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 - Ingo Molnar/Al Viro: don't use bforget() on ext2 (and minix) metadata
   where we may not be the only owner of the buffer! FS corruption.
 - Andi Kleen: IPv6 packet re-assembly fix.
 - David Howells: fix up rwsem implementation
 - Alan Cox: more merging (S/390 down, ARM to go).
 - Jens Axboe: LVM and loop fixes

 - Bob Tracy: Cyrix MTRR setup fix (don't make it twice as big as asked
 - Trond Myklebust: rpciod needs to be PF_MEMALLOC to avoid deadlocks on
   memory allocation when writing out NFS data under low memory conditions.
   Fix up BKL and RPC interactions.
 - Jeff Garzik: tulip network driver update
 - fix truncate to call down to the filesystem with the kernel lock.
 - David Mosberger: ia64 update
 - David Mosberger: simplify ELF program header generation.
 - Alan Cox: merge from -ac series
 - Jeff Garzik: make serial.c recognize modem devices properly