympic			(Mike Phillips)
o	Make BUG() configurable to save space		(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Add configurability to most kernel debugging	(various people)
	functions on x86
o	Richard Günther/binfmt_misc page move		(Richard Günther)
o	Fix de4x5 crash					(Nikita Schmidt)
o	Hopefully fix the smc-mca driver		(me)
o	Don't run the disk queue if we didnt launder	(Marcelo Tosatti)
	any pages
o	ALi 6 channel audio and sp/dif updates		(Matt Wu)
o	Fix USB thread wakeup scheduling		(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Fix alignment problems with uni16_to_x8		(Ivan Kokshaysky)

o	Fix Make xconfig failure			(J Magallon)
o	Fix a typo in the ISDN docs			(Jim Freeman)
o	Fix the 3ware driver a bit more			(Ben LaHaise)
	| should now be usable
o	Update Dave Jones contact info			(Dave Jones)
o	Revert wavelan inline->macro change		(Jean Tourillhes)
	| CVS gcc and 2.96-74 don't accidentally unline it now
o	Zerocopy TCP/IP patches				(Dave Miller, 
							 Alexey Kuznetsov,
							 and many more)
o	Fix up command line options to old ncr driver	(Martin Storsjö)
o	NFS locking should call fs layer locking if	(Brian Dixon)
o	Fix cs46xx wakeup/poll problem			(David Huggins-Daines)
o	Add some missing MTD config help texts		(Steven Cole,
							 David Woodhouse)
o	Fix Alpha build bug				(Sven Koch)
o	Final i386/ptrace bit
o	Finish off the vmalloc/WP fixup			(me)
o	Include file config.h fixes			(Niels Jensen)
o	More dscc4 updates				(Francois Romieu)

o	Add documentation for the fb interfaces		(Brad Douglas)
o	Work around apic disable_irq hardware bugs	(Maciej Rozycki)
o	Rage128 not "Rage 128"				(Brad Douglas)
o	Make ioremap debugging conditional		(J Magallon)
o	Merge Ninja pcmcia scsi driver			(YOKOTA Hiroshi)
o	Update 8139too docs				(Jeff Garzik)
o	Tulip updates, merge bits from 0.92 		(Jeff Garzik,
							 Don Becker)
o	Epic100 update					(Jeff Garzik)
o	Clean up Ariadne driver				(Jeff Garzik)
o	Remove dead wavelan prototype			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Remove unused arlan variable			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Clean up lance public symbols			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Switch fmv18x to spinlocks, fix other bits	(Jeff Garzik)
o	Clean up acenic global symbols			(Jeff Garzik)
o	Fix IDE blocking kmalloc with irqs off		(Arjan van de Ven)
	| I've redone the code a bit so it might be wrong again 8)

o	Merge the loop device fixes			(Jens Axboe)
o	Fix af_unix SYSCTL=n build failure		(Russell King)
o	Adjust the throttling point for write		(Jens Axboe)
o	Fix sunhme ioremap				(Andrey Panin)
o	Fix disk change handling with removable sd	(Alex Davis)
o	Update/fix irq docs				(Matthew Wilcox)
o	Update PPC gmac and ncr885e drivers		(Cort Dougan)
	| bmac patch dropped as it loses other fixes
o	Kai Petzke has moved				(Kai Petzke)
o	Fix starfire driver so pump doesnt kill it	(Ion Badulescu)

o	Merge Linus 2.4.2 tree
	| We now have disagreeing ymfpci fixes. I've kept the ones
	| I tested for now.
o	Back out sr.c change				(me)
o	Fix moxa smartio driver				(Tom Mraz)
o	Hugh Blemings change of address			(Hugh Blemings)
o	Allow more i2o config time for slow calls
o	Aty128fb updates				(Brad Douglas,
						      Benjamin Herrenschmidt,
							 Michel Danzer,
							 Andreas Hundt)
o	Add "loop" name to the root dev names		(Barry Nathan)
o	Further spelling cleanups			(Dag Wieers)
o	Remove bogus warning emissions from aha1740	(Nick Holloway)
o	Remove surplus assignment in vmalloc		(Francis Galiegue)
o	Remove unneeded ifdef in i386/kernel/irq.c	(Francis Galiegue)
o	Add door locking ioctl to ide-floppy		(Francis Galiegue)
o	Allow scsi disk opening O_NDELAY for removables	(me)
o	Fix cosa compile warnings			(me)
o	Clean up dumpable/setuid write ordering		(me)
o	Hopefully fix the 3ware crashes 		(me)

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Red Hat Kernel Hacker
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